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3 Jan. 2007
Crossing the Line
When Jenn brings home a sexy guy for some intimate cuddling, the teasing she gets from her male roommates results in a big fight with Alex.
3 Jan. 2007
Outward Bound
When the roommates begin their job as Outward Bound interns, Brooke has an anxiety attack while struggling to complete the rigorous training exercises assigned them.
10 Jan. 2007
Breaking Point
As the roommates continue training to become Outward Bound interns, Brooke's lack of inhibition almost gets her fired.
17 Jan. 2007
Hit Where it Hurts
When Stephen and Alex bring home hoochies for an evening in the hot tub, Jenn erupts in anger.
24 Jan. 2007
The Disabled List
As the roommates prepare for their second week's training to become Outward Bound interns, three declare themselves "too sick" to participate.
31 Jan. 2007
Reaching the Peak
Brooke, Stephen and Davis loll comfortably at home as the other roommates struggle through their second week of Outward Bound training in the rugged Rocky Mountains.
7 Feb. 2007
Playing the Field
Colie is hurt when Alex has a noisy hook up with a Denver hottie, but he defends that he is not interested in sharing her attention with the other guys she's dating.
14 Feb. 2007
Out and Proud
Stephen finds homosexuality hard to deal with when Davis's boyfriend, PJ, comes for a visit.
21 Feb. 2007
Lashing Out
Corey, Colie's ex boyfriend, visits her to discuss whether or not they have a future together. Brooke's repressed anger finally explodes at the other girls.
28 Feb. 2007
Letting Go
Even though her ex-boyfriend is visiting, Colie shows jealousy when Jenn hook up with Alex again. A calmer Brooke makes up with Jenn.
7 Mar. 2007
Butting In
Davis's visiting boyfriend, PJ, is jealous of Davis's close relationship with Brooke.
14 Mar. 2007
Juggling Act
Tyrie confesses to Jazalle that he had sex with rival Ashley and a fight ensues.
21 Mar. 2007
Locked Up
Tyrie's drunken fight with Jazalle over his past infidelity leads to his being arrested.
28 Mar. 2007
Leaving Early
Tyrie considers leaving, but Chris talks him into proving himself instead through his Outward Bound work. However, when seven teen boys who were impacted by Katrina show up for their Outward Bound course, Stephen shows no similar dedication and leaves for home to attend his sister's wedding.
4 Apr. 2007
Personal Evaluations
Tyrie and the other roommates, sans Stephen, offer the Katrina affected teen boys a challenging Outward Bound course.
11 Apr. 2007
False Appearances
Davis's gossip about the girls' appearance causes Brooke to freak out and trash his room. Tyrie considers breaking up with Jazalle.
18 Apr. 2007
Loose Lips
When Jenn's visiting crush, Jared, learns from Davis that she hooked up with Alex twice, he demands that Jenn confess all her infidelities.
25 Apr. 2007
Conquering Fears
Brooke is anxious to show how much she has grown when the Katrina affected teen girls arrive for an Outward Bound course. But will she be able to rappel?
2 May 2007
Make-Out Bandits
Colie is disappointed in Alex when he talks about their close sexual encounter and, in revenge, picks up a new guy.
9 May 2007
Welcome to Paradise
On vacation in Thailand, Brooke learns to quit worrying and enjoy life, while the split between Colie and Alex widens.
16 May 2007
Out with a Bang
In the final episode, Davis cheats on PJ with a new crush, while Stephen cheats on Mercii with roommate Jenn.
23 May 2007
Welcome to the Mile High Club: The Real World Denver Reunion
The roommies reunite to talk smack, hook-ups, breakdowns and update us on their at-home relationships.
3 Nov. 2007
G'Day, Australia!
The new roommates move in together, but there is already a divide developing between the girls.
8 Aug. 2007
Hittin' the Hot Tub
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15 Aug. 2007
Suddenly Single
Trisha's relationship with her boyfriend is jeopardized when she meets an attractive Aussie. Trisha and Parisa fuel their war with a screaming match. When Shauvon meets a new guy, it brings back feelings of her ex-fiance.
22 Aug. 2007
Big Pimpin'
When Parisa comes on too strong, Dunbar seeks solace in the company of an all too eager KellyAnne.
29 Aug. 2007
Mini Crush
KellyAnne and Parisa band together when they find out Dunbar is talking behind their backs. Getting back at Dunbar, KellyAnne shifts her flirtations to Cohutta.
5 Aug. 2007
Getting Wet and Wild
Struggling with a relationship back home, KellyAnne finds herself warming up to Cohutta's charms.
12 Sep. 2007
Whining and Dining
A date with an Aussie suitor pushes KellyAnne closer to Cohutta. Dunbar's rage rears its ugly head.
19 Sep. 2007
Mardi Gras Mayhem
The Sydney Mardi Gras celebration brings out the homophobia in a few roommates. Trisha and Cohutta's friendship is strained.
26 Sep. 2007
Boys vs. Girls
When gossip sparks a Guy/Girl War in the House, Parisa is torn between sides and her relationship with Dunbar is tested.
3 Oct. 2007
Breaking the Girl Code
Aussie Alex charms Parisa and Trisha, causing another in-house love triangle. KellyAnne finally opens up to Cohutta when she learns her ex has a new love interest.
10 Oct. 2007
The Grilled Cheese Incident
While Parisa braces herself for the fallout of kissing Trisha's friend, Alex, Shauvon shifts her loyalty from Parisa to Trisha.
17 Oct. 2007
Girl Fight
Shauvon gets back in touch with her ex-fiance, David, who wants her to choose: The Real World or him.
24 Oct. 2007
Anger Mis-Management
Dunbar explodes on Parisa, forcing her to confront Dunbar about his abusive behavior while his girlfriend visits the house.
31 Oct. 2007
Second Fiddle
Shauvon decides to leave the house for her ex-fiance, David.
7 Nov. 2007
The New Girl
New roommate Ashli moves in, and the other girls try to turn her against increasingly alienated Parisa.
14 Nov. 2007
The Birds
Isaac has a deadly premonition that proves to be accurate and leaves the house without telling anyone where he's going.
21 Nov. 2007
Off the Hook
Trisha and Parisa's feud reaches its flash point and Trisha pushes Parisa after a war of words.
28 Nov. 2007
Enjoy Your Flight
Parisa calls a house meeting to determine whether or not to send Trisha home and the remaining girls turn against Parisa.
5 Dec. 2007
Friends Again
Isaac returns and brings the divided house back together.
12 Dec. 2007
Praying for a Miracle.
KellyAnne and Cohutta worry about the repercussions of a broken condom.
19 Dec. 2007
The Honeymoon Is Over
Ashli stands up to Dunbar about his behavior.
27 Dec. 2007
Cohutta's team struggles to stay afloat amidst internal fighting and physical injuries.

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