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Sorry to harp on the "what ever happened to" issue, but...
jc6 February 2003
Like previous posters, I too am curious. What on earth happened to the show this used to be? What happened to putting together seven strangers of all different shapes and sizes, from all different walks of life, the good, the bad, and yes... even the ugly, just to see how things turn out? What happened to letting them fend for themselves instead of giving them money, jobs, and projects to keep them occupied? Where did the individualism, the goals and the character go?

Is it just me, or does anyone else miss the med students, business entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, race car drivers... heck, even a cop! Was it fair to replace them with a bunch of "pretty people" with six pack abs, and teeny waists who's only goal appears to be who can "hook up" with who first? Some may say that the former doesn't fairly represent most of today's youth, but the latter certainly doesn't either!

I think it's just run it's course. When a show has run it's course, the creators resort to pathetic tactics in an effort to pull ratings and hold interest. What they end up doing is creating a machine that churns out the same trash year after year. A winning streak can only last for so long. You have to know when to fold the cards.
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Get's Dumber, and Dumber, and....
jwrowe329 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Could the casting exec's at MTV possibly pick anymore, vain, selfish, and low brow people that the last few seasons on "The Real World"? Man, I'd hate to think that THIS is what's going to be running the world in a few years.

++Minor Spoilers++

I have been watching since the original cast. I didn't really care for 'em, to be honest, but they WILL be remembered as the most "pure" cast. No playing to camera, as most following casts did. I liked the 2nd cast, a lot. However, you got the impression that they were being "controlled" by their producers. We got the first cast member ejected from the show for a prank that went bad. I'd love to see ALL the footage from that incident! I suspect we'd see a lot more than we got. And I'll bet the young man would probably have our support.

The Miami cast is also one of my favorites. they get the task of starting a business, and we see how a group of young people can't seem to get together for what's expected of them.

From then on, I think the show was truly past it's "Sell By" date, and should have been ended.

It all boils down to the same types on each show, the "ALPHA MALE", "HIS NEW BEST FRIEND", "THE BITCH", "THE GAY PERSON", and so on. And these recent shows seem to just have some of the worst examples of human kind on them.

Time to Pull The Plug, MTV! And maybe show some "MUSIC VIDEOS"?
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I finally watched an episode...
JRGBUCS23 February 2002
In the real world there are no unattractive people; poor people; bad furniture; small apartments or overweight people. In the episode I watched they had a huge apartment and all the people looked attractive and physically fit. Their furniture looked brand new, colorful and they all have nice new clean clothing. I kept wondering where the real world was during all of this. I never see them do laundry, wash dishes, cook, watch TV, go to work or anything else that happens in the real world. It seemed like they spent the entire time talking about how emotional everyone else was and how they like/disliked them for whatever reason...

I just watched an episode where they went to a human rights thing and they spent some time talking about how they're spreading awarness and how cool it is. I guess they assume that the average person watching this show isn't bright enough to figure out that other people have rights, so they have to tell them. I wouldn't go to it based on the fact that these guys from "The Real World" are going to it; now that I think of it; I wouldn't go even if they weren't there.

I guess I just think this show is kinda stupid, so to get back at it; I'm never going to watch it again. Yeah. I rule.
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Oh, how the mighty have fallen
matlock-624 August 2003
I was still in high school during the first season of The Real World, so I don't really relate to it, but the second season took place duing my first year of college and was part of the whole "college experience", I guess.

In any case, those couple of early seasons really bring back memories. I loved the second season, because at the time the show was more of what it pretended to be. They found several unique individuals, threw them all together and people got to see what happened. Or at least that's what it seemed like.

The one that everyone always bags on, London, was also a favorite, as was Miami. But with each passing season, the ratings grubbing Mtv execs pushed more and more for the formulaic tripe that we see now. All the people are as attractive as can be, and the show centers around sex, drinking and what looks like scripted melodrama (probably because the producers encourage certain kinds of behavior through subtle suggestions). I enjoyed Hawaii on some levels, but at the same time it was the ultimate undoing of the series. The sex, drinking and extreme weepy melodrama of this season got such huge ratings that every season since has tried to copy it. As a result, they have gotten progressively worse.

I couldn't wait to see them do The Real World in Chicago. But when I finally got to see it, it was just like the others: trying to be like Hawaii.

I also dislike the single organized job that everyone has to do together now. I don't recall the early seasons having this.

If you want to see how great this show could be, watch season 2 in reruns.
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Real World? More like "Fake World"....
charlieque997 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I've watched most of these Real World episodes where these young adults live in luxurious mansions or penthouses. I've grown so tired of these individuals who get a free ride for a few months, then pretend to talk about important issues. They get to live in these extraordinary places, not paying a cent. And they also get their jobs hooked up for them with any of them going on an interview. In their spare time, they go partying at nightclubs and having sex with total strangers (or their roommates). At their temporary lodgings, they are shown doing nothing, but playing around on the Internet, watching TV, or sleeping. That's not the real world. Then these "Real World-ers" try to become actors after the reality show ends. HINT: Being on a reality show doesn't make you an actor.

Most of these people are annoying, except for a few. The most annoying "Real World" cast member, as of late, has been Chris Tamburello (a.k.a CT) from Real World Paris. CT is a fake-hoodlum type (with a rag on his head 24-hours) from Boston. His heavy Boston accent just annoys me. He is so loud and obnoxious, you just want to see this guy take a big fall in life. CT was shown several times getting drunk, being disrespectful to other people, and slugging a nightclub patron several times. CT would've been arrested for assault and sued if he was in the United States. CT isn't as tough as he thinks he is. The second annoying person is Leah Gillingwater, also on Real World Paris. I couldn't stand this little wannbe bully. In one episode, she was shown as maybe having cancer.

The only person I like is Melissa Padron from Real World Miami. She was sexy. That lesbian shower scene she did one episode was probably the hottest episode in Real World history. I didn't like the fact that Melissa tried denying her naughty side. No, Melissa did NOT do a 3-some in the shower with Mike and that waitress (like everybody thought). It was only Melissa and that waitress that was making all those loud erotic noises. Mike passed out because he was drunk (or because he wasn't wanted). Not a good thing.

I hope the future Real World episodes get better.
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A delight for voyeurs
jimmyplm26 January 2000
I am a "Real World" addict. I have watched practically every episode of every season a dozen times each. When the MTV casting call came her to UNC-CH, I was one of the first people in line to audition for the show (though I didn't make it). What is it that has made this show such a cultural phenomenon? It is simply that society craves the act of seeing real people put into strange situations. It is like a car crash beside the side of the road--you don't mean to look as you pass by, but you just have to. But there is nothing wrong with loving this show. It is like any other tv show. It is a way to live out your fantasies through other people. You might never get to live in a phat pad with a bunch of beautiful people, but at least you can appreciate the fact that people like Amaya (my all time favorite cast member) are able to do just that.
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The real world? These kids need a reality check...
dwissba7 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I can remember a time long ago when MTV actually played videos. For you kids who watch MTV now you probably think MTV never did. Well, they did but before you were born. In any case this Real World show is just one of many BS crap programs that MTV is replacing their music videos with. The kids that have been on every Real World show have no idea what the real real world is. For if they did they would not be on this program. The producers put these spoiled kids up in million dollar homes or whatever, pay for trips to other countries and give them all kinds of things to do. All they have to do is complain, fight and be offended by things that are not politically correct. The line up for the real World cast is normally this: Black guy, black girl, white feminist girl with hang-ups, macho jerk white guy, wimpy white guy and of course a homosexual. They all have to be people that get easily offended and act like total boneheads.

I can see this being called the real world if they placed these dumb kids in the projects in Chciago or some of the poorest, dirtiest places on the planet. That would be fun to watch these hand-held kids deal with that. MTV has no idea what the real world is because they are so lost in their PC world of transparent nonsense.
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That was then, This is now.
WrathChld3 August 2004
I remember the first time "The Real World" hit the airwaves back in the summer of 1992. I had just graduated from 8th grade and I use to watch it with one of my older siblings, who had graduated from college. It was so cool to watch a TV show with real people and no scripts. You always wanted to tune in next week to see what happened next. In retrospect, the first Real World in New York wasn't that exciting. The thing was it was a new concept, when you compare it to how many reality shows are on the air now. That's the other thing, the show was more real back then. The more the years go by, the less chance for getting people on the show who will not put on an act. The first Real World cast did not know what to expect. They did not have seasons of other members to learn from. They really experienced it. I was so skeptical of the second season (L.A.) because of the first one. You can't beat the first one. It did. It didn't beat it because it was a cooler cast, but rather because it was more interesting. After all David was the first Real Worlder to be kicked off the show. The years kept coming and when season 5 came around (Miami) they decided to add a new element, working together. Over the years, the job or duties have changed. They all have to partake, which gives more of an opportunity for good ratings. I liked the 6th season (Boston) because not only is that where I am from (well around there) but I was currently living in Boston during the taping of the show.

Over the years many crazy moments have happened on the show. Each show can be known for at least one character, and I do mean character. Whether people are really being themselves or totally acting, its not 100% real because editing it performed and people are displayed in a way to get ratings. You could have someone who might drink more than the rest or have sex more than the rest, but all they might focus on is that. You obviously did it, but it may be displayed like that's all you ever did. Then by the last season (San Diego) the cast members know exactly what they are getting themselves into. That doesn't mean they are prepared for dealing with the life of being taped 24/7, but they know what the show is all about. I haven't liked all the shows.

My thoughts on the seasons are:

1- New York: This one was cool because it was the first one. They didn't have reference on what to expect.

2- L.A.: All right. Dominic was my favorite on the show and we got to see someone kicked off.

3- S.F.: All right. If it weren't for Puck, it would have been pretty dull. Unfortunately, one of the cast members (Padro) has since died of AIDS.

4- London: Pretty boring, other than when Neil's tongue was bitten off.

5- Miami: First one where they had to work together and this one was a refreshing change from the previous one. This one had quit a few heated moments.

6- Boston: I basically liked it for where it was filmed and less for the show itself.

7- Seattle: Had allot of interesting episodes. I wasn't totally crazy about the cast, but it worked.

8- Hawaii: Can be summed up in Nudity. lol. Also in like the first episode a girl almost drinks herself to death. Wow.

9- New Orleans: This one wasn't bad. It was right near Mardi Gras. It was decent.

10- Back to New York: We already did N.Y., was it really needed to do it again? The thing that kept this one good is Coral. I hated her with a passion. She continued to be her great self on other MTV experiences.

11- Chicago: This had a pretty decent cast and one girl trying to carry on Hawaii's nude torch. lol. There were some good heated arguments on this show.

12- Las Vegas: I really didn't even get into this one too much, even though it was one of the crazier ones. They were in Vegas after all. All they did on this show was drink and have sex. So I guess great for ratings. lol.

13- Paris: Allot better than the first European experience. Hard to follow the Las Vegas cast, but it was pretty good.

14- San Diego: This was the last one and I really got hooked in. Mostly because of Frankie, I thought she was cool. The show for the most part was very interesting and allot of stuff took place. It's the one cast I could really say may have had theirs problems, but got along really well with each other. A bunch a people, I could see myself hanging with.

Well, we will wait for the Philly cast to wrap up. The longer this show runs the faker it will get. They also push for the ratings and try and get people together who won't get along. It can be a good show to check out, depending on the cast and the stuff that's roles their way.
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This show sucks!!
video_game_lover_1226 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
good god, could they make a show so f*ing boring??? this isn't what u call reality show, it's fake reality show like all the other crappy, boring, shows like Laguna beach. first off, the plot is SO trite and over used, girl likes guy, guy likes girl, guy cheats on girl, girl gets SO emotional with all this drama crap, and then girl brakes up with guy and then they start a big fight, it's like that in every episode, i totally hate this show and hope it goes off air really really soon to make all the madness stop! sorry for all the people that like this show but to me it personally sucks! really bad and it can just rot.

0 out of 10- Avoid at all cost!
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A "reality" TV pioneer
mermatt7 August 2000
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the first "reality" TV shows. It is based on an interesting idea -- take 7 MTV-crowd members who don't know each other, put them into one residence, and have cameras watch them. There have been charges that the producers feed the castmembers ideas, but maybe if that didn't happen, the show would be as boring as watching video of anyone at home.

The seasons have been uneven depending on the castmembers and locations. One of the best aspects of this show is that it allows the MTV viewers to see real gay people being real gay people. The gay castmembers are not actors, and their situations can illustrate for the young MTV watchers that gay people are not any more weird than anyone else.

Especially touching was the San Francisco story of Pedro Zamora, a young Cuban immigrant with AIDS. He did a great deal to educate the twentysomethings about gays and AIDS just by being himself. Tragically, he died of AIDS the night before the last episode of the San Francisco season aired.

Danny Roberts in New Orleans is another example. He is a sweet person whose struggle with being gay is very instructive to the viewers. His boyfriend is an Army officer and so must be blurred out on screen to protect his identity. This situation illustrates the stupidity of the military's homophobia. I found especially touching the episode when Danny was tempted to stray with the boys from the gay bar but then gets a surprise visit from his boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

I commend MTV for coming up with this idea and with keeping it fresh -- most of the time.
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Tired of seeing this Show!
Chris Horry20 September 2002
I used to like this show, it was something to watch when nothing else was on. Unfortunately, MTV USA have really shot themselves in the foot by regularly showing nothing but Real World reruns for hours on end. When will MTV's scheduling team get a clue? Real World re-runs get very very old, very quickly. Every time I see this show now I flip channels!
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Locations Are Ridiculous!!!
John20 September 2003
Whenever I think about this show "Real World", I always think about the locations of the show: Boston, Chicago, Hawaii, Las Vegas, London, LA, Miami, New Orleans, NYC, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle. All of these cities are very exciting cities, but there is a problem here.

All of the mentioned places are regarded as high-profile cities, world class cities, international cities, EXPENSIVE cities. These are the cities which are shown in "bold print" on world maps. These are the cities where "nightlife" is booming. These are the cities where tourists flock for vacations. These are the cities that are shown on television all the time. These are the cities which are fast-paced. These are the cities where the "action" is. These are cities which will never be classified as "boring".

However, there is more to geography, and more to life, than that. If this show is supposed to be called the "Real World", give people just that. What about having the "Real World" take place in these types of places:

¨ Cheyenne, WY ¨ Binghamton, NY ¨ Savannah, GA ¨ Columbia, MO ¨ Dayton, OH

Or, if you want to take the international route, how about these places:

¨ Sussex, England ¨ Nice, France ¨ London, Ontario (as opposed to London, England) ¨ Cork, Ireland ¨ Perth, Australia

The idea here, is that all of these places are not regarded as the "world class" places like NYC or Paris. These places are slower-paced. These places don't have the "nightlife" that Chicago or Hawaii has. Tourists do not flock to these places like they do to San Francisco or Vegas. However, these "other" cities are special in their own way. They give you a look into what life is "really" like, without all the hussle and bussle.

Why has the "Real World" NOT taken place in lesser-profile places? It's on MTV. MTV appeals to Generation X'ers with short attention spans who want excitement and action-packed locales. They will not get action in Little Rock, Arkansas, nor will it keep their attention.

Also, how can early twenty-somethings who are just getting started in life afford to live like royalty in these high-priced places?

Perhaps I'm too critical. Perhaps I'm not. MTV is not exactly intelligent television like PBS or the Discovery Channel. The "Real World" is not going to appeal to people in their 30's and beyond. Even though others have discussed the other putrid aspects of this show, I felt that the location issue should have been addressed.
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Actually, pretty good
Opion8d10 July 2002
*The Real World*

I didn't start watching the Real World until Real World: Hawaii. I instantly became addicted to a show I thought was just another lame trashy Jerry Springer wannabe. It was actually very different and almost classy. Almost. I'll talk about what I remember form past seasons and the last season.

The Real World:Hawaii. I don't remember much except they had an awesome house and a guy named Teck jumped into a pool naked.

The Real World:New Orleans. This season holds a special place in my heart. Probably my favorite Real World house so far. The cast was great, I liked Julie the most. The last episode was really sad. And in the end you liked all the cast.

The Real World:Back To New York. This season I didn't watch very much... did they even have a finale episode? It was very boring. I think it may have been canceled do the the attack on the WTC.

The Real World: Chicago. Hmm... the last season. There were some great memories. And who could forget Tonya? The girl everyone loved to hate. And I've yet to meet a single person who can stand her. My favorite moment was when Theo made Tonya cry... no, just joking. My favorite moment was the lat episode in the hot tub. In the end I liked all the cast members... except Tonya.

So, I guess when you like a season of The Real World, you really like it. And you can't help but find yourself there every Tuesday night, TV turned to MTV. I know I can't.

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Welcome to Reality
Warning: Spoilers
This is the show that started it all: reality television. I grew up watching The Real World when I was younger, but didn't fully grasp the context of what was going on. I recently rediscovered the first season, which is appropriate since this year marks the 25th anniversary of the show. It's really great. What makes reality TV interesting is that it's unscripted and unpredictable. 7 twenty somethings are chosen from around the country to live in a mansion for a few months to see what happens. We see them interact with their roommates, deal with issues and usually find common ground. In my opinion, the first season is the best. It has evolved over the years as times and culture has changed. Definitely worth a watch.
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The Jersey Shore of the 1990's and today.
afijamesy2k28 April 2004
The Real world is no doubt the most overrated TV show in television history, to say it's better than classics like sanford and son, all in the family, the dick van dyke show and the jeffersons is a joke, those who think of it, must be on some kind of acid trip, The Real world basicially made generation x go stale and teens bore to death, to compare this one to trauma life in the er is like comparing a alvin and the chipmunks to the smurfs trauma is about real life situations, while the real world is about stupidity eric nies is the most cheesist actor ever and the rest are terrible The real world along with many talk shows are the beginning of the downfall of TV in America. I'll be finally glad this show ends it's run for good.

Eric Nies was the DJ Pauly D of the early 90's.

1 Star.
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love the real world
Lexy Alicea17 September 2006
"The Real World" is the most addicting show on the planet. MTV does the best job of finding colliding personalities. When I get older, I so want to try out!I Love how fly the houses are too, they are amazing. My parents hate the show, but I don't care. The challenge is good too, Love the exiles.... but the real world is better. Its really cool, for anyone who doesn't watch it, to watch it now. Love It!!!!!!!! IT really does Rock. ITs been happening since the 80's (I think) but the last season was in key west. I wonder where they will go next. I don't know where they will go next, but I really hope that they go some where awesome! I suggest Everyone watch the show! Its the bomb!
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Real World Las Vegas
SweetNikki111118 April 2003
First of all: Those who hate on the Real World would be the first ones to go if someone gave them a chance to be.Those people didn't ask for you guys opinions of them.It's not your business what they do or did on that show.I watched the Las Vegas show but I didn't have to and neither did you. Second of all: If it's not interesting to you don't put those people down because you have no interest in what they are doing.I say "JUST DON'T WATCH". I'll REPRESENT for you ALL Las Vegas Alton Arissa Brynn Frank Irulan Steven Trishelle You held it down on that show keep up whatever your doing and do it well for all these HATERS out here.
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msbs_200627 July 2002
The Real World is the classic of all reality t.v. Survivor or Big Brother doesn't compare to this. I am so addictive to the show. It is so cool watching them party, and have a great time, and yes fight.This is just a great show to watch, and keep up with cast members. For those of you that watch Big Brother, I would highly suggest The Real World.
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