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‘Ash vs Evil Dead 3×03: Apparently Dead’ Review

If there is one thing we should know about horror films by now, it is never to have a funeral. This week’ Ash vs Evil Dead sees Ash (Bruce Campbell) try to make a good impression, with the usual disastrous results.

Brandy (Arielle Carver-o’Neill) tries to say goodbye to her mother this week at her funeral, but Ash’s attempt to be a good father end up in disaster. This gives Ruby (Lucy Lawless) the ammunition she needs to drive a wedge between the two. With Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), Pablo (Ray Santiago), and Dalton (Lindsay Farris) on away on an important mission, another surprising family member makes a return to the Ash household.

When Ash turns up at the funeral, I had flashbacks to Braindead (or as America know it Dead Alive). My instincts where right on this one, and we are presented with another fight scene that will be hard to forget.
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Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Trailer: No Family Is Perfect

The official trailer for Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet season 2 has been released, promising even more undead hilarity and gore from the Hammonds. While Netflix’s original programming stable is continuously growing, Santa Clarita Diet is one series that really sticks out from the pack, if only because of how offbeat and strange things tend to be on it. While Santa Clarita Diet is definitely a comedy, it’s also definitely one that won’t appeal to every viewer. The humor is pitch black, and the level of gore sometimes competes with splatter movie classics like Evil Dead II and Dead Alive.
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Freak Land Creates Authentic Dead Alive Zombie Baby Replica

Of all the weird and wonderful collectibles I’ve covered over the years, this has got to be one of the most out there yet. Collectible manufacturer Freak Land have produced an authentic replication of the baby from Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive (which is known internationally as Braindead), and I think they’re correct when they refer […]

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Exclusive Interview – Arielle Carver-o’Neill and Lindsay Farris on Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3

James Turner chats with Ash vs. Evil Dead stars Arielle Carver-o’Neill and Lindsay Farris

Ash vs. Evil Dead is back for another season of hilarious, blood soaked action. Along for the ride are two new faces. Arielle Carver O’Neill, who plays Ash’s daughter Brandy, and Lindsay Farris, who plays Dalton, a member of the mysterious Knights of Sumeria. Naturally, my first question to the two of them was…

What’s it like jumping in with this amazing cast as the new kids on the block?

Arielle Carver-o’Neil: A bit daunting at first, but once I met them all I saw that they’re very lovely and generous actors. I felt totally supported the whole time. So despite seeming like a scary thing at first I actually had a lot of fun and felt very welcomed from the beginning. The first thing Bruce told me when I
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Peter Jackson’s ‘Braindead’ Named As The Most Violent Film Of All Time

Peter Jackson’s 1990s low-budget movie Braindead has been named the most violent movie of all time in a new poll by British film magazine Total Film. The horror movie beat off the likes of Irreversible, Salo, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Oldboy, Antichrist, Natural Born Killers, Cannibal Holocaust and Hostel 2 to top the poll.

The film, released Stateside as Dead Alive, revolves around overprotective mother Vera Cosgrove (Elizabeth Moody), who is spying on her grown son, Lionel (Timothy Balme), as he visits the zoo with the lovely Paquita (Diana Peñalver). There, he is accidentally bitten by the fearsome Sumatran rat-monkey. When the bite turns his beloved mother into a zombie, Lionel tries to keep her locked safely in the basement, but her repeated escapes turn most of the neighbors into the walking dead, who then crash a high-society party thrown by Lionel’s boorish Uncle Les (Ian Watkin
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Sundance 2018: 'Lords of Chaos' Turns Mayhem's Story Into Black Metal Tragedy

"I was brought into this world to cause chaos and suffering," the kid with the lanky black hair and tight jeans says, watching his friends goofing around in his suburban bedroom. He doesn't look like much of a destroyer of kingdoms and universes, to be honest; just another young dude with bad skin and a very intense look in his eyes. But this Norwegian teen named Øystein Aarseth is about to help give birth to a subgenre of music that he hopes will be regarded as the sound of pure unadulterated evil – "True Black Metal,
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George A. Romero’s Daughter, Tina, Wrote a Script For Queens of the Dead

The loss last year of director George A. Romero was a huge blow to the horror community, as well as the filmmaking community at large. The passing of the man responsible for creating the modern day zombie and whose work influenced “The Walking Dead”, Dead Alive, 28 Days Later, and Jordan Peele’s Get Out was […]

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First ‘Mortal Engines’ Trailer Teases Peter Jackson-Penned Fantasy Epic

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for Mortal Engines, the upcoming fantasy epic based on the book of the same name by Philip Reeve. The feature has been in the works for some time and boasts a screenplay by the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings writing team of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens, but it’s Christian Rivers who’s in the director’s chair. Rivers began working as a storyboard artist on Jackson’s Braindead and continued to work on visual effects and second unit directing on the Lotr trilogy, The Hobbit movies, and King …
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Peter Jackson May Be Heading To The Dceu To Direct This Upcoming Film

Justice League Dark has been having a bit of a hard time getting off the ground. Once set to be directed by Guillermo del Toro, the project eventually fell into Doug Liman’s lap, at which point, it looked like things were good to go. However, the Edge of Tomorrow helmer shocked us all a few months back when he announced that he’d be walking from the film, citing scheduling conflicts as the reason for his departure.

Currently, Warner Bros. has yet to find a replacement, but from what we understand, the studio is aggressively searching for someone to fill the director’s chair and whoever they bring on board will “play a major role in the new” DC cinematic universe. For a while there, it sounded like It director Andy Muschietti and Argentinian filmmaker Damián Szifron were the top choices to replace Liman, with a few other contenders coming into contention as well,
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‘Dawning of the Dead’ VOD Review

Stars: Ruth Galliers, Leo Gregory, Andrew McHale, Fabien Buller, Kristofer Dayne, Ian Saynor, Tim Heath, Paul Lavers, Kimberly Jaraj, Linny Bushey, Honey Holmes | Written by Stuart Bedford, Andy Davie, Tony Jopia, Stu Jopia | Directed by Tony Jopia

When a deadly virus which reanimates the recently deceased is deliberately exposed across the world causing an epidemic on a phenomenal scale, the scientist responsible for creating the virus entrusts the details of his experiments to the only person he feels he can trust; a troubled ex-war correspondent turned anchor woman Katya (Ruth Galliers). Powerless to act and trapped in a building, Katya and her crew can only watch the world collapse through video feeds from around the globe. Unbeknown to them an agent now ascends through the building with the intent of keeping the secrets help by the scientist and now Katya lost for good. As the zombies continue to flood into
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Your Alternative Halloween Viewing Guide: Hidden Horror Gems to Make Movie Night Frighteningly Fun

Your Alternative Halloween Viewing Guide: Hidden Horror Gems to Make Movie Night Frighteningly Fun
Every Halloween, when you want to check out a horror movie to get your heart racing, or a hilarious scary movie send-up to celebrate the holiday with laughs, everybody seems to cycle back to some of the same old classics.

While the slasher movies we've all come to know and love are classics for a reason (see: Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer or Scream), it’s fun to dive a little deeper into the realm of obscure horror, where some of the truly great fright flicks hide in the shadows.

Check out Et’s suggestions for some of the great lesser-known gems of spooky cinema with this year's alternative Halloween viewing guide:

Vampire Movies

Typical Fare: Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Lost Boys, From Dusk Till Dawn

Alternative Option: Let the Right One In

This thoughtful Swedish horror tale, directed by Tomas Alfredson, is an entirely unique take on the well-trod territory of vampire
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James Gunn Shares His List of 50 Favorite Horror Films! How Many Have You Seen?

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn started his career working in the horror genre. A couple of the films you're probably familiar with are Dawn of the Dead (2004), which he wrote, and, of course, Slither (2006), which he wrote and directed.

As you'd imagine, Gunn was obviously influenced by certain films in the horror genre. Well, now we know what kind of horror films that James Gunn likes because he recently shared his 50 favorite horror films of all time on his Facebook page:

It's actually a pretty great list of films! There are films that you'd expect to see on a favorite horror film list and a few unexpected films. Look through the list below and let us know how many of the films on the list you've seen.

As for the films you haven't seen, it's the Halloween season and the perfect time to watch some good horror films that you've never seen!
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Looking back at the early films of Peter Jackson

Mark Allison Sep 29, 2017

He conquered the world with The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. But what about the first few films from Peter Jackson?

At the 2004 Academy Awards, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King swept the board with 11 statuettes, equalling the records previously set by Ben-Hur and Titanic. When collecting the award for Best Picture, director Peter Jackson made a passing reference to the two films with which he had started his career in the late 1980s - Bad Taste and Meet The Feebles - commenting that they had been “wisely overlooked by the Academy at the time”.

Despite Jackson’s dismissal of his own early work, these films represent more than a curious historical footnote; they are the first steps from one of the most important blockbuster film-makers of the last two decades. When viewed from the lofty gaze of hindsight, they are not only
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Fantasia Review: ‘The Night of the Virgin’ is Brimming with Bodily Fluids and Boredom

Don’t mess with a Nepali “cantara” on New Year’s—especially if you’re a virgin. Had young Nico (Javier Bódalo) only been warned, he might have avoided the worst nightmare of his life. While his virginity wasn’t for a lack of trying (or spilled drinks, vomit, and curt rebukes), somehow surviving a night in the home of the first female to ever look at him with desire (Miriam Martín’s Medea) could force him to never want to undress again let alone wish to do so in the vicinity of a woman who might potentially let him. Let’s just say that Nico’s travels to a cesspool of urban filth (Medea’s bathroom rivals Trainspotting) in hopes of being deflowered by someone twice his age don’t quite turn out how he imagined.

The film that has Nico by the balls (although anus may be more
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Evil Ed – The Blu Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

What do you get when you mix a bunch of Swedish horror film fans with little film experience and no money but a great deal of gumption? Why, Evil Ed, of course!

Evil Ed is both a tale of horror as well as a tale of stick-to-it-ness that all aspiring filmmakers should hear, and both are equally entertaining. Some Swedish kids who grew up on American horror films courtesy of the first video boom and who shared a common goal of making a film that could play in theaters started experimenting with the tools of the trade. Their first feature was never actually completed before they ran out of steam, but the nucleus of that group, Anders Jacobsen, Goran Lundstrom, and “Doc,” moved right into what would become Evil Ed. They took the nucleus of a story, about a docile, henpecked film editor forced to cut
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Blu-ray Review – Evil Ed (1995)

Evil Ed, 1995.

Directed by Anders Jacobsson.

Starring Johan Rudebeck, Per Löfberg, Olof Rhodin, Camela Leierth, Anders Ek, and Bill Moseley.


A mild-mannered video editor is given the job of editing a series of brutal slasher movies for his unscrupulous boss, with disastrous results.

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky being a horror fan because try as one might, no matter how seriously you take the genre and ferociously defend it to the death against those whose only exposure to anything approaching horror is a yearly watch of Paranormal Activity, there comes along a film like Evil Ed and you know there is no defending it no matter how you feel about it.

Taking its cue from the early masterpieces of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi along with Stuart Gordon’s sense of the theatrically absurd (or absurdly theatrical, depending on how you look at it), Evil Ed is
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More Brains – Zombie films worth watching

With the Train to Busan (2017) bursting on the screens and the announcement of an inevitable ‘American Remake’, I thought it would be a good time to look back on some of the classic zombie films from around the world.

Night of The Living Dead (1968)

There is often a debate about which of George A. Romero’s Living Dead series is his best. Personally, I am a night person and I love the film which started it all. Self-funded and filmed over a year, Night of the Living Dead was shot on black and white 35mm under the original title Night of the Flesh Eaters. Ground breaking at the time, this not only created the first zombie movie, but also broke taboos by having a black male lead.

Zombies have evolved over the years, become faster, smarter and more violent to satisfy the needs of the audience. However, people still continue
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Quentin Tarantino reveals that Wes Craven walked out of a Reservoir Dogs screening

According to Quentin Tarantino, the last director one would expect walked out of a screening of his cult-classic movie Reservoir Dogs: Wes Craven.

Talking to EW at the Tribeca Film Festival, the director goes into more detail about what happened during the movies 1992 premiere at Sitges International Film Festival:

“There was all this talk about the torture scene. Steve Buscemi, he comes to me and he goes, ‘Quentin, did you hear what everyone is saying? They’re saying the torture scene ruins the movie!’ And I go, ‘What are they talking about? It’s the best thing in the fucking movie! Did you see how many people walked out? That’s the shit!’… They showed Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, which was just drowned in zombie guts and brains. Finally I’ve got an audience that won’t walk out. I even joked about that in the opening introduction for the movie.
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7 Things You Don’t Know About ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ As Told by Quentin Tarantino and the Cast

7 Things You Don’t Know About ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ As Told by Quentin Tarantino and the Cast
Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown: They all reunited for the 25th anniversary retrospective screening of “Reservoir Dogs” at the Tribeca Film Festival April 28. Cast members Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi and writer-director-actor Quentin Tarantino all got together to reminisce after the 1992 movie screened to a packed house at the Beacon Theater. Here are seven fun facts they revealed.

1. Tom Waits auditioned.

Tarantino let this tidbit slip as he discussed the casting process. “We had the casting director from ‘L.A. Law,'” the director recalled. “A lot of really wild people came in and read the parts. Tom Waits came in and read. I had Tom Waits read the Madonna speech, just so I could hear Tom Waits say those lines. And actually, other than Harvey, he gave me one of the first profound compliments on the script. No one had ever
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Review — ‘Life’ Finds a Way to Deliver Slick Thrills Despite the Generic Setup

Life’ Finds a Way to Deliver a Fun Thrill Ride Despite the Generic SetupA compelling cast, an intelligent enemy, and slick thrills make for an entertaining slice of sci-fi/horror.

As much as films like Apollo 13 and Hidden Figures want us to believe otherwise, space-set horror films have shown us again and again that astronauts really aren’t all that bright. How else to explain the endless display of scientists and space explorers who encounter a previously unknown alien life-form and against all common sense decide it’s probably something they should touch?

That’s the immediate hurdle the new film Life needs to overcome even before the the first frame appears, and while the moment in question is a definite stumbling block the movie still succeeds in becoming a highly entertaining and often suspenseful ride into darkness.

A six-person crew aboard the International Space Station have just brought an interplanetary sample aboard, and
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