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Season 1

4 Apr. 1989
Skeleton on the Dunny
The Twist family move into their new home in a lighthouse and soon discover that the outhouse is haunted. Meanwhile, Nell suspects that Gribble, the estate agent, may have stolen an old painting of the lighthouse.
11 Apr. 1989
Nell is hospitalized when she claims to have been attacked by a dragon. While Mr Gribble takes advantage of her absence to try to reclaim her cottage, the Twist family set out to find the dragon.
18 Apr. 1989
A Good Tip for Ghosts
Pete is challenged to visit the tip at midnight, and has to face the ghost that haunts it who is said to be looking for his grandchildren.
25 Apr. 1989
The Cabbage Patch Fib
When Bronson asks where babies come from, Pete says they come from the cabbage patch. That night to everyone's surprise, Bronson really does find a baby in the cabbage patch. But he soon discovers that being a father is hard work.
2 May 1989
Spaghetti Pig Out
Pete discovers a remote control that can pause, rewind or fast forward any person it's aimed at, but it's not long before Gribble learns about this new toy.
8 May 1989
The Gum-Leaf War
Aunt Tuneless is at war with her neighbors, using the power of a magic gum tree that inflicts diseases on people when its leaves are used to make music.
16 May 1989
Santa Claws
While trying to persuade Bronson that Santa doesn't exist, Pete meets the real Santa who offers two wishes for each member of the Twist family.
23 May 1989
Pete puts his underpants in the microwave to dry them, and is surprised to find that they suddenly provide him with incredible strength and speed - until he goes for a swim and they start to shrink.
6 Jun. 1989
Lucky Lips
Pete's having no luck at all in getting a kiss from Fiona. In desperation, he turns to a mysterious fortune-teller, who gives him a lipstick that will make any female unable to resist kissing him.
13 Jun. 1989
Know All
When a trunk full of circus clothes washes up on the shore near the lighthouse, the Twists can't resist dressing up, but is it just clothes or are they also channeling the spirits of the circus?
20 Jun. 1989
The Copy
Pete, Linda and Bronson discover a strange machine that makes copies of anything put into it. In a desperate effort to win a competition, Linda clones herself.
27 Jun. 1989
Without My Pants
When Pete touches Shovel, a ghost dog, he finds himself unable to say anything without adding the phrase "without my pants". The dog leads Pete, Linda and Bronson on a hunt to find the bones of Ben Byron, Shovel's master.
4 Jul. 1989
Lighthouse Blues
Bronson finally discovers the secret of the mysterious music that plays in the lighthouse, and meets the ghosts of Nell's family.

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