Dracula (1992) Poster


Plot Keywords

dracula vampire
mist seduction
red armour supernatural hunter
ottoman empire turk
victim invited to dinner voice over narration
suitor tragic villain
fatal attraction gothic horror
evil man love
labyrinth hedge maze
maze horror movie remake
blood spatter youth restored
monster sex bestiality
beheading victorian era
shadow menacing shadow
autonomous shadow female vampire
star crossed lovers supernatural power
sex spider
vampire sex death of title character
one word title telepathy
villain played by lead actor rough sex
wake transylvania
sabre ring
rat padded cell
nun nudity
journey insect
female nudity desire
crucifix correspondence
candle broken mirror
beast bat
abbey no opening credits
dual role actress playing multiple roles
actor playing multiple roles 19th century
reverse footage good versus evil
best friend statue weeping blood
loss of loved one death of loved one
sexual awakening revenge
religious conflict curse
aristocrat monster as victim
master vampire warrior
vampire human love werewolf
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
shotgun shot in the chest
shape shifter knife
insanity gore
death dead baby
blood transfusion bitten in the neck
victrola typewriter
train insane asylum
falling into water falling from height
diary wolf
virgin tomb
storm sleepwalking
rape rain
proposal party
marriage garden
friendship convent
coffin church
castle adultery
vampire bite throat slitting
sword severed head
impalement cult film
1890s blasphemy
suicide rejuvenation
tuberculosis blood
asylum blockbuster
absinthe monster
vampire slayer sensuality
reincarnation destiny
straight razor decapitation
avant garde gothic
lesbian kiss based on novel
title spoken by character character name in title

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