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Guillermo del Toro met with Universal (who later bought out the film's U.S. distributor, October Films) in late '93, where they told him they wanted to buy the rights to this film so they could remake it. del Toro's response was "Who wants to see Jack Lemmon lick blood off a bathroom floor?".
All of the original Cronos devices created for this film were stolen when production was completed. They were never recovered, so the Cronos devices that Guillermo del Toro owns are replicas.
The film went over budget from the original $1,5 million to $2 million (the highest budget for a Mexican movie at the time). Guillermo del Toro himself got the half million through loans and bank debts. In order to complete the film, changes had to be made, among those changes were Ron Perlman, who agreed to a heavy salary cut. Perlman and del Toro has been good friends ever since, working together frequently.
The alchemist at the beginning of the movie is named Fulcanelli, which was the pseudonym of a famous french alchemist of the late 19th/early 20th century, who mysteriously disappeared in the 1940s and whose real name and identity has never been known.
In an interview included on the Criterion edition of this movie, Ron Perlman talks about how Angel was meant to speak Spanish fluently. Ron Perlman tried this, but Guillermo del Toro found his reading to be completely unusable. So, the character was changed to an expatriated American who so hates being in Mexico, that what little Spanish he speaks is deliberately spoken poorly.
The two De La Guardia characters were deliberately intended to be somewhat unreal, like comic book characters. Guillermo del Toro explains in his commentary that he did this as a sort of revenge against Hollywood films about having Mexican characters that are rather stereotypical.
The role of Jesus Gris was originally written for Max von Sydow.
Guillermo del Toro started writing on the script as early as 1984, where it was titled "Vampire of the Grey Dawn".
Mechanical objects and special effects were carried out by Guillermo del Toro's own monster and make up FX company "Necropia" (The company no longer exists, but was functional for 15 years).
A person with a clock costume is seen in the New Year's Party. Yet the clock is stopped in the same time, even though it is functional. A metaphor for movie.
At the very beginning of the film, a No Parking sign is seen. These signs were written in Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Russian, and were especially made for the 1968 Olympic Games. The street depicted is the Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas, one of Mexico City's main boulevards, where the Palace of Fine Arts and the Bank of Mexico are located.
This takes place in 1536, 1937, December 1996, and January 1997. Most of it therefore takes place "in the future" as it was made in 1993.
The way Jesus peels the skin off on his forehead is actually in the shape of a beetle.
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Director Cameo 

Guillermo del Toro: In the begining of the film, walking a dog in front of Jesús Gris house with his real life wife.

Director Trademark 

Guillermo del Toro: [insects] The cockroaches in the statue and the Cronos Device.
Guillermo del Toro: [clockwork] Various shots from inside the Cronos Device.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The names used are: Jesus Gris and Angel de la Guardia, which translates to "Grey Jesus" and "Guardian Angel". Angel guards his uncle, and Jesus has gray hair and, eventually, grey skin.
The little girl Aurora, played by Tamara Shanath, says only one word throughout the entire movie; Abuelo, which is Spanish for Grandfather.
The newspaper death notice for Jesus Gris gives his dates as 1940 to 1997. That makes him the same age as his actor, Federico Luppi (born 1936), when the film was being made.

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