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Alternate Versions

British video version contains a scene where Jonathan Harker's nipple is licked by one of the female vampires, who then bites it and causes it to bleed.
In the VHS version, there is the addition of the scene where Mina seduces Van Helsing and, for some reason, the subtitles when characters are speaking Romanian are omitted.
In 1997, a heavily censored version of the film was broadcast on FOX, garnering must criticism from fans and critics alike, not to mention Francis Ford Coppola himself. Some of the more obvious cuts involve:
  • the character of Renfield is removed entirely

  • the Brides are wearing rags instead of being topless

  • the scene when Dracula gives the brides the baby is gone

  • there are no close ups from Arabian Nights

  • Lucy's comments about sexuality during her introductory scene are removed

  • the kiss between Mina and Lucy in the maze is gone

  • all shots of the Demeter are gone

  • all shots of Dracula howling as the wolf creature are gone

  • the shot of Dracula 'raping' Lucy is gone, and in the close up, Lucy's breast is no longer exposed

  • indeed, Lucy's breasts are seen several times in the uncut film, but in all such cases here, the shot has been altered to remove them and make it look like her clothes aren't actually ripped

  • the destruction of Lucy's body by Van Helsing is gone

  • Van Helsing's exorcism of Carfax Abbey is shortened

  • Mina drinking from Dracula's heart is considerably shortened

  • when Mina slams the sword through Dracula's chest at the end, the shot of it coming out his back and sticking into the floor is gone.

There were 38 different cuts of the film prior to its release. There are at least eight shots missing from the theatrical, video, and DVD versions. The criterion laserdisc version and the 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD released in 2007 both contain over 30 minutes of deleted footage.

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