Dead Alive (1992) Poster


Plot Keywords

love zombie
monkey new zealand
zoo party
two word title extreme violence
killing an animal sex with the undead
zombification zombie sexuality
walking dead sex with a zombie
living dead tongue in cheek
over the top foreign version
alternate version tied to a chair
killed with a lawnmower lawn mower as a weapon
zombie child lips bitten off
jack daniels violence
sadism brutality
one word title vomit
surrealism flashback
controversy anti hero
lawnmower cult film
walking through a wall thrown through a window
stabbed in the head spit in the face
face slap shovel
severed foot punched in the face
person on fire needle in eye
nagging mother lungs ripped out
leg ripped off kicked in the face
impalement house burning
head ripped off head cut in half
hand through head hand cut off
gash in the face falling from height
face ripped off exploding eye
eaten alive drowning
disembodied head director cameo
dead dog covered in blood
cheating husband buried alive
breaking through a door body in a trunk
bloody nose beaten to death
back from the dead attempted rape
arm ripped off lawn gnome
bodily dismemberment entrails
black humor gross out comedy
spoof priest
stop motion scene undead
torture stabbed in the mouth
self mutilation premarital sex
poison nazi
kicked in the crotch hit in the crotch
hit by a car cannibalism
zombie baby kung fu zombie
cut into pieces black comedy
heart in hand exploding head
exploding body blood splatter
blood zombie love
severed leg severed face
severed arm dismemberment
martial arts torso cut in half
severed head severed hand
knife decapitation
gore reanimation
reverse footage part stop motion
domineering mother lawn mower
1950s mutilation
mutant baby independent film

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