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Bad....really bad...
taddler4 August 2017
about as bad as a movie as you can get. The director apparently has not a clue how to write or direct. Clunky and amateurish as you can get. The screenplay attempts to attain some 80's indie vibe a la PATTI ROCKS....but the director Appleby has none of the talent to pull it off. Some of the acting performance are Ginger Lynn Allen and Chris Mulkey.
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BOUND & GAGGED - GINGER LYNN s&m adult road movie
Kevin King15 August 2005
BOUND & GAGGED (1992). Starring GINGER LYNN ALLEN (The Devil's Rejects, ...& lots of porn), KAREN BLACK (Easy Rider, House of a 1000 Corpses), CHRIS DENTON, CHRIS MULKEY (48 Hours, Dreamscape, First Blood, The Long Riders). Directed DANIEL B APPLEBY. Bound & gagged is a sexy, stylish road movie about a bizarre love triangle. Directed by Daniel Appleby, the film follows the fortunes of strong willed Elizabeth, her bisexual lover Leslie (Legendary porn star Ginger Lynn Allen) & her straight friend Cliff. Cliff is plagued by visions of his wife having sex with different men & is driven to numerous failed attempts at suicide, whilst the stunning, sexy & vulnerable Leslie suffers abuse from her violent, volatile husband Steve (Chris Mulkey). Elizabeth decides that she would like her lover to herself, & persuades Cliff to help kidnap Leslie & take her away on a journey to freedom. Needless to say, the trip does not go planned when Leslie is chloroformed, bound & gagged....
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I laugh and covered my eyes
andaloro-118 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Films should be judged according to the ambitions of the filmmakers. In

those terms, Bound and Gagged is a very ambitious film. It is certainly not a

great film, but it does have some great moments in it and some very funny scenes

that are as challenging as they are good. This may not be a completely

successful film in terms of achieving all of its intended goals, I would give it

very high marks for ambition alone. Most of the actors are unknowns, yet Cliff is a likable

character and you identify with his dilemma. Even if you never were there yourself.

I highly recommend this film on pushing a new envelope.. Instead of the same old ones. The

director writer has others which also please.
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You need to be bound & gagged to watch this. . .
ascajan5 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Porn star Ginger Lynn Allen's attempt at a legitimate movie is an awfully confusing mess of bad acting and Minneapolis-style broad humor. If you find kidnapping, marital stalking and porn stars who keep their clothes on amusing, then this is the film for you. There are dim highlights throughout the course of the movie such as pretty good turns by Chris Mulkey as the incomprehensible but certainly committed husband Steve who spends most of the movie trying to hunt down his wife (literally), Karen Black as a radical feminist/peacenik flower child/relationship guru and an under-utilized but powerful performance by Gene Larche as the tantric sex-god Soaring Eagle. None of these, however, are worth the time you lose out of your life watching this dreck.
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A pleasingly idiosyncratic seriocomic indie road movie sleeper
Woodyanders17 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Impulsive and free-spirited loose cannon bisexual Elizabeth (a marvelously spunky portrayal by smoldering brunette spitfire Elizabeth Saltarrelli) kidnaps her mousy married lover Leslie (a fine and sympathetic performance by cute 80's porno starlet Ginger Lynn Allen) and embarks on a road trip with her in order to rescue Leslie from her loutish, abusive, possessive husband Steve (superbly played to the slimy hateful hilt by Chris Mulkey). Elizabeth's wimpy, suicidal sad-sack best friend Cliff (a lovably mopey turn by Chris Denton) helps out. Writer/director Daniel Appleby displays a winningly quirky and off-kilter sensibility with this funny, touching and insightful tale of love, betrayal and codependency. This movie greatly benefits from the excellent acting by the sturdy cast: Allen, Saltarrelli, Denton and Mulkey all excel in their roles; they receive sound support from Karen Black as helpful cult deprogrammer Carla, Mary Ella Ross as Chris' bitchy, adulterous wife Lida, and Gene Larche as Lida's lusty Native American lover Soaring Eagle. The engagingly oddball characters (the fiery Elizabeth in particular is a real pip), William Murphy's bouncy, funky score, the leisurely pace, Dean Lent's crisp, polished cinematography, the pretty rural countryside scenery, the unpredictable meandering narrative, an amusing sense of eccentric humor, and the groovy rock soundtrack all further add to the singularly screwball charm of this neat little gem.
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