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This film was originally proposed in the mid-'70s, starring Diana Ross and Steve McQueen, but was rejected as "too controversial". The film concept was to be attempted again in the late 1970s, with Ryan O'Neal and Diana Ross cast as the leads. The project fell through after only a few months because of irreconcilable differences between O'Neal and Ross, who had been dating.
Rachel's mansion is the same mansion as the "horse's head in the bed" mansion in The Godfather (1972).
Whitney Houston suffered a miscarriage during production and missed a couple of weeks of production recovering.
Kevin Costner said that he based his portrayal of Frank Farmer on actor Steve McQueen. He even went as far as to get McQueen's trademark haircut for the role.
The film had to undergo some hasty re-cutting when test audiences jeered Whitney Houston's performance.
Crew driver Bill Vitagliano was killed in an on-set accident when he was crushed between two colliding scissor-lifts, during the preparation for an underground parking garage scene.
The wisecracking host at the fictional Academy Awards ceremony is comedian Robert Wuhl, who wrote jokes for Billy Crystal's Academy Awards hosting duties in 1990 and 1991.
Rachel and Frank go and see Yojimbo (1961), which was released in the United States as "The Bodyguard".
At the fictional Academy Awards ceremony, the Best Sound Oscar goes to Mychal Smith and Kay Colvin (who were in reality the Boom Operator and Cable Person respectively), the Best Song winner is written by Nancy Garber (who was really the film's Art Department Researcher) and one of the fictional nominated songwriters was Leslie Moraes (who was really the film's Assistant Location Manager).
The proposal for this film was rejected 67 times. (This may be why the fictional Academy Awards ceremony depicted is the 67th, which in real life did not occur until 1995 honoring the films of 1994.)
The camera operator riding the dolly rail during the airplane scene where the camera revolves around actors Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston fell off when the centrifugal force surprised him while shooting the scene. The cameraman climbed back onto the rigging during filming to retain operation, finishing the scene, which was kept in the movie.
As of 2015, with over 37 million albums sold, "The Bodyguard" is the best-selling soundtrack of all time. "Saturday Night Fever" places second--with nearly 10 million fewer albums sold.
The basement used as Kevin Costner's basement in the movie the bodyguard is the same basement that's used in ncis as Gibbs basement.
Kevin Costner, during his eulogy at Whitney Houston's Feb. 18, 2012 funeral, related that when Whitney auditioned for her role, her makeup had begun running down her face. Before the audition, Whitney had hurriedly removed her movie-set makeup and had instead applied her regular show-business makeup she used at concerts so she would feel more normal. The heat of the lighting for her audition caused the replacement makeup to run. Kevin quickly halted the audition; Whitney returned to her trailer where she related what had happened to Kevin. The movie makeup was re-applied, and the audition was then successfully completed.
One of the few films that presented a fictional Academy Awards in its plot and later on were nominated for the actual Academy Awards. While this movie scored two Best Song nominations, the other movie with similar circumstances, _California Suite (1978) managed to win an Oscar (acting category, an ironic contrast with the movie's subplot involving an actress who loses the same award).
Kevin Costner's character is shown having attended West Virginia University (WVU). The movie was written by Lawrence Kasdan who graduated from high school in Morgantown WV, the same city where WVU is located.
The brand of whisky being drunk throughout the film is Springbank from Campbeltown in Scotland, where the director was on holiday prior to making the film.
"The Bodyguard" was the favorite movie of Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister of Australia (1975-1983), revealed by his granddaughter Rachel during a family tribute at his funeral in Melbourne, March 27 2015.
David Foster and then wife Linda Thompson, (previously Elvis's girlfriend, and Bruce Jenner's wife,) Co-wrote the lyrics and music to several of the songs in this movie. " I Have Nothing" among them. David Foster won an emmy for producing this soundtrack. Kevin Costner requested that he produce for him, after just meeting him.
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It was rumored that a sequel was in the works with Kevin Costner returning as Frank Farmer, in which, at one point, Diana, Princess of Wales had expressed interest, before her tragic death in 1997. Sadly, Whitney Houston passed away in 2012. If the sequel had happened, it may have followed Frank, who is struggling to come to terms with Rachel's death, as he is assigned to protect a new client. Like Rachel, she too is a pop singer, whose life is in danger. However, a remake is in development.
In the closing scene the sign of the "Iowa rapids" rotary where Kevin Costner is protecting his next client. there is no such town in Iowa however they do have Iowa city & Cedar Rapids.
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Scriptwriter Lawrence Kasdan was also the director of the films Silverado (1985) and Wyatt Earp (1994). Kevin Costner starred in both of these films.
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If a sequel had happened, the sequel would had followed Frank Farmer, whom is struggling to come to terms with Rachel Marron's death (Due to Whitney Houston's death in 2012), as he is assigned to protect a new client, whom like Rachel Marron, is also a pop singer and like Rachel, her life is also in danger.
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No one with any firearms training would handle a gun like Costner. One time he casually handles a gun while it's pointed at someone for several seconds. At the cabin, he repeats this with a gun which is clearly loaded and ready to shoot.
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Composer Alan Silvestri also scored Fandango (1985), which also starred Kevin Costner.
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The film takes place from 1994 to 1995.
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