The Bodyguard (1992) Poster


Plot Keywords

bodyguard singer
pop singer stalker
secret service agent home
entourage manager
car driving joy
repression black singer
brunette domestic violence
darkness unrequited love
song gloves
masked man seat
street fireworks
unfaithfulness manipulation
disturbed individual running
dancing star
music concert broken glass
love song cult film
kitchen crowd
diva adultery
black gloves interracial love
kicking suicide attempt
crying room
swimming pool stripping
mental illness devastation
african american interracial romance
stairs sadness
audience exhibitionist
guilt murder witness
black man caress
interracial couple kiss
dark secret brawl
embarrassment passion
singing sensuality
screaming fame
oscar attraction
forbidden love fan mail
academy award white male black female relationship
sarcasm hallucination
bedroom sexuality
romantic obsession betrayal
disappointment redemption
technician panic
jacket blockbuster
mysterious events stockings
falling in love car
award winner suit
murder interracial affair
psychotic fear
ethnicity seduction
reference to alexander graham bell sexual obsession
curtain love
woman in jeopardy sister sister relationship
investigation nightclub
sexual desire gun
mysterious man witness
extramarital affair plane
friendship restaurant
bed interracial relationship
award silencer
sexual repression house
music show infidelity
lady concert
humiliation shot to death
ambulance melodrama
lingerie premiere
african american music menace
blood masked killer
drink fondling
lake jealousy
blood spatter desire
bra oscars ceremony
music video fanatic
explosion short hair
black white relations long hair
black american footprint in the snow
death rage
dress cult film
african american woman battle of the sexes
dancer shootout
assassination falling from height
performer exhibitionism
karate tuxedo
limousine 1990s
katana sword head scarf
desperation lost love
bar night
orange juice los angeles california
blouse victim
pillow drinking
repressed love death threat
violence danger
obsession price of fame
hotel musician
sunglasses martial arts
beating fistfight
hiring water
discrimination mask
dead man love at first sight
winner anger
sexual attraction black woman
sacrifice injury
stalking scream
title spoken by character actor shares first name with character

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