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One of the best children's dramas

Author: Mel J from Dundee, Scotland
29 April 2004

I know this makes me sound like an old granny (I'm only 23!) but they don't make shows like this for kids these days. I remember watching this when I was about eleven or twelve, and I was absorbed right from the start.

This revolved around four teenagers with the ability to teleport from place-to-place and use telepathy to communicate. Each storyline was engaging and portrayed a nice level of action, suspense and drama. There was no dumbing down as we saw the kids cope with government agents determined to enslave them to genetically engineered mosquitoes but there was enough humour in the series so it wasn't depressing.

I never watched the Seventies original which it was based on but I think it was a worthy successor and far better than that many children's shows these days, which only seem to focus on girls gushing over boys and infantile slapstick humour. I highly recommend the DVD box set to both fans and those who never had the chance to seen any of the episodes back in the Nineties.

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Kid's TV nowadays can't compare to what it was in the early 90's

Author: Kyle Reese
14 October 2001

This was an excellent series, I was only 7 at the time it was on, but boy was it enjoyable, and I still have images embedded in my head of this series. People being infected and having to hide their green eyes with shades or contacts, Mosquito's escaping and causing havoc, and action every episode! It was a good show, because it had a plot to it, an exciting one, and kids TV nowadays can't compare to the early 90's! This was a super show!

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Author: Lysso6 from United States
2 September 2008


I was starting to think nobody else knew of this show! I loved it! Whenever I've tried to ask someone if they knew of it, they didn't know what I was talking about! I'm glad to see it wasn't just a figment of my imagination. It made me feel old as well (I'm 24 lol) I was sad when the show just ceased to exist.... I loved all the old school Nickelodeon shows- (Space Cases, Salute your Shorts, Are you afraid of the Dark?, David the Gnome, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Clarissa Explains it all, All That (The ORIGINAL), Ren & Stimpy, and of course, The Tomorrow People!!) I even remember when Nickelodeon used to show Flipper and Lassie reruns in black & white! They don't make good shows for kids like those any more!

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A well-produced further development of the 1970s classic.

Author: arwel from Crewe, Cheshire, UK
5 July 2002

I was a fan of the original 1970s "Tomorrow People", so I was very pleased when I heard a new version was going into production in the early 1990s. The series comprised 5 stories - an introductory story introducing the premises of the Tomorrow People, first transmitted in the UK in November-December 1992, "The Culex Experiment" (Jan-Feb 1994), "Monsoon Man" (Feb 1994), "The Rameses Connection" (guest starring Christopher Lee, Jan 1995), and "The Living Stones" (Feb 1995). This was a co-production between Tetra Films/Thames TV in the UK and Nickelodeon in the US and it has a suitably international cast -- the principal cast of Tomorrow People changes frequently. Australian Kristian Schmid (previously known as Todd in the popular Australian soap, "Neighbours") plays "Adam", and Canadian Christian Tessier plays the American character "Megabyte" throughout the series. Younger English actor Adam Pearce plays "Kevin" in the first story, and spends most of "The Culex Experiment" in a coma and is never seen or mentioned again! American Kristen Ariza plays "Lisa" in the first story and is never seen again. Naomie Harris appears from nowhere as "Ami" at the start of "The Culex Experiment" and appears in all later stories (though she plays no active part in "The Living Stones"), and one can only feel sympathy for Alexandra Milman, whose character "breaks out" as a Tomorrow Person in the last episode of the last story!

There's some horrible overacting on the part of some of the adult guest characters in most of the stories, but on the whole it's not at all bad, and most of the young actors (particularly Schmid and Tessier) carry their roles well.

The production values and special effects are much better than the in the 1970s series, and it's a matter of regret that it seems to have been cancelled so relatively early.

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What a cool show!

Author: judith-anheier-ladera from United States
4 February 2007

This is by far my all-time favorite Nickelodeon show when I was growing up. It definitely sparked an interest in parapsychology that has yet to loosen its grip on my imagination. The subject matter and plots were really thought-provoking for a kids show, something I think doesn't happen enough with children's television these days. I loved that it had actors from all over the world and took advantage of filming in the UK (something else I still have a fascination with!). I remember being mesmerized by Adam and all the adventures he was part of. It really made a lasting impression on those of us who watched it as kids. If this were still on TV, I'd still be watching it!

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I miss this show

Author: jamesbondsevilassassin
29 August 2003

This was the first show I really enjoyed which didn't star fluffy animals......I say enjoyed, I had nightmares but just couldn't resist watching every week. They don't make them like this anymore which is a shame. All I can really say about this show is I miss it and I wish they'd bring it back.

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Seven words...

Author: Laura (Illfollowthesun)
9 June 2003

I only have seven words to say aout this great show that I was such a HUGE fan of... They NEED to bring this show back! I remember wishing I could be a tomorrow person and me and my friends would pretend we could transport to different places and communicate telepathically, and it was SO great. They NEED to bring this show back!

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I used to love this show, thought I barely remember it, I always loved to watch.

Author: GuardianOfTheGates from United States
24 July 2006

I remember watching this all the time when I was a kid, and it's like... when it stopped playing on the channel I was used to seeing it on, I forgot all about it. The only problem was by the time I remembered the name of the show, I was in an area where no one had heard of it, and everyone thought I was just... nuts. Or that I was remembering an episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' instead. I always thought this was a good show because, as I remember it anyway, the people with these abilities were very close knit, granted I don't remember much BUT I do remember that it was always a show I was eager to get home and see. In my house at the time, the only TV was good TV. Anything 'trashy' wasn't allowed... I'm glad to know it's available on DVD

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The Tomorrowers

Author: mikal ( from Michigan, USA
13 January 2004

I don't know if it was just in the states or just for a period of time, but I know this show as "The Tomorrowers" which is why I could never find it on here I guess. But it was great! Quality TV for sure.

It was on Nickelodeon for some time and then just kinda disappeared. They could all teleport and do the ESP thing, so check it out if you get the chance!

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