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19 Sep. 1992
Reno Raines is a cop who denounced another cop to defend justice, and was subsequently framed by not-so-good cops. Before he can prove his innocence, a murder attempt on his life leaves his fiancée in a vegetative condition. He becomes Vincent Black, a man on the run - for his life, his freedom, and his revenge: a renegade cop.
26 Sep. 1992
Hunting Accident
Reno Raines saves Boone, who was run off the road in a strange accident. Boone invites him to his place - only to snicker into Reno's papers, discovering he is a man on the run. Later at Highwater's local bar, Boone shows his real self - a violent robber and mugger. Reno stops him the hard way, forces him to give back what he had taken from the other people, and throws him out of town. Boone denounces Reno to the Sheriff of the next county as a wanted man, so they arrest him. Through a girl Reno had met, to whom he had given Bobby Sixkiller, he manages to warn Bobby, ...
3 Oct. 1992
Final Judgement
Reno learns that Otto, the cell mate of the man who sent to kill him, has escaped. Reno wanting to see if he knows anything about Dixon tries to find him. He thinks Otto is going after the judge who sentenced him and he goes there. Eventually both he and Otto are caught and placed in jail. Bobby breaks him out but Reno is surprised to see that Otto stays. After they get away Reno realizes what he is doing.
10 Oct. 1992
La Mala Sombra
The newspaper 'La Zona Vida' of 17 August 1992, has a page one headline shouting, "Lugarteniente Enrique Villas - el asesino de San Remus?" The question mark is a bit rhetoric, as the voice off narration explains that the authorities of El Salvador presumes the young officer is the leader of 'La Mala Sombra', the right-wing death squad operating in the country. He escapes from custody, crosses Mexico, and enters the frontier city of Nogales, between Mexico and the United States. When he is making phone call to his wife Serena, he is intercepted by an armed man, they ...
17 Oct. 1992
Mother Courage
Jimmy Warren was so proud of his work on a hot rod, that he put his initial on it, J! The owner of the bike refused to pay the repair and maintenance work, and stabbed the young man in the chest, killing him. Reno Raines was after a young woman escaping justice, and fins a "mother courage" vowing revenge on her killer's son. So, Reno infiltrates the gang of bikers who do drug smuggling on the side, to try and find out which one of them stabbed the teenage mechanic to death. The police have almost given up on the case, but Georgia, his grieving mother, hasn't, and ...
24 Oct. 1992
Second Chance
Reno has to locate a man who was bailed out by his girlfriend who put up everything she has as security. And if he doesn't show up, the bond will be forfeited so the bail bondsman will have take what she put up, which he doesn't want to do. When Reno finds him someone tries to kill him. They learn that he took some money from a criminal but Reno thinks there's more going on.
31 Oct. 1992
Eye of the Storm
A ruthless band of murderers stage an elaborate jailbreak. Once free, their plan is to track down and kidnap a reformed former member of their posse who foiled one of their previous schemes. They plan a very slow and painful death for him in retribution. Reno and several others end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and taken hostage as well. This culminates in the fugitives and the hostages being isolated inside a tavern during a cataclysmic dust storm. Posing as a criminal himself, Reno gains the trust of the attackers and creates dissension in the ranks,...
7 Nov. 1992
A bust goes horribly wrong and results in an informant being killed, as well as Reno suffering a severe beating and being left for dead. Reno survives the attack, and after an extended hospital stay, he is driven berserk by a quest for revenge. Reno tracks down his attackers by posing as a ranch hand and seducing a former girlfriend of one of the fugitives.
14 Nov. 1992
The Talisman
Reno teams up with a rather rambunctious teenage girl who is seeking revenge on the man who murdered her father. Reno is reluctant to partner with the girl at first, as he feels this mission is too dangerous for her. However, he has little choice in the matter, since she has the information he needs to make the bust. The two ultimately share resources to bring down the fugitive.
21 Nov. 1992
When Reno's mentor on the police force is killed he decides to investigate. He suspects that a Mexican drug lord the man was investigating is responsible. So Reno goes to Mexico to get him but learns something unexpected.
4 Jan. 1993
Lyon's Roar
Reno is challenged to a contest for survival by a psychotic drug-addicted survivalist.
11 Jan. 1993
Val's Song
Reno's comatose fiancée Val is finally pronounced dead and taken off of life support. Lieutenant Dutch Dixon receives this information before anybody else does, and keeps it from leaking into the media. Dixon and his corrupt police force use this as an opportunity to set a trap to bait Reno out into the open, creating a false media story that Val has regained consciousness. Although reluctant and suspicious as first, Reno feels he has no choice but to check out the story, and ends up getting arrested, falling right into their trap. Dixon goes as far as to plan an ...
18 Jan. 1993
Give and Take
A young lady driver must stop in a desert road with a flat tire. When trying awkwardly to deal with it, she sees a tall biker stopping by, and reacts with fear. Soon, Vincent Black gains the confidence of Carol Atkins, and changes the wheel. Next, she's getting in sexy black lingerie, and waiting for a date in her place - but she's attacked by an unseen person, and stabbed to death. Sheriff Jack Durham is a good man, but not so bright, and besides his judgment is impaired because he was very fond of Carol - a neglected housewife. Circunstancial evidence leads to ...
25 Jan. 1993
When doing what looks just one more bounty hunt, Vincent Black interferes with a war between two powerful yakuza: the Dragon ordered his henchmen to kidnap Mr. Ito's teenage daughter. Black's martial arts are put to severe tests against a Samurai's whip, but in the end he will be giving the buxom young lady a lesson in front of her father, and other Japanese experts.
6 Feb. 1993
The Two Renos
Some cops who work for Dutch find a convict who looks like Reno. They turn him loose and orders him to commit crimes and claim he's Reno. When Reno learns of this, he and Chey go under the guise of a couple to find him.
8 Feb. 1993
While chasing a criminal motorcycle gang, Reno is assisted by a roving bank robber, Billy.
15 Feb. 1993
Two convicts escape the Vista State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, but one of them is not such a «headcase» he can't find his way to his former girlfriend, Karen Evans. Under duress, she arranges for him to ambush the bounty hunter who arrested him, Vincent Black. Black is too cautious to fall head on into the trap - but his life is about to end there. His team partners will not be there to save him.
22 Feb. 1993
The Hot Tip
Reno rescues a beautiful actress, Amber (DENISE GENTILE), from a fortified Mexican estate.
26 Apr. 1993
Moody River
The Moses family is just one of many criminal offenders who were offered a second chance at the Second Chance farm, Moody River. That was not enough for them to be treated fair, because the sheriff and the local prosecutor made the local law. Vincent Black intervenes, and gives them a third chance.
3 May 1993
The daughter of Reno's loyal long-time friend Assistant D. A. Wells begins going on a downhill spiral, entering a life of drug addiction. Upon further investigation, Reno and Cheyenne discover there is much more to this family tragedy than originally thought. They soon uncover a rather elaborate scheme involving black market drugs, a touring rock band, and a corrupt band manager who plans to use the girl to leverage Wells into dropping the impending case against her brother, a notorious drug dealer.
10 May 1993
Fighting Cage: Part 1
Reno receives a video tape as proof that his estranged brother Mitch is still alive, despite being declared dead in Vietnam by the military many years prior. The video tape depicts Mitch competing in a rather sketchy underground cage fighting tournament. Reno decides to enter this strange underground world and investigate his brother's disappearance by posing as one of the fighters. He soon discovers that his brother has been brainwashed, and rescuing him from this dangerous and barbaric lifestyle will not be quite as easy as he once thought.
17 May 1993
Fighting Cage: Part 2
After having some success in the preliminary rounds of the tournament, Reno begins to make some progress with helping his brother Mitch regain his memory. This becomes easier once he slowly starts having flashbacks of childhood memories of the two. Eventually Mitch joins Reno's side. The two bring down the entire cage fighting circus and those who conduct it, with the help of Bobby Sixkiller and a special task force.

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