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The movie is said to be the bloodiest of all time (measured in amount of film blood used during the production).
300 liters of fake blood was used in the final scene of the film.
On its initial release in its home turf of New Zealand, this movie earned more per screen than Batman Returns (1992).
There is not one cut from Peter Jackson's original screenplay.
The rental in Sweden (and probably other countries as well) came with supplemental vomit bags.
During the lawnmower scene, movie blood was pumped at five gallons per second.
The BBFC loved the film and found the gore so comical and inoffensive that they seriously considered granting it a "15" certificate. In the end they determined that the sheer quantity of gore would confound expectations at "15" and therefore rated it "18".
The movie was finished under budget with NZ$45,000 remaining. Peter Jackson used it to spend two days shooting the park scene with Lionel and the baby Selwyn. He has gone on to say that it is his favorite scene.
Peter Jackson, is a well-known aficionado of the original 1933 version of King Kong (1933). In the beginning of Braindead, the New Zealand Zoo official is stealing the rat monkey from Skull Island. That's Jackson's nod to Skull Island's more famous resident, King Kong. Jackson would 'return' to Skull Island for his 2005 remake of King Kong (2005).
The tarot cards in the film are from Aleister Crowley's Thoth deck, but two cards, the Star and the Prince of Cups, are different from the ones featured in the deck, and they were probably specially prepared for the film.
The name of the dog is Fernando, as a tribute to director Fernando Trueba, because it was at one of his films where Peter Jackson first saw Diana Peñalver.
As of 2015, this film has not been released on DVD in New Zealand.
The song played on the organ as the mourners wait to enter the church (prior to the embalming scene) is none other than Sodomy from Peter Jackson's previous film Meet the Feebles (1989).
The Hungarian title means like "Cool!". In Hungary this word is made up by adding two words (Dead and Good) together.
Shot in eleven weeks.
Diana Peñalver's character is named after the grandmother of the actress, Paquita María Sánchez.
Lionel's symbol in the Tarot Card deck is a black-armored knight. When he first meets Paquita he tries to buy some Black Knight Licorice.
Famed gore-hound Eli Roth once said 'Braindead' was one of, if not the only film that actually quenched his blood-lust.
Another connection to King Kong: Actor Forrest J. Ackerman (the guy who takes the picture of Lionel's mother crushing the rat monkey's head) is an uncredited "Fleeing Extra in Crowd" in the 1976 version of King Kong (1976).
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Uncle Les is hit in the groin five separate times during the final act of the film.
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Peter Jackson's character, the undertaker's assistant, is very similar to his character Derek from Bad Taste (1987). He has the same haircut and glasses, does the same, strange smile, and his character acts in a very similar way.
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Forrest J. Ackerman: as more or less himself; the tourist at the zoo who takes a photo of Lionel's mother squishing the rat monkey's head with her shoe.

Director Cameo 

Peter Jackson: Undertaker's assistant.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The Spanish title of the film ("Tu madre se ha comido a mi perro") literally translates to "Your mother ate my dog", a line said by Paquita (Spanish actress Diana Peñalver) in the film.

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