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Jeffrey Combs in another fantastic role, as Anton Mordrid.

Author: Cevanna ( from Manchester, England
25 February 2000

Dr. Mordrid, what can I say? Jeffrey Combs has done it again!

Anton Mordrid has been on Earth for 100 years waiting for Kabal, an evil sorcerer, to come so he can kill him. Mordrid and Kabal used to train together as kids, so Mordrid knows all Kabal's tricks.

The film as a little bit confusing at begin with, but soon you feel a part of the action. I won't give away the ending, so go and watch Doctor Mordrid!

I found the film to be very enjoyable because it doesn't have a lot of violence in, nor sexual scenes. The film focused on the plot and that's what I like! I find the best films are the ones where times seems to fly by. This is because you are so engrossed in the film. Doctor Mordrid is a fantasticly engrossing movie! I give it a 20 out of 10. Worth seeing!

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`Doctor Mordrid' is a very entertaining science fiction film that just about anyone can enjoy

Author: Vladimir_Grozescu
9 August 2001

I really enjoyed "Doctor Mordrid". This is a low-budget film, which may be off-putting to some, but I have no problem with it. I admire it even more for that, considering it's WAY more entertaining than the drivel that Hollywood churns out every year. Too bad this didn't get a theatrical release; I don't know about anyone else, but I would have went to see it in theatres. `Doctor Mordrid' is a very entertaining science fiction film that just about anyone can enjoy, especially if they're into sci-fi like I am. I don't see why this is a R-rated film; only one f-word is said, and there are no gruesome death scenes, nor is there any blood at all. The timeless rivalry between sorcerers Anton and Kabal (Anton wanted the use his powers to save the human race, while Kabal wanted to enslave them), gave the story a sense of enchantment, while the mythical plotline added charm to the story itself. Basically, this a film that's just plain fun to watch. There is one unintentionally funny thing in this movie, though: seeing Jeffrey Combs keeping a straight face while wearing that silly blue cape and suit. That makes me laugh every time I see it. But I digress... Anyway, the acting is great; the main protagonists (Anton, and his lady friend, Samantha), are very likable; Anton is sympathetic, and hospitable, and Samantha is friendly. Plus, the settings were wonderful. The floating island in the other dimension was very cool setting; we're only given a glimpse of it twice, though; it would have been great to see more scenes take place here. The main setting was also very neat; Anton's apartment is very roomy, and he has some cool devices, especially the monitoring system he uses to keep track of the world's occurrences. He even has a pet raven that he keeps in his apartment named Edgar. Overall, this a great film; it was fun to watch, and the main actors put a lot of feeling into their roles. If you can find anywhere that rents `Doctor Mordrid', you should rent it (or, in my case, buy it. It was definitely money well-spent)!

My Rating: 8 stars out of ten.

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Doctor Mordrid would make a great serial!

Author: frenchy_hercules from PDX
25 November 2005

Doctor Mordrid is one of those rare films that is completely under the radar, but is totally worthwhile. It really reminds me of the old serials from the 30s and 40s. Which is why I'd have loved to see follow-up movies... but judging by the rest of Full Moon's output there simply weren't enough tits to satisfy the typical audience. Unfortunately, thanks to a completely superfluous sacrifice scene there two too many for a family audience - which is unfortunate, because without em' this could have been a Harry Potter-style magicfest that kids would have eaten up. Both Jeffrey Combs and Yvette Nipar are great - I wasn't sure if Ms. Nipar hadn't wandered off an A-list picture onto this film, she was very believable. No, seriously! Anyway - it's a shame they didn't have the bucks to license Dr. Strange, because I think this could have been a total kiddie phenom.

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" There is Great Power there, But there is Great power here too "

Author: thinker1691 from USA
8 April 2011

Of all of Jeffery Comb's films this is one of my favorites. The film was originally written and directed by the Band brothers, Albert and Charles. Further, this film was originally part of the Marvel comic book series which featured Dr. Strange. This movie is called " Dr. Mordrid. " It tells the story of an ancient sorcerer and guardian of the Earth. (Jeffery Combs) His task is to protect the Human race from Kabal (Brian Thompson) another magician/sorcerer who's aim is to rule over the human populace and destroy the planet. In this segment, Kabal has escaped his imprisonment and has crossed over the 3rd dimension to destroy it's guardians and it's magical protector. However, while on Earth, Mordrid, in mortal disguise awaits the demon sorcerer as entrusted by the Ultimate being called The Monitor. The movie is an exciting journey into the realm of magic and sorcery with wonderful special effects. Samantha Hunt, Jay Acovone and Keith Coulouris along with Ritch Brinkley as Gunner, add to the excellent cast which in my opinion could have used a higher budget. Nevertheless, together they establish a wonderful basis for what will become for Combs, another superior Classic.****

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Despite Low Budget Drawbacks, I Was Highly Amused

Author: gavin6942 from United States
23 June 2008

New York City houses one man above all others, the possibly immortal Dr. Anton Mordrid. Mordrid is the sworn protector of humanity, using his magical powers to keep his brother and rival, Kabal, chained up so that he may not enslave the human race. Well, wouldn't you know it? A prophesy comes true and Kabal breaks free, and begins collecting elements (including platinum and uranium) for his alchemy experiments. With the help of a police woman named Sam, can Mordrid defeat his evil brother? "Dr. Mordrid" comes to me courtesy of Charles Band in the Full Moon Archive Collection. I had not heard of it, which is a bit odd given that I'm a big fan of Jeffrey Combs (Mordrid) and the film isn't that old. But now it's mine and I can enjoy it again and again. The film certainly is fun in the classic Full Moon style. Richard Band provides the music (which doesn't differ much from all his other scores) and Brian Thompson plays the evil Kabal. We even have animated dinosaur bones! What more do you want? Of course, the cheese factor is high. I felt much of the film was a rip-off of the Dr. Strange comics. And the blue pantsuit was silly. And plot holes are everywhere (I could list at least five, but why bother). And why does the ancient symbol of Mordrid and Kabal look suspiciously like a hammer and sickle? Combs has never been a strong actor, so he fits right in with the cheese. These aren't complaints. Full Moon fans have come to expect these things and devour them like crack-laced Grape Nuts. I'm guilty... I loved this film.

If you're not a Full Moon fan, or a Jeffrey Combs fan... you may want to look elsewhere. But if you like the early 1990s style of movie-making and haircuts, you'll eat this up. Stallone and Schwarzenegger fans might like seeing Brian Thompson as a villain, looking as goony as ever and not being able to enunciate English beyond a third grade level. I did. I wish there was a "Mordrid II", but the company that makes a sequel to practically everything (is "Gingerdead Man 3" really necessary?) passed on this one.

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An enjoyable fantasy from Full Moon.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
12 January 2003

Two sorcerers battle in the fourth dimension,one(Brian Thompson as a Kabal)trying to destroy the Earth,the other(Jeffrey Combs as a Anton Mordrid)trying to save it."Doctor Mordrid" is an enjoyable fantasy fare which offers plenty of cheese.The plot is pretty silly and the gore is completely absent,but the film is very short and entertaining.So if you have enough time to kill give this one a look.My rating:7 out of 10.

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Combs and Thompson are worthy adversaries.

Author: Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) from Canada
11 July 2015

Although limited in its power due to budget constraints, "Doctor Mordrid" is still a solid and appealing fantasy feature, conceived by Charles Band. Band also co-directed with his father, veteran filmmaker Albert Band. The movie is slight, but very hard to resist, with sparing use of visual effects, a striking design, and a very brief and painless running time (75 minutes).

Jeffrey Combs is enormously sincere and engaging as a likable sorcerer named Mordrid, who lives in human form in NYC, pretending to work as a landlord and lecturer. He makes the acquaintance of his neighbour, Samantha Hunt (super sexy Yvette Nipar), who herself is employed as a research consultant to the police department. Soon Mordrid must reveal the nature of his existence on Earth: to save the planet and its people from the machinations of his evil counterpart, Kabal (Brian Thompson).

The supporting cast is fine - Jay Acovone as Tony Gaudio, a grunting pig detective and associate of Samantha's, Keith Coulouris and Julie Michaels as a young couple eager to assist Kabal, and Ritch Brinkley as a sentinel named Gunner. Ms. Nipar does a likable and credible job as the young woman taken with her new acquaintance, and doesn't have too hard a time dealing with elements that are utterly fantastic. Thompson, a distinctive actor who's specialized in villain roles, is good fun as the evildoer. But "Doctor Mordrid" belongs to the excellent Combs, who plays a hero with lots of rooting interest. You have to love this guy, who keeps a pet raven named Edgar Allan and who keeps an eye on various news stories throughout the world.

The highlight is over too quickly, but worth the wait, as David Allen and his company bring to life dinosaur and mastodon skeletons inside a museum.

Overall, a pretty good production from Band and his people at Full Moon.

Seven out of 10.

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Good mage-y fun

Author: kleenexwoman42 from United States
24 January 2006

I loved this movie for two reasons: 1) Jeff Combs is absolutely wonderful in it. Plays the role of the modern wizard to the hilt. (And is absolutely adorable.) 2) The movie helped to inspire a role-playing game I thoroughly enjoy, Mage: The Awakening. I've shown it at various LARP after-parties, and it's always a big hit.

D&D love and Jeff-squeeing aside, it's not exactly a masterpiece, but it's well-done and thoroughly enjoyable. The plot is fast-moving and engaging in its simplicity, the special effects are pretty good for such a low budget, and the script, while nothing stellar, was not too badly done, and cheesy in all the right places. A good way to spend an evening.

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Great performance by Combs, wish there had been more films

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
24 April 2013

Anton Mordrid (Jeffery Combs) is a sorcerer who is sent to Earth to protect us from practitioners of the evil arts. He keeps his cover in New York City as a landlord of a high rise with a number of tenants, including NYPD consultant Samantha Hunt (Yvette Nipar). Naturally, evil arrives and it comes in the form of Kabal (Brian Thompson), who uses minions around the world to gather the elements needed to perform a ceremony that will allow his followers to escape another dimension and attack Earth. Revisited this one after -- gasp! -- 20 years and it holds up as a fun fantasy-adventure. At the time it was one of Charles Band's more expensive Full Moon productions ($2 million!) and the script by C. Courtney Joyner actually deserves more money. It is obviously not shot in NYC and has a pretty short running time. Also, the climax lacks the "woman in peril" element the film seems to be setting up. The film's highlight is probably the stop motion work of David Allen and his crew (the end showdown in a museum where T-Rex skeleton takes on a Woolly Mammoth skeleton would make Harryhausen proud). Combs, as always, gives a great performance and it is shame Band, who co-directed with his father Albert Band, never continued on with this series.

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Pretty good.

Author: Peach-2 from Netherlands
27 November 1998

This film surprised me a little. I watch a lot of horror/sci-fi films and this is a straight-to-video release that caught me off guard a little. I believe this is Full Moon's best movie thus far and one of Jeffrey Combs best performances. Good movie.

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