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Season 3

You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses
Calahan has a passion for dresses and Brandy absolutely hates them. But with a little, not so sweet, Texan persuasion, Brandy eventually relents. And she realizes that she loves the man who found the way to access her untamed heart.
The Game
Lilly talks about the Red Shoe Diaries board game - a contest of sexual fantasy and intrigue. Tell... Touch... Show... Wild Card. Lilly is caught in a whirlwind of passion and sensuality, more uninhibited... and more obsessed.
The Cake
When Juliet, an innocent housewife, goes shopping for her husband's 35th birthday cake she meets Leonardo and her entire outlook on the meaning of a birthday cake changes forever...for Juliet actually becomes her husband's cake.
Like Father, Like Son
When Jamie first met Celeste she was the lover of his father. When the two meet again, Jamie is a grown man and Celeste, an older woman. But her better judgment cannot stop her from falling prey to Jamie's advances.
Borders of Salt
Claudia and Paul have a romantic encounter on a train, when it ends they fear it was fleeting and can't be recreated if they meet again. Instead, they find the magic between them is a connection that will live in their hearts forever.
Written Word
Law professor Clare has a secret admirer who sends her letters every week, finally she unravels the clues allowing her to meet her eloquent admirer and she is surprised the passion she feels far surpasses any she could have dreamt about.
Girl on a Bike
Will is smitten when he sees Jacqueline riding her bike but she's on her way He follows on his moped in a wild, twisting, passionate cat and mouse chase through the streets of Paris and straight into each other's hearts.
Emily's Dance
Emily is elated and terrified when she is chosen to be the lead dancer in a hot new video, the pressure builds when she meets the beautiful star of her video. She panics until he finds a way to bring Emily out of her shell and into the spotlight.
Four on the Floor
A car crash in a rainstorm stranded in the middle of nowhere. One bed, two couples, a lot of awkward tension, heated discussion, intrigue, attraction and passion... The ingredients for a night they'll never forget.
The Psychiatrist
Evelyn is a psychiatrist with an interesting patient who tells of her strange sexual encounters with men. Evelyn isn't sure the stories are real but her fascination takes her on an actual journey into the depths of her own sexual desire.
Luscious Lola
Mild mannered Mimi creates a fantasy world complete with a strong vivacious alter ego "Luscious Lola" who teaches Mimi to fight for what she wants which gives her strength to finally tell Michael how she feels.
At the Easy Rest Inn a beautiful woman who wants it all. A comfortable marriage to an older man, and the freedom to take any young lover she desires. The trick is finding two men who want her so much they'll let her have her way with them.
The Last Motel
One sailor. Four rooms. Five Women. And that's not all, another couple checks in for the night. She wants to get married. He wants to be free.

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