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Montoya Santana: I hear Little Puppet's name is on a piece of paper, ese.

J.D.: I want you to cosign it.

Montoya Santana: I'm taking it off, ese.

J.D.: That punk got you kicked back in the hole, set us all back. Now he's running around talking loud shit about how he wants out of La Eme. His number's up, homes.

Montoya Santana: I said I'm taking it off, ese.

J.D.: What's gonna happen is gonna happen. Don't try to stop it. You understand me? I'm asking you, carnal.

Montoya Santana: Is that where it's gotten to, ese?

J.D.: Brothers are talking about you.

Montoya Santana: What are they saying, ese?

J.D.: They're saying that you're not showing them anything.

Montoya Santana: You know, a long time ago, two best homeboys, two kids, were thrown into juvie. They were scared, and they thought they had to do something to prove themselves. And they did what they had to do. They thought they were doing it to gain respect for their people, to show the world that no one could take their class from them. No one had to take it from us, ese. Whatever we had... we gave it away. Take care of yourself, carnal.

Montoya Santana: You want to know something? I never been to the beach before.

Julie: For reals?

Montoya Santana: Yeah, for reals.

Montoya Santana: Whatever I did to you or to mama... to make you hate me, I'm sorry.

Pedro Santana: Your mother was a beautiful woman. She made me feel proud. She was 19 years old. Raped... by sailors. After it happened, we never talked about it. Then we got married and we tried to forget. When you were born, I tried to love you. But every time I looked at you, I wondered who your real father was. I wondered which sailor's blood you carried inside of you.

Montoya Santana: Little Puppet!

Little Puppet: Orale!

Montoya Santana: Orale! How are you doing?

Little Puppet: Great.

Montoya Santana: It's good, ese. Called you for a little task, all right?

Little Puppet: Simon.

Montoya Santana: Now you'll do El Chucko. Want you to handle it for us, all right?

Puppet: I'll take care of it, ese.

Montoya Santana: Was I talking to you, ese?

Puppet: Santana, let me do it. Mi carnalito... that's not his thing. I mean he's no punk or nothing but...

J.D.: He's not talking to you, Puppet.

Montoya Santana: There's something I want you to understand, Little Puppet. What happened to Pie Face I didn't like it, but it was necessary, especially right now. Take a look over there, ese. El Chucko and La Nuestra Familia is making their play to get some respect, ese. La Eme took a long time earning the respect in this place. And if we wanna keep it we gotta show some class.

Young Montoya Santana: [Mundo is being devoted into the gang] Come on, give me your hand. You know what, ese, White Fence, Maravilla, Lomita, they've been around here longer than us, you know. It's cool. We've got our own clika, strong clika. Finally getting into our own, gaining respect.

Young JD: Our clika, our barrio, our family - that's all we got, ese.

Young Mundo: Simon.

Young JD: When we were kids, belonging felt good. But having respect, that feels even better.

Young Montoya Santana: Cause La Primera lives through us. It gives to us. It is us. We make it, carnal, we don't fake it, we just take it. Cause La Primera, ese...

Young JD: Always has been and always will be.

Young Mundo: Orale!

Young JD: Orale!

Young Montoya Santana: Welcome to the clika, carnal!

Young Mundo: Por Vida, ese, por Vida.

Puppet: Can I talk to you a minute?

Montoya Santana: Simon, ese.

Puppet: I heard about what happened. I'm sorry, Santana. Mi carnalito, he messed up.

Montoya Santana: It wasn't his fault, ese. It was all American beef. When they wanna pop you they're gonna pop you. Want some grill cheese, ese?

Puppet: No, thanks.

Montoya Santana: You sure, ese? It's good.

Puppet: People are saying it's Little Puppet's fault.

Montoya Santana: It wasn't his fault, ese.

Puppet: You know me, carnal, I'll do anything for La Eme. Anything. But I'm asking you, please, take my brother's name off.

Montoya Santana: Your brother's name is on a piece of paper, ese?

Puppet: They want me to kill him.

Montoya Santana: It's a mistake, ese. Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it. Nothing's gonna happen to your brother.

Puppet: It's good to hear, ese, it's good to hear.

J.D.: We appreciate you've taken a time to talk to us.

Don Antonio Scagnelli: What can I do for you?

J.D.: It's gonna be some changes in the way business is done in East L.A. From now on our people are gonna be responsible for the East L.A. exchange. All deliveries between Mexico and exchange are gonna be done through us, all collections are gonna be done by us.

Don Antonio Scagnelli: Is that what you came here for? To tell me my business?

J.D.: From now on your business in the barrio is gonna be our business too.

Montoya Santana: [Approaches to Don Scagnelli] Let me explain something. For you, for us, for anybody who does business, things happen. And you or your family, your friend can end up doing time. Someone on the line would have to deal with that fact. Now you run the distribution on the outside, we run on the inside. Our offer is this we guarantee your people no problems in the inside.

Don Antonio Scagnelli: You listen to me. I don't know who you think you are, but if anything and I mean anything happens to my son's stay, uncomfortable with over the years, you'll regret the day when you make that choice.

J.D.: If we show weakness now, homes, everybody's gonna see it not just the mayates and wops as La Nuestra Familia as well. They're just waiting to make their fucking move. This way we can do it clean. Do what Scagnelli did, form them shoot out.

Montoya Santana: To who?

J.D.: Aryan Brotherhood. They hate the mayates, mayates hate them and don't be a fucking thing. The AB gives the blacks message then we won't have to risk anything.

Montoya Santana: We're spending all over time dealing with the Italians and now the Black Gorilla Family, ese, instead of getting our people out and keeping them out.

J.D.: You know what,if we don't fight for this shit now,we're gonna lose it all now, homes.

Montoya Santana: What we'd done in Compton was wrong. It was supposed to be business, but came out racial. We wanted to send a message to BGF about staying away from our business. And we sent a bunch of fucking cowboys in other people's home turf, talkin trash and shooting some guy in the dick.

J.D.: I don't know what's wrong with you. I don' know if it is that woman or what? But you're starting to show weakness and we both know that you can't do that.

Dornan: What I'd like to do now is to interview each of you individually. Who wants to go first?

Montoya Santana: Corky.

Dornan: Corky.

Puppet: Santana, how was the bus ride home?

Montoya Santana: Sunshine felt good.

Puppet: This is my brother, ese. They call him, Little Puppet. He's a genious, homes.

Mundo: Hey, don't get carried away.

Puppet: He does the placas in East L.A. Check it out.

[Shows a tatoo with naked babe]

Mundo: Nice tits.

Puppet: He's coming to Big Folsom. I want him with us.

J.D.: Can he take care of himself?

Puppet: He don't know no nothing, but I'll be responsible for him.

J.D.: You know what you do.

Montoya Santana: How are you doing on tecato, ese?

Little Puppet: I'm clean now, ese.

Montoya Santana: Thank you for helping to get this little meeting together, all right?

Little Puppet: Yeah, I'll do anything for my carnal.

Montoya Santana: When you come up, if you need anything just let us know. Running any problems, we'll take care of it, all right.

Little Puppet: Gracias.

Puppet: Carnalito.

Montoya Santana: Orale, Sparky, how are we doing in Vacaville?

Sparky: Slow, homes, we're trying to get it together, but we've got a little problem there. Some from the Familia want to take on them after they're starting their own clika. They're called La Nuestra Familia.

Montoya Santana: It's been a long time trying to get it together, dealing with whites and mayates only to be dealing with our own.

Huero: Orale, carnal, these aren't our own people, ese. They're nothing but a bunch of lame farmers from the North.

Montoya Santana: They're chicanos.

J.D.: It's too late for that now, homes. They're too big in Vacaville to make a move on. Now they're making a play and shit in Folsom. They gotta pay a bill, ese.

Montoya Santana: Who's carrying all the way for them?

J.D.: Dude named El Chucko Pena.

Pie Face: I know that vato. I know him real well.

Montoya Santana: Good, you get this take him.

Pie Face: I say, carnal, me and him shared the same coka many times, ese.

Montoya Santana: That's gonna make easier to get next to him, ese.

Pie Face: He used to be my crime partner. I mean that vato is a real man.

J.D.: Hey what the fuck is wrong with you, ese?

Montoya Santana: [to J.D] It's cool.


Montoya Santana: Pie Face had left me only one choice - just a strength of a gesture. A thought with no voice.

Montoya Santana: I'm sorry to hear about Neto.

Julie: I don't know what to say to you.

Montoya Santana: Whatever, you know.

Julie: You're like two people. One is like a kid. Doesn't know how to dance, doesn't know how to make love. That's the one I cared about. But the other one, the other one I hate. The one who knows, the one who has this wrapdown, who knows how to run drugs, who kills people!

Montoya Santana: I don't have to listen to this shit, alright? If you were a man, I'd...

Julie: You'd kill me! Oh no. No, you'd fuck me in the ass, right? Right?

Montoya Santana: I guess we got nothing to say to eachother.

Julie: You know when I met you, I was impressed. Yeah, you talked about La Raza and education and the revolution, but you know what man? You really don't care about any revolution, do you? You're nothing but a fucking dope dealer.

Montoya Santana: Just a road to where we're going, esa.

Julie: Bullshit.

Montoya Santana: Sabes que? I don't do drugs, I don't even like them, but they're there, and it's a reality. And if I don't take care of that business, somebody else will.

Julie: Yeah, well, your business kills kids, man! It kills kids! Like Neto and Pablito and, and Miko, my son, who look up to you! Man, they idolize the ground you walk on!

Montoya Santana: What the fuck do you want from me? Do you want me to start over, esa? Get a job? How about become a citizen?

Julie: There's no fucking hope... for our kids, for our barrios... with people like you around.

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Montoya Santana: The state is so lame, they paid for the game.

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