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Season 5

13 Sep. 1996
No Balls, Two Strikes
A murderer, Lucious Carabello, whom Bobby apprehended and put in prison a few years back, is released with the aid of U.S. Marshal 'Dutch' Dixon. In exchange, Lucious is expected to help Dutch in flushing out Reno by using Bobby as bait. Meanwhile, Sixkiller Enterprises has a new employee, Sandy Carruthers (Sandra Ferguson), who has recently passed Bobby's bounty hunting video course and comes looking to him for a job. She wants to learn from the best. Even though she and Bobby get off to a rocky start, they eventually become friendly toward one another.
20 Sep. 1996
Self Defense
Reno is on the hunt for a Harley riding, female, bike enthusiast facing a murder charge for killing her abusive husband. He isn't the only one on her trail however. Her husband was a cop, and his partner and a young, fresh-faced officer from the same police force are just steps behind. Reno finally catches up with his bounty, only to learn there may be more to her story than what is evident at first glance.
4 Oct. 1996
Five Minutes to Midnight
Bobby must prove the innocence of one of his former bounties.
18 Oct. 1996
God's Mistake
Reno protects a cynical rock-music star.
25 Oct. 1996
Ghost Story
After nearly dying, Reno is possessed by a spirit.
1 Nov. 1996
The Milk Carton Kid
A girl approaches Sandy and shows her a milk carton with a picture of a girl on it which she says is her. She thinks the people whom she thinks are her parents kidnapped her. She and Reno does some checking around. And it isn't long before the Feds go to see Bobby and tell him to back off. Thing is he doesn't know what they are talking about. Later a mobster shows up looking for a guy who is the father of the girl.
8 Nov. 1996
High Rollers
The stakes are high when Reno infiltrates a gang of bandits famous for robbing high rollers as they are leaving Reno, Nevada.
15 Nov. 1996
For Better, for Worse
Reno is contacted by an unlikely ally - Dutch Dixon's wife - Melissa. She agrees to help Reno clear his name and bring Dutch down. Bobby doesn't trust her, but Reno does. The result is not good for anyone involved.
22 Nov. 1996
The Pipeline
Reno runs into a fugitive who was thought to be dead. Reno and Bobby learn about an organization that gives criminals a new identity and a fresh start.
6 Dec. 1996
Bobby is forced to use some of his money when an useless bounty hunter is held for ransom by a bank robber.
17 Jan. 1997
Hard Rain
Reno may finally have the evidence he needs to bring down Dutch, a video that shows the evil marshal shooting his own wife.
24 Jan. 1997
Top Ten with a Bullet
Reno tries to arrange for the peaceful surrender of a counterculture fugitive charged with murdering a professor during the 1960's.
27 Jan. 1997
SWM Seeks Vctm
Sandy goes undercover to locate a love-sick psycho preying on women with short blonde hair and becomes a captive of the killer.
7 Feb. 1997
Knock Out
A female action hero quits the movie business to search for her missing brother. To her shock, he has set up a drug lab and is formulating drugs for the mafia. Reno assists her in getting her brother clean and busting the drug dealers.
28 Feb. 1997
Sex, Lies and Activewear
Bobby and Ms. Bradshaw enter the lingerie business. During a photo shoot, Ms. Bradshaw and her model friends run into thieves who are looting houses and get kidnapped. They must overcome their kidnappers with help from the bounty hunters.
7 Mar. 1997
Blood Hunt
A series of local murders and other strange occurrences are believed to be caused by a vampire. Although they are skeptical of it being a supernatural being, Reno and Bobby still must solve the murders and protect the local population.
14 Mar. 1997
Bounty Hunter of the Year
Bobby is nominated for an award and must prepare an acceptance speech. This is a sort of highlight reel episode that takes a look back at the best scenes from all 5 seasons of Renegade.
21 Mar. 1997
Born Under a Bad Sign
Reno arrests a bounty with a bad luck streak. The bad luck falls on Reno when he and his bounty get locked up. While they're in prison, the guards are staging death fights between inmates. They must escape and put an end to the fight ring.
28 Mar. 1997
The Maltese Indian
The bounty hunters are staking out the home of a wanted fugitive. Posing as a neighbor, Reno gets close to the man's family. To complicate matters, an enemy from the bounty's past shows up with revenge and money and on his mind.
4 Apr. 1997
The Bad Seed
Dutch Dixon's son Donnie breaks out of prison, seeking Revenge for the death of his mother. Reno intercepts him and convinces him to wear a wire while provoking a murder confession out of his father. This is the final episode of the series.

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