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Season 1

27 Jun. 1992
Safe Sex
A woman looking for release from the pressuring job finds a man looking for the same thing. Protection and no names are the rules of the Tuesday and Thursday affair. The woman puts spice into the affair as well as the man until the woman snoops through the man's mail and finds his name breaking the rules. The affair is broken off until they re-unite weeks later and start over again with a normal relationship.
Double Dare
A woman can't help but notice an attractive man, in a office building next to hers. Eventually he starts sending her erotic faxes, and she replies.
14 Jul. 1992
You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Jake gets a letter from a lady cop. She tells him that there's a guy she's interested in but doesn't notice her. So she decides to take the initiative by arresting and taking him somewhere and cuffing him and telling him how she feels.
Talk to Me Baby
Ida, is French, wild and beautiful. Bud loves Ida, but when Ida catches Bud in the men's room with the winner of a wet T-shirt contest, she is furious. Bud needs to do some fast-talking and very fast driving to win her back. He'll do anything to keep her.
Just Like That
Trudie works as a receptionist in a law firm by day and law school at night. Her life is turned upside down when she she falls for two attractive men at exactly the same time. Torn between two lovers, polar opposites, she must eventually pick a side.
Another Woman's Lipstick
Zoey's husband is having an affair, following and watching she's compelled to find out more about the other woman so she disguises herself as a man and has an affair with the beauty as well only to realize she loves her husband and always will.
Auto Erotica
Claudia almost runs down a handsome pedestrian after working all night she gets more than she bargains for when her phone rings and it's him challenging her to a high speed chase through the empty streets, into the desert and a new sexual awakening.
Jake's Story
Still mourning his lost love Jake is seduced by a mysterious photographer who keeps him at a distance until she finally reveals her secret, she is married. Jake knows through bitter personal experience, just how dangerous a game this can be.
Accidents Happen
When Daria, an Italian maid, finds a tape of her employer's fantastical and explicit love making she becomes obsessed with their fantasy life until an accident brings a novel way for her to fit into the happy household.
The Bounty Hunter
Evan, a bounty hunter, meets her match in the handsome con she's tracking. Posing as a hitchhiker, she catches his eye. But he'll not give up without a fight so they fight and make love until they are exhausted and inextricably linked.
Weekend Pass
Chandler and her friends opt for a night of abandon at the local bar. After a bar room-brawl, she comes into wondrous contact with a beautiful drifter, Eddie, and the two embrace their Christmas Eve together.
Double or Nothing
When Alicia teams up with another pool hustler, she learns to discern the game of pool from the game of life and love. In the game of pool it takes two to play and one victor over the other. In the game of life, nobody need win or lose.
How I Met My Husband
Alice likes the idea of becoming a dominatrix, so she takes a class. During her training she meets Giuseppe and falls in love but when she reveals her true identity he is angry until he realizes he's in love too.

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