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I really loved this movie.
kingdavidlives25 March 2009
I really loved this movie. I like seeing movies that attempt to show how drug dealers interact with mainstream society through the various dealings. I just wish I could find this movie on DVD. I recorded it on VHS from broadcast television. I especially liked seeing the lifestyles of the cartel bosses. They parade around like legitimate businessmen. But, they are extremely violent. If you are interested in titles similar to this one, you will not be disappointed. I also liked the performance of Judge Sonia Perez-Vega. She risked her life and her family's. Without people like her, evil triumphs. Lastly, actor Dennis Farina does an excellent job of playing Agent Mike Cerone. His style is basically the same in everything I have seen him in. He really fits this role.
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Pretty cool movie
Alex-3729 December 2001
Although "The Cocaine Cartel" isn't as good as the "Drug Wars: The Camarena Story" (with Steven Bauer, Elisabeth Pena, Benicio Del Toro, Everett McGill), it is still a ripping yarn that should keep you on the edge of your seat if you haven't seen it already.

The movie feels like an extended Miami Vice episode, which brings me to the fact that it doesn't have the name "Michael Mann" anywhere on it. However, it has a very Michael Mann type feel, complete with several of his favorite actors (Denis Farina from Manhunter and Crime Story, Alex McArthur from L.A. Takedown and John Glover, who played/starred in one Miami Vice episode).

The story is about a newly appointed DEA agent who is assigned to go after the Medellin Cartel. In all, the movie is pretty suspenseful.

8 out of 10.
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