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What a waste!

Author: guil fisher from New York City, NY
24 January 2003

To see the likes of Gregory Harrison in this trashy film is sad. I have great admiration for his work, such as IT'S MY PARTY, and to see him reduced to play this kind of character, is demeaning. What a handsome guy he is and certainly can do better than the looney tunes of the whacko female doctor that seems to go around doing men in. The fact that she can so easily handcuff her male companions is totally unbelievable. I mean, let's be realistic, her sex appeal I give a zero on.

Her one dimensional performance goes from sashshaying about in up to here dresses, overly made-up in a whorish fashion and delivering what I assume she thinks is sexy dialogue. Boring. Morton Downing Jr. is also wasted in a rather seedy over the hill performance. It's Gregory Harrison that brings any excitement to this movie, but, unfortunately, he's asked to portray an idiot. He's got too much class to convince me of that. Sorry, Greg! Come on and get back to some better film choices or come back to Broadway. We miss you.

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A psychologist gone mad.

Author: Streetwolf
23 August 2001

Gregory Harrison stars as Dan Pearson, a suicidal ex cop, who was kicked off the force due to his violent nature, which he got from his father, who used to beat Dan and even beat his mother during sex leaving Dan with a lust to do the same. He returns home to his old town where he resumes his deceased father's garage and ends up meeting his high school sweetheart Brenda, who works at the radio station. The two start off a romance again yet he pulls back because he doesn't want to hurt her physically. When Dr. Claire Archer becomes the local sex therapist/psychologist on the radio he contacts her and immediately he gets her attention. Chuck (Morten Downey jr.), the owner of the radio decides to investigate Dr. Archer and finds out that she has killed a man, but let's her continue on the radio. Dr. Archer approaches Dan and forces him to reveal his dark secrets because she tells him she can cure him, but she becomes obsessed with him when he tries to back out on her. I never saw the first Body Chemistry nor the ones after and after seeing this movie I don't intend to watch the others! We have a fruitcake woman going around forcing people towards violent sex, she has even killed a man no doubt in the previous movie and yet she is still practicing. A little bit of nudity and sex scenes lasted seconds.I didn't like this movie yet they still went ahead and made Body Chemistry 3 and 4 go figure!

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Author: Steven Mcdonald (T1000-6) from Australia
2 September 2000

Body Chemistry 2 adds nothing of interest to the series,or rather this entire genre.A totally sleep inducing movie,you will find yourself overusing the fast forward button.The front cover says"Uncut version" and promises it is"even hotter than the original",even though there are no sex scenes whatsoever(no,I'm serious!)This movie contained one good line:"A person's sexiest organ isn't between their legs,it's between their ears!"

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