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21 Nov. 1992
Mall Wrecked/A Dingo's Guide to Magic
Taz, Jean, and Molly end up all alone in an empty mall parking lot when their car breaks down. Dingo uses a magic kit to trick the gullible Taz out of a giant gold nugget he's found.
31 Oct. 1992
Boys Just Wanna Have Fun/Unhappy Together
Hugh, Taz, and Jake have a guys' night at home while Jean and Molly are out. Taz's presence ends up driving a wedge between the Platypus Brothers's relationship.
5 Sep. 1992
Amazing Shrinking Taz & Co
Taz, Bull Gator, and Axl are shrunk to microscopic size by the newest invention of the Platypus Brothers.
12 Sep. 1992
Oh Brother/Taz Babies
Taz does not take the attacks of a giant gorilla seriously.
19 Sep. 1992
Jake's Big Date/Taz Live
Jake has a play-date with his friend Heather. When Hotel Tazmania is unable to deliver with its scheduled comedy act, Taz and his friends stall for time with their own acts.
10 Oct. 1992
The Outer Taz-Manian Zone/Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty Part II
Taz and Molly switch bodies after an argument. Molly's cat returns, and starts terrorizing Taz out of revenge.
17 Oct. 1992
Tazmania's Funniest Home Videos/Bottle Cap Blues
Taz attempts to film some candid videos of his family to win a trip to Bora Bora. Taz and Dingo pursue a Kee-Wee Bird for its rare bottle cap.
7 Nov. 1992
Food for Thought/Gone to Pieces
Taz tries to cross a piranha-filled lake to grab an egg for lunch. Taz's game of bottle cap tiddlywinks ends up breaking his mother's valuable vase. He now attempts to hide the accident.
26 Sep. 1992
A Midsummer Night's Scream/Astro Taz
Taz and Bushwhacker Bob are lost in the mountains. So they have to spend the night in a creepy motel. Taz mistakes a space shuttle for an arcade game.
3 Oct. 1992
Tazmanian Lullaby/Deer Taz/A Bonus Taz Moment
Francis discovers Taz's love of accordion music and uses it to capture him. Taz competes with other predators over an adorable baby deer that he can't bring himself to eat. Molly uses her paddle ball to scam Taz out of the concert tickets.
24 Oct. 1992
Hypnotazed/Mum's n' Taz's
Bull Gator accidentally hypnotizes himself into thinking he's a Tasmanian Devil. Taz and Mum get trapped in an abandoned mine shaft.
14 Nov. 1992
Kee Wee Cornered/But, Is It Taz?
Molly goes out and gets a Kee-Wee Bird. Taz quits the show out of anger for all of the abuse he takes every episode and gets a fast-food job.
28 Nov. 1992
The Man from M.A.R.S./Friends for Strife
In The Man from M.A.R.S., a tribute to infamous 1938 incident involving Orson Welles and War of the Worlds radio drama, Taz mistakes a radio drama about alien invasion for a live news broadcast and, in panic, attacks Marvin the Martian, who's vacationing in the forest nearby. Things escalate quickly. "Friends for Strife" follows Digeri Dingo and Taz as they meet for the first time as kids.

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