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6 Jan. 2010
Bipartisan Lovin'
Sparks are flying among the roommates. Andrew does his best to seduce Callie; Ashley and Mike make out; and there just might be something real between Ty and Emily.
13 Jan. 2010
Playboys and Proper Portions
While Ty's feelings for Emily grow stronger, it turns out that Emily really does just want to have fun. It all comes to a head when the tension between them gets physical.
20 Jan. 2010
The Princess and the Panda
Sexual tension turns to downright hostility between Ashley and Mike. And the girls help Andrew work on his game.
27 Jan. 2010
Love Hits a Sour Note
Josh's girlfriend comes to visit, but the relationship is rocked when each hears rumors of the other's cheating. And Ericka gets the singing break she's been dreaming about.
3 Feb. 2010
When Push Comes to Shove
A fight with Andrew causes Ashley to re-live her abusive past. And Callie learns a thing or two about getting a real job.
10 Feb. 2010
Bitch Begins with Bi
Mike sexuality reaches confusing heights when a date with a guy challenges his interest in women. Ashley and Erika's insecurities cause them to butt heads, making one roommate ready to leave DC.
17 Feb. 2010
Out of the Closet and Onto the Stage
Mike finally embraces his sexuality, and comes out to his family. The competition between Erika and Josh intensifies when both try to pursue their musical careers with very different results
24 Feb. 2010
Cheaters, Beaters, and Pavement Eaters
The line between play fighting and the real thing is blurred by alcohol, leaving one relationship, and possibly one roommate, broken. Josh is finally forced to face his chronic infidelity.
3 Mar. 2010
Laughing Panda, Changing Ty
Emily reaches her breaking point after Ty drops Andrew off the balcony, and the roommates must decide if they feel safe letting Ty stay in the house.
10 Mar. 2010
Girlfriends and Dead Ends
Andrew falls in love. And time it might be real. With her music career at a dead stop Erika questions her place in the house, and a frustrated Callie calls her out on her lack of drive.
17 Mar. 2010
White House, Glass House
Ian's visit makes Erika even more certain that she wants to leave the house. Or is she just crying wolf again? And Andrew lands a gig that gets him into the White House.
24 Mar. 2010
Sisterhood and Brotherly Love
Josh gets his first big gig, but is he ready for it? Mike and Tanner renew their commitment to each other, but Mike soon learns that not everyone is so accepting.
24 Mar. 2010
The S&@! They Should've Shown
The roommates reveal all on this hour of previously unseen shenanigans and all-new interviews. The S#!% They Should've Shown will leave no story left untold!
31 Mar. 2010
From D.C., with Love
The Real World takes on Washington, DC, and the eight strangers, some of whom have never been out of the small towns they grew up in, are eager to make their mark on the nation's capital.
31 Mar. 2010
Real World D.C. Reunion
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30 Jun. 2010
Welcome to New Orleans!
The Real World heads back to New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras. Eric crushes on Sahar, and Ryan and Preston set the stage for a season-long feud.
7 Jul. 2010
Knight Fights, Love Bites
Knight graciously offers to help Jemmye lose her "white-boy virginity." Sahara and Eric share a kiss. And the roommates become increasingly skeptical of Ryan after a night out sends him to the hospital.
14 Jul. 2010
Jemmye's White Knight
Tired of McKenzie's games, Ryan hooks up instead with her best friend. And Knight makes his move on Jemmye.
21 Jul. 2010
Superbrawl 2010
The animosity between Ryan and Preston escalates to a place that shocks everyone. The roommates fear for McKenzie's safety when she gets black out drunk on Superbowl Sunday.
28 Jul. 2010
Abused & Confused
Jemmye must choose between Knight and her boyfriend back home, but it's a dark secret from her past that leaves Knight unsettled. McKenzie is forced to confront her drinking issues.
4 Aug. 2010
Sing Out, Cop Out
The roommates look on as the feud between Ryan and Preston escalates, but no one is expecting it when the police show up at the house.
11 Aug. 2010
Building & Breaking
Knight's cruel remarks force Jemmye to confront her past abuse and re-think their relationship. Sahar and Jemmye's friendship is put to the test when Jemmye betrays a confidence.
18 Aug. 2010
Saint Patrick's Secrets
St. Patrick's Day takes a turn toward the unexpected when Jemmye's abusive past comes back to haunt her.
25 Aug. 2010
When Ashlee's Percoset pills go missing, the obvious suspect is Knight. But the truth is in the unexpected.
1 Sep. 2010
Getting Down, Blowing Up
Ryan's behavior becomes even more atrocious when his brother and cousin come to visit, and the roommates finally reach their breaking point.
8 Sep. 2010
Over Knight
When Sahara's boyfriend comes to visit, the roommates find out that he's been cheating on her back home. And his drunk and obnoxious behavior frazzles Sahara just as she's about to perform her biggest gig yet.
15 Sep. 2010
Au Revoir, Nawlins
The roommates say good-bye to New Orleans, but not before one last visit from Ryan.

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