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Season 5

A beautiful astronaut, trapped in a dying spacecraft a million miles from home, makes tender love for the last time with her co-pilot as she ruminates about the sensual path of her life that led her to the adventure of outer space.
Carried Away
A woman flees to a country farm to rethink her crumbling relationship. When a storm knocks out all communication except carrier pigeon, soon she and her boyfriend communicate as never before rekindling the flame of their relationship.
When a newlywed couple's honeymoon is interrupted by the bride's big film break the groom becomes obsessed with jealous thoughts of his wife and the leading man in the film only to discover his wife is playing a nun.
The Boxer
Kate is a photographer who has given up on love until she falls for Max, a struggling boxer she allows to stay at her loft while they work together on a perfume ad. With Max's help, Kate learns to love again.
Strip Poker
A photographer spies a game of strip poker but it isn't until she joins in that she experiences the joy of being a player, a lost diary reminds a lonely woman of the ecstasy of true love and a fashion designer's designs inspires lust.
Hard Labor
Ad whiz Aleta passionately loves Antonio, until his unstable ex-lover appears at a fashion show for Hard Labor Jeans spinning a tale of betrayal, destroying Aleta's trust. Aleta must find courage to forgive and the grace of redemption.
Slow Train
Sally's grandmother wasn't the passionless woman she'd always thought, her diary shows a desperate young woman during the 1930's. One night she meets Mac in a boxcar. Though they only spend one night together, he would remain her true love.
Temple of Flesh
A woman promises her husband a strip tease for their one-year anniversary, but when they pick up two hippies who share their insights on life and a lot of champagne during the limousine ride to a club things get really wild.
A young woman coming to terms with her mother's impending death becomes fascinated with a mysterious masked Mexican wrestler. She sets out to seduce him and they fall in love, but she is unable to separate the man from his mask.
Farmer's Daughter
The spirited and amorous daughter of a vineyard owner nurses an injured cyclist back to health. Though wary of her advances, at first, the cyclist can't help but adore her charm and in the end he falls in love with her.
The Forbidden Zone
A woman in an affair on the skids tells a story of a set far in the future, in a completely puritan world, where any of the freedoms we take for granted are all but forbidden. A world where dance and music, love and lust are the only rules.
Art of Loneliness
Bobby creeps back into the life of Elizabeth, a blind late night radio personality, and seduces her technician Francis. By sunrise Bobby is gone, Elizabeth is alone in her darkness while Francis has learned to embrace the light.
The Picnic
Rita is torn between two lover's who are best friends that don't want to share, when a picnic turns into a comical dance of who wants who and who wants who dead until she talks them into a compromise that gets her everything she wants.
1 Jan. 1996
A condemned Angel is horrified to realize he is cursed with the treacherous power to kill with a kiss and must walk the earth alone and absent from love, forever.

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