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Geraldine Chaplin plays her own real life grandmother.
During the scene when Chaplin is at work on Shoulder Arms (1918) he asks his cameraman Roland Totheroh how the light is. Totheroh (and the rest of the crew) replies 'better down at Barney's bar'. This was the signal for production to end for the day - the 'light' Chaplin was referring to was the light beer served at Barney Oldfield's bar, which was the favourite drink and hangout for the crew after filming.
The original cut was nearly 4 hours long; over 200 hours of footage was shot.
Attenborough's director's cut was 147 minutes, 12 minutes longer than the version shown in cinemas. Attenborough has said that the cuts damaged the film.
In an interview on Inside the Actor's Studio, Robert Downey Jr. said that while preparing for the movie he watched all of Charlie Chaplin's movies. When asked what how he felt about them he said, "They scared the hell out of me."
Robert Downey Jr. recorded the song "Smile," which can be heard on the soundtrack from the movie. However, it was not used in the film.
Jim Carrey was considered for the role of Charlie Chaplin.
Released 15 years to the day of Charles Chaplin's death.
Peter Sellers had previously sought to make a film about Charlie Chaplin decades earlier.
George Hayden (Anthony Hopkins) is the only principal character in the entire film who is fictional.
Originally called "Charlie", as he was known among his friends and family. The makers of the Cliff Robertson movie Charly (1968). complained that the title would lead to confusion with their movie, so the film had to be renamed to "Chaplin".
Contrary to what is presented in the film, Charles Chaplin actually had a child with Mildred Harris. Sadly the baby, named Norman Spencer Chaplin, died three days after birth.
Kevin Kline was originally considered by Richard Attenborough to play Chaplin. Kline originally turned down the role of Douglas Fairbanks because his child had just been born. Attenborough agreed to delay the shooting of Kline's scenes for a month.
Director Richard Attenborough turned down many film roles because of obligations to the pictures he had directed. Due to the post-production and promotion of this film, he almost had to do so again when Steven Spielberg offered him the role of John Hammond in Jurassic Park (1993). However, unlike many other film directors, Spielberg offered to move his production schedule to accommodate Attenborough.
Johnny Depp was considered for the role of Charlie Chaplin.
When Chaplin arrives in Hollywood (to join Mack Sennett) a film is being made. Chaplin joins in and improvises a complex scene. This is actually the final chase sequence from The Adventurer (1917). The location for the last shots of the opening sequence of the same film are used when Chaplin takes Oona Chaplin on a tour of his old haunts just before they leave for Europe.
Co-producer Diana Hawkins was the one who suggested to Richard Attenborough the idea of making a Chaplin biography film, knowing that he was a fan of Chaplin.
John Goodman and Winona Ryder were attached to this project at one time.
Richard Attenborough cast Marisa Tomei in the role of Mabel Normand after seeing her performance in the '30s set comedy Oscar (1991) on a transatlantic flight.
James Woods filmed his role in one day.
Bryan Forbes's discarded script had a different beginning and focused on some darker elements of Chaplin's life and personality. Although his script was not used, the WGA ruled that Forbes got writing credit because much of the film's framework was derived from his script.
Although Roland Totheroh is depicted in this film to have worked with Chaplin at Keystone in 1914, it was not until a year later that the two began their working relationship that was to last 37 years from 1915 until Chaplin was exiled from the United States in 1952.
Antony Sher was considered for the title role.
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In this film, Chaplin's eyes are brown, but they were blue in real life.
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