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one of wilsons better films

Author: smitty williams from campbelltown, aus
13 November 2001

if you like b-grade martial arts movies than this ones for you,it's about danny holt a repo man who grabs the wrong car he's suppose to get. when he takes the car back to his work and ducks out for a minute the owners of the car turn up and murder everybody(because their after somthing very dangerous and valuable inside the car) danny is then framed for the murders,his daughter kidnapped ,and the real killers thinking he has what they want and trying to ransom her back to him for the weapon. this movie has a good plot for a martial arts flick so if you like these kinds of movies then give it a watch,you wont be dissapointed.

this movie was later remade by wilson,the movie is called moving target and doesnt even compare to this one,so steer clear!

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A fairly good low-budget martial arts film

Author: gridoon
11 December 2005

This is only the second Don "The Dragon" Wilson I've seen so far (after "Cybertracker"), and what I can say is that what he lacks in acting charisma he makes up for in action intensity. For the genre it belongs to, this movie actually has a fairly complex plot (as the hero observes, most characters assume a false identity at one point or another), and several fight scenes which are shot in a close-quarters, hard-hitting, down-to-earth style (much more streetfighting than high-flying here). Wilson's two encounters with another genre star, Gary Daniels, are pure B-movie gold (Daniels fans beware: he has a very small role here, almost a cameo). Cat Sassoon also impresses as a wicked villainess with a tight black outfit, a switchblade as her favorite weapon and quite a bit of kicking flexibility. When I checked out her page on IMDb, I was shocked to find out that she had passed away in 2002. It's a shame that she never got a chance to make a film with Cynthia Rothrock - those two going at it would have been another B-movie classic! Anyway, as low-budget American martial arts films go, this one is pretty good. (**)

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C-grade story script, but A-grade M.A. fighting & Culty villainess

Author: from Australia
20 December 2004

Yes, very much the Martial-arts movie, but fights/fighting is perhaps even above-average, I wouldn't particularly choose Don Wilson or any of his opponents like Daniels or the rest seen here even if I was looking for a fight, based on this, are brutal, dirty, brawlish and relatively believable, except perhaps how much punishment Wilson and Daniels heap on each other before there is a winner. The fight in the restaurant towards the end, between Wilson and the two thugs, was pretty real, you could almost believe that might happen with 3 good street-fighters or something..its no messing around direct sort of fighting compared to some movie martial-arts.

Director Sziller missed an opportunity with this, IMO, to further use and play-up the female villainess/fighter , the dare i say fabulous late Cat Sassoon, who battles Wilson twice during the movie: jumping him and heaping a beating on him in the movies last fight sequence, before Wilson turns it around just as hes about to be finished off with her trademark switchblade.

Now Catya Sassoons 'Lisa' would have to be one of the most evil//sadistic/sexy femme fatales villainess/henchwoman ever to appear on any screen,as far as actual hands-on violence villainesses go anyway, in this second clash with Wilson her 'outfit' speaks for itself, and shes the main reason many will watch or want to own this video, frankly, but we see FAR too little of her, despite the 40-second treat of this last fight,which she loses by KO in the end,sadly, although well ahead on points at the time, lol..the would-be devastating kick to Wilsons groin we could barely see,( black boot against a very dark background set, which WOULD have won the fight for her in the real world, surely!) even though patently obvious it was so good we were totally ripped-off even here.

Now Sassoon, who starred in 'AngelFist' as the main character, is sometimes talked about as not having genuine martial-arts ability, and I'm not an expert, couldn't say, I know she held some M.A. title in real-life,NA Forms/Weapons or something, but I guess there are lots of cereal-box M.A. titles, but that criticism is more for hard-core MA fans than for fans like me,(surely few would believe that in real-life Sassoon or any other female fighter could hold their own with Wilson or the the other men in the movie, but that is SO NOT the point !)to me, and many I'm sure, the unique key with Sassoon was her appearance, she was attractive, yes, with good figure, so are many others,maybe even some female fighters, but she has a particular one-off appearance and attitude with slicked-back hair as here that could have made her the #1 film villainess cult icon of this genre of cinema history, right here, in this film. Now, Sziller could have made his cult-mark with this film, by showcasing her more, more scenes, her 'doing' a few more people, including goodies, she kills in split-second two fellow bad-guys that have outlived their usefulness in one devastating scene , actually, but Sziller, apart from under-using her, also makes a dogs-breakfast of basic lighting in most of her scenes in the movie, the scene at the door with the other two bad-guys just mentioned is totally badly lit and filmed, and so is her final fight with Wilson, filmed in a gloomy room, with 'Lisas' unique spine-tingling dark looks and eye-goggling black outfit and boots making it sadly even more difficult to see her properly against background as she goes about punishing Wilson down the staircase, across the floor, and up against the wall, at the fight climax..which you want to see every detail of. I've got stills of this sequence, and its apparent in them how poor the direction and floor-management was, and how much this cost,the film and probably Sassoons own stardom.

Apparently Wilson remade the film himself, I'm not sure if he reprised her character and who played her,Sassoon was not in it, and if it was any improvement in lighting and filming at least, but it was a 'stinker' generally, apparently, was worse than this in film merit terms.. Sassoon lost her life tragically in 2001, we could and should have seen more of her, and we would have, if better-promoted through this film, which had the makings but not the execution.

Good bone-crunching brawling fight-scenes, though..Don't 'pick on' Don Wilson, would be my instinct and advice.

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Another enjoyable entry in the BLOODFIST series!

Author: Prolox from Canada
11 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this fourth film to the unconnected (with the exception of the first two) BLOODFIST series, Don "The Dragon" Wilson stars as a repo man named DANNY HOLT, who accidentally & unknowingly, repossesses the wrong car that just happens to belong to a cold blooded arms dealer, who along with his men, infiltrate the repossession yard he works at & shoots every single employee inside dead, while Danny has stepped out for a while. As it turns out, it's not really the car they are after, but rather what is inside the car, a box of chocolate easter bunnies that has nuclear triggers inside, that they plan to sell to other terrorists in the middle east. Danny returns only to find them all dead, at the same time the FBI arrives & catches Danny holding a gun & assumes that he has killed everyone inside. The now framed Danny manages to escape, only to find his daughter has been abducted by the terrorists & to make matters worse, he finds himself caught up between not only the FBI agents he took out to escape, but also the CIA, a regular police force & the terrorists, all of whom want to take Danny down! With the help of a school teacher who aids him, he attempts to clear his name, recapture his daughter & take the terrorists down, one body at a time, but it won't be easy, since the ones he trusts, may or may not be, whom they say they are & the ones he thinks he can't trust, maybe the only help he's got.

BLOODFIST IV: DIE TRYING was a fairly enjoyable action B movie that entertained me for an hour & a half. The film is well directed by PAUL ZILLER & features plenty of action, plot twists & turns & slimy villains to help it rise above most direct to video action movie fare. The acting for the most part is pretty decent. Unlike most direct to video action B movies, the BLOODFIST films pretty much all contain some real life martial artists, aside from former World kick-boxing champion Wilson, there is also DINO HOMSEY (W.K.A. North American Kickboxing Champion) & Gene LaBelle (W.K.A. National Judo Champion). Interestingly the plot shares a similar plot to that of BLOODFIST III, in that one the hero was framed by corrupt racial cops over a crime he didn't commit, here we learn corrupt cops framed Danny for killing his wife in a drunk driving accident, in order to clear their cop buddy, who was really responsible for the accident. Unfortunately much like III, the cops responsible for wronging the main hero, show nowhere up in the story & the issue is never resolved with the ones who set him up either.

Unfortunately while I enjoyed the movie, I really do wish there was a fist to fist, feet to feet martial arts showdown between Danny & the main villain Weiss. While Danny does get quiet a workout here, facing off hordes of Weiss's men, including his second in command, the climax is very anti-climactic & lacks the power the last three films that proceeded this one had & that's a real shame, considering the momentum the film had leading up to the climax, it merely ends with a whimper & not a bang. Apart from that, I thought the movie was nicely done.

All in all, this series continues to be watchable & Wilson is actually getting better with acting with each passing entry, plus the series has interesting twists, turns, well choreographed fight scenes, real fighters, villains & plots. Highly recommended to action fans. Executive Produced by B movie king ROGER CORMAN. Followed by another in name only sequel, BLOODFIST 5: HUMAN TARGET

*** stars

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The overall tone goes back and forth between silly and serious with relative ease.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
22 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Danny Holt (Wilson) is a good, hard-working guy with a tough job. He's a repo man, constantly having to deal with irate car buyers who've lapsed on their payments. One day he repo's the car of evil gangsters Weiss (Browne) and Scarface (Daniels). These dudes are so miffed about it, they go down to Danny's place of employment and mow down the entire staff with their machine guns. Naturally, Danny was out getting lunch, and missed it all, so the cops think he did it. Seeing as how these gangsters are hiding some nuclear triggers inside a box of bunny-shaped Easter chocolate and Danny has it, he's now on the run from the gangsters, the cops, the FBI, the CIA, and everyone in between. Weiss has also kidnapped his daughter and won't release her until he gets the "box of chocolates". With no one to trust, can Danny use the help of Shannon (Wyss), a schoolteacher accidentally thrown into this mess? Will Danny get to the truth? Perhaps as a reaction to the somber tone of the previous Bloodfist movie, this one has a much lighter, and at times even goofy feel. Just check out the opening scene between The Dragon and a man who looks like he could be the father of Wendy of fast-food chain Wendy's fame. But the overall tone goes back and forth between silly and serious with relative ease.

James Tolkan appears as FBI agent Sterling, and it's nice to see him, but what fans really want to see are the fights between Wilson and Gary Daniels. We're treated to two of them, and that alone makes this movie worth checking out. Daniels plays a very amusing villain, with his long hair and snide attitude. But we think his strong suit is playing heroes. He's just too likable to seem all that evil, though he does very well here. Also female baddie Lisa (Sassoon) adds further appeal because of her outfits and cult appreciation.

Apparently, this movie was remade, again with Wilson, as Moving Target (2000). I guess Don the Dragon had been in every type of movie ever made so the only option left was to redo THIS movie. Seems odd. Of all the movies to potentially remake...Bloodfist 4: Die Trying? Bloodfist 4 is a great choice for Don the Dragon fans. If you don't consider yourself one, don't "die trying" to pick this one up, but if you see it somewhere, get it.

for more insanity, please visit:

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The series goes downhill from here.

Author: DigitalRevenantX7 from Australia
10 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Danny Holt, a repo man, takes a black BMW after getting into a fight with its owner. But what he doesn't know is that the car he took is the wrong one – this car belongs to a group of international terrorists & has nuclear weapons triggers hidden inside a box of chocolates placed in the car. The terrorists pay Holt's workplace a visit, brutally massacring the employees. Holt finds himself in trouble when the police believe him to be the killer & with them & the terrorists after him for the chocolates, Holt must find a way to protect himself & his daughter before they are found.

The Bloodfist series has now entered the realm of generic action. After two relatively forgettable but successful martial arts flicks & a passable prison film (BLOODFIST III: FORCED TO FIGHT remains the series' high point), Roger Corman hands over the producing reins to Mike Elliott, who changes the direction for the rest of the series. The director this time is Paul Ziller, who would later go on to make several other cheap B-films including the interesting sci-fi thriller ANDROID APOCALYPSE.

For a cheap action film, Bloodfist IV: Die Trying is nothing more than a forgettable sequel to the series & a forgettable action film in the sea of similar films that sprang up in the 1990s. The plot is a mix of clichés with some effort gone into making a series of what can only be described as stupid plot contrivances to prop the film up but which quickly cause the film to collapse like a house of cards. The hero is a repo man (government sanctioned car thief) who repossesses a car that is not the right one, causing terrorists (back when they were of the European variety) to come after him. What follows is nothing short of a narrative mess. Several characters have double identities which makes the film somewhat confusing to some people with lesser ability to follow the plot closely. The end revelation that the terrorists were SUPPOSED to have the nuclear triggers in order to level the Middle Eastern playing field is really stupid. And the idea of a fat Hispanic detective who gets her underlings to deliver fast food to her while she's working in crime scenes should be busted down to traffic duty.

As far as acting goes, the players are a range from mediocre to downright bad. Don "The Dragon" Wilson is getting better at the acting game but still comes across as perpetually annoyed (maybe he didn't like the script but signed on just to get a paycheque) while Amanda Wyss is a long way off from her debut in the horror classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, her beyond-merely-naïve demeanor being quite silly. Cat Sassoon makes the first of two appearances in the series as a female terrorist who is lethal with a knife (& a pot of boiling water).

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My least favorite sequel!

Author: Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW) from WILMINGTON, NC
28 August 2006

This sequel to "Bloodfist" was not my very favorite. I thought the third one was a slight downer, this one was the lowest. The action of the movie was there, but the plot was major stinker. Being convicted of killing a policeman in a traffic accident is bad enough. But when the details are sketchy, there's a chance of high hopes for the character to regain control of his life. When heard most of the details, I hear that the police officer that died in the crash, was drunk. That can clear Danny Holt(Don "The Dragon" Wilson) of vehicular manslaughter, however, more rogue cops hamper his chances on redemption. This police Lt. Garcia(Liz Torres) is terrible. She won't listen to anything. She is so hardened against Danny, she don't care about anything else. Maybe one day, she'll learn the truth about open her eyes, and see the error of her views. The action scene remain intact, and the the kitchen scene is unforgettable. Especially when the young woman gets burned on the stove during the fight with Danny. This movie was fine, it just a little downhill there. 1 out of 5 stars.

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Or try dying...

Author: Frank Markland from United States
24 July 2006

This time everybody's favorite charisma-less kickboxing champ (Don Wilson, to anybody not acquainted with him) is a repo-man who gets a hold of nuclear triggers which the bad guys want to sell for lots of cash, they also abduct Wilson's daughter and are willing to make an exchange (Although considering how obnoxious the child is, I would have just asked for cash instead of the kid.) and if anything else Bloodfist IV proves that it takes a lot of kickboxing to save the world and your daughter. Bloodfist IV is the type of movie that you just love despite how stupid and insane it is. From Wilson's constipated acting to bad guys who rip off their shirts without a moments notice, Bloodfist IV could possibly be cinema's greatest hour, at least in terms of guilty pleasure. Of course the best line of the movie is when asked, where the nuclear triggers are, Wilson replies "I ate them!" it is zaniness like this that make the idea of sitting through a Bloodfist marathon not so painful to the brain. Even if my IQ drops well below 40. To explain how zany this movie is, consider that the terrorists hide nuclear triggers in chocolate! Genius!

* * out of 4-(Fair)

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