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Picks up where the film leaves off.

Author: HogMild from Denton, USA
1 August 2001

Beyond JFK is a documentary about the facts and stories that were the basis for Oliver Stone's film JFK. The video covers the arrests of Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and Lee Oswald, including rarely seen footage. It also shows extremely rare interviews with Dean Andrews, Clay Shaw, Jim Garrison, Lou Ivon, Marina Oswald, and Jim Marrs - to name a few.

This video is basically a re-hash of the movie, but it's interesting because we get to see who these characters actually were and we get to hear, in their words, what they were thinking at the time of Garrison's infamous trial, and what they have to say about it now.

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Beyond JFK vs. Beyond Conspiracy !

Author: ahmed elshikh (ahmed_abd_elreheem@yahoo.com) from Egypt
22 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a fine paranoid documentary. The worst about it though would be the narrator's voice; who's speaking in pretty old-fashioned way (I thought I was watching an ancient cinematic journal !), plus having so little when it talks about Oliver Stone's movie of 1991; or obviously the main title and the year of production fooled me, being beyond JFK the president, not the movie !

The value of it is in showing some facts were used in the making of (JFK – 1991). Also, seeing very rare footage for the real characters, including (Lee Harvey Oswald) himself. And it was a delight to watch and hear the original (Jim Morrison). That guy is more charismatic and way funnier than (Kevin Costner) who portrayed him ! It was a good shot for him still talking about that case from his death bed, but so painful too.

The script is highly insightful. The second part was staggering indeed, with all the possible theories shown fairly. However, many claims – especially around (Oswald) – were proved wrong, after 11 years, in another important documentary named The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy (2003).

In the last film we saw how (Dale Myers), a computer animator, spent 10 years to collect endless photographs, home footage, blueprints and plans for creating an accurate computer reenactment of the assassination scene (people, cars, trees, buildings, etc). The 3D computer animation which he eventually did; allowed what happened in Dallas 22 November 1963 to be viewed from any point of view with absolute geometric integrity. By that he found out that the bullet wounds were consistent with JFK's and Governor Connally's positions at the time of shooting, and that by following the bullet's trajectory backwards it led to none other than (Oswald)'s allegedly nest. It assures that the magical bullet is true, and (Oswald) was the shooter, the only shooter for that matter !

Knowing that I watched (Beyond Conspiracy) first, I felt how that part of the suspicion in (Beyond JFK) has become already beaten. But even if, while assuring that (Oswald), the mediocre at best shooter, did it miraculously, still, as (Oswald)'s widow somehow referred here, there were many hands that pulled the trigger with him. Hands that maybe still run things around to date.

Watch (Beyond Conspiracy) to know how Oswald did kill the president. Then watch (JFK) and (Beyond JFK) to know how (Oswald) didn't kill the president, or didn't kill the president alone. While I'm with the last opinion, you have to choose by yourself.

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