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8 Feb. 1997
Fifth Horseman
Fabian Cortez kidnaps Jubilee because Apocalypse is trapped in Astral Plane and needs a host body.
22 Feb. 1997
Old Soldiers
While visiting the grave of a friend in an Army Cemetary in France, Wolverine remembers a mission he did for him, while battling the Nazis and Red Skull with none other than Captain America on his side.
6 Sep. 1997
The origin of Mr. Sinister is revealed, as Dr. Xavier attempts to stop Essex before he goes too far.
13 Sep. 1997
Hidden Agenda
Sam Guthrie's parents have contacted Professor Xavier about their son's mutant powers.
20 Sep. 1997
Graduation Day
On the verge of Magneto's final stand against humans, the X-Men request him to save a dying Professor X. What choice will he make?

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