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5 Jan. 1998
To Kill a Whirlybird
After hiding the Jazz Club's Christmas funds, Taylor takes Kyle to Las Vegas for a weekend of gambling where they make a big dent in their debt. Despite Peter's objections, Lexi insists on taking in Bob, the transient that she hit that night after he suddenly shows up at their front door. Meanwhile, Cooper begins yet another plan to destroy Michael's career when he plays him and Dr. Ilene Shulman, the head of Whilshire's medical staff, against each other. After Samantha and Amanda go away on a business trip, Connie once again takes advantage of Samantha's absence to ...
12 Jan. 1998
Amanda's Back
Billy and Kyle put pressure a rescue team to mount a search-and-rescue operation to find Amanda and Samantha. After being rescued, Amanda turns out have a broken back and may be paralyzed from the waste down for life. Connie also comes to peace terms with Billy and Samantha. Meanwhile, Peter finally sends Bob on his way, but he doesn't stay away for long since he has apparently fallen for Lexi. Kyle forces Taylor to agree to keep their Las Vegas fling to themselves, but the obsessive Taylor apparently isn't inclined to let Kyle go. After having Michael removed as ...
19 Jan. 1998
Kyle of the Desert
Cooper and Megan agree to begin courting each other, and Michael tries to do the same with Amber the stripper. After figuring out that Lexi was the one that hit him with her car, Bob plays his hand with Peter to be with her. But Peter and Lexi are the ones that get the last laugh after they turn the tables on Bob. Meanwhile, Kyle begins having strange nightmares during his service in the Gulf War involving his Marine buddy Nick, and Christine, a jeep driver that was killed in action. Also, a crippled Amanda alters her rehab plans when she decides to travel to a ...
26 Jan. 1998
Coop de Grace
Lexi's father openly expresses disdain for Peter over his daughter living with him. Meanwhile, Craig threatens Jennifer after she learns of some less-than-legal, cost-cutting efforts for the glove company. After Kyle announces his engagement to Amanda, Taylor flies to Dallas and pressers Kyle's former Marine buddy, Nick, for information about the mysterious Christine and her connection to Kyle. Back in Los Angeles, Cooper continues his plan to bring down Michael when he makes him look bad to the doctors at a hospital reception by getting Amber drunk and disorderly. ...
2 Feb. 1998
Mama Mia
Michael and Jennifer's mother, Mia, arrives in town for a visit and immediately strikes fear into their hearts since Jennifer told her mother that she was engaged to Craig. When Jennifer learns about Craig's suicide, she persuades a reluctant Billy to play her fiancé to Mia. Michael also angrily searches for the departed Amber after she robbed his beach house and when he ventures to the strip club where she worked, he learns that she skipped town after stealing money from the various dancers and bouncers. Frustrated and angry, Michael attacks the club manager and ends...
9 Feb. 1998
Last Train to Baghdad
In this two-hour episode, Kyle and Amanda travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit his former Marine girlfriend, Christine, to clear up the past. But later, complications threaten Amanda and Kyle's wedding day when Christine arrives in Los Angeles and later leaves a suicide note saying that she will leave her car in the front of a moving train, prompting Kyle to delay the ceremony to stop her. Meanwhile, Lexi's father suddenly dies from a stroke during a heated confrontation with Peter, who tapes the argument. When Megan accidentally discovers the tape, she shows it to...
16 Feb. 1998
A Swing and a Mrs.
Lexi moves in with Cooper at his apartment at Melrose and continues to blame Peter for her father's death, despite evidence that Mr. Sterling was not taking medication for his high-blood pressure. Meanwhile, Peter visits Michael's new clinic in South-Central L.A. and is chased away by Spider and his gang. An increasingly jealous Billy finds himself drawn to Jennifer while she lends a hand with a ballroom dancing ad campaign, and a confused Samantha finally reveals her feelings for Jeff. While Amanda goes on a business trip to New York, Kyle tries to help with ...
23 Feb. 1998
Blunt Drama
Peter unknowingly gets involved in the plan to break Amanda and Kyle up when Christine fakes suicidal tendencies, forcing him to have her committed to the hospital psychiatric ward. But Amanda threatens Christine when she is faced with this new threat to her and Kyle's wedding day. Meanwhile, Michael lands a secret windfall when a mortally wounded Spider gives him a key to a locker containing a gym bag with loads of unlaundered cash. When Michael offers to buy Megan's affections, she offers him an alternative: a donation to charity. After spending a torrid night with ...
2 Mar. 1998
A Christine Runs Through It
After Nick and Taylor accidentally kill Christine when she refuses to go along with their plans, they place her body on railroad tracks and let a train run over her to make it look like a suicide. When Kyle and Amanda hear the news, their concerns and guilt over Christine disrupt plans for their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Taylor's skittishness over Christine's death worries Nick who decides to shut her up, permanently. But Michael happens by when Nick is about to murder Taylor at the restaurant and she asks his help to fake her own death to make Nick go away. When Samantha...
9 Mar. 1998
Too Romantic for Words
Both Samantha and Billy feel guilty over their flings with Jeff Baylor and Jennifer. But lust throws them off again when Jeff (who's now obsessed with Samantha) pressures her to leave Billy, and Jennifer tells her the same thing. Meanwhile, Amanda continues to blame herself for Christine's death and rejects Kyle's efforts to reconcile, while she begins to lash out at everyone around her. Peter surprises Lexi by showing her a new high rise condo for them to live in which puts a crimp in their reconciliation. Cooper makes a plan for Megan and himself to start anew when ...
16 Mar. 1998
Four Affairs and a Pregnancy
Michael considers drastic measures regarding his failing clinic. But a little intervention from a sympathetic Megan changes his mind. Meanwhile, Rory Blake, an old friend of Lexi's, makes a play for Amanda, while a wary Peter observes from afar. At Jeff's request, Samantha meets his family at a picnic outing, while Billy continues to let Jennifer comfort him in Samantha's absence. But when Samantha seriously considers returning to Billy, she finds him in a compromising situation with Jennifer. Michael begins a plan to wreck Cooper's and Megan's life when he secretly ...
30 Mar. 1998
M.P. Confidential
After learning of Samantha's sudden reconciliation with Billy, Jennifer tries to jump-start things between Jeff and Samantha by setting them up so she can have Billy all for herself. Meanwhile, Taylor insists on taking a paternity test to see who the father of her unborn child is, and Kyle bribes Michael for the specifics on her. Also, Cooper decides to accept the Philadelphia job offer against Peter's protest. Amanda continues sinking deeper in depravity and seeks comfort with Rory who offers her a shady business venture. Lexi comes to Amanda's firm for an ad ...
30 Mar. 1998
The Nasty Minded Professor
Cooper and Megan travel to Philadelphia for Cooper's application to his new job where Dr. Larner pressures Megan to ensure Cooper's future for sexual favors. Back in Los Angels, Amanda catches Billy and Jennifer in a clinch where she hints to Billy of Samantha's affair with Jeff. When Billy eventually learns about Samantha and Jeff, he takes his anger and jealousy too far by assaulting him. While Lexi continues to look for a good advertising spot, Amanda hires Rory at her agency and proposes a quickie divorce to Kyle in order for her to start a brash new life for ...
27 Jul. 1998
Divorce Dominican Style
Amanda accompanies Rory to the Dominican Republic to marry him, unaware of his plan to murder her to get his hands on her money for his shady business deals. Back in Los Angeles, Kyle continues wooing Taylor, believing that she can clear Amanda of the blame still plaguing her for the apparent suicide of Christine. Meanwhile, Peter tells the hospital psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Visconti, that he still has feelings for Amanda despite being with Lexi. Cooper and Megan return to Los Angeles after Cooper's failed job offer in Philadelphia to find Michael moving back into the ...
3 Aug. 1998
A Long Way to Tip-A-Rory
After Peter tells Lexi about still having feelings for Amanda, she throws him out of his apartment. But later, Lexi learns she may take the fall for her late father's larceny charges, until Peter suggests a way out by marring Cooper to obtain the $10 million from Mr. Sterling's will, which neither Lexi or Cooper are willing to do. In the Caribbean, Rory takes Amanda on a honeymoon hideaway to a remote island where he slowly tries to poison her, while Kyle tries to find them before it's too late. Meanwhile, Samantha and Billy file for divorce from each other. After ...
10 Aug. 1998
A Match Made in Hell
Taylor begins to try to chip away at Michael's contempt for parenthood while continuing to stay at his place. Also, Michael begins dating his new receptionist Carrie, in which the date takes a turn when he's forced to help out a car accident victim and his pregnant wife who goes into labor. Meanwhile, Amanda and Kyle return to Los Angeles where Peter tells her that he wants to start over with her. Amanda turns Peter down gently, but it's clear that he will not take 'no' for an answer. Faced with going to prison for her father's embezzlement scams, Lexi pleads her case...
17 Aug. 1998
Ball n' Jane
Seeking to get away from Taylor's constant interference in his life, Michael travels to his 10-year college reunion party in Chicago where he meets his ex-wife Jane, also in attendance where he tries to reconcile with her. Back in Los Angeles, Megan continues to grow uncomfortable and jealous over Lexi being with Cooper. Meanwhile, Samantha tries to stay ahead of Billy at the office in landing an important Italian designer client for a job opportunity in Italy and Jennifer worries about losing Billy if he gets the job in Rome. After Peter tries unsuccessfully to make ...
24 Aug. 1998
As Bad as It Gets
Michael tries to hide Taylor from Jane after she follows him back to Los Angeles and who catches up on who's been with whom from Amanda and Kyle, among others. Meanwhile, Samantha enlists Jeff's help in sabotaging Billy and Jennifer's relationship by having him travel to Atlanta where he sends Billy a fax message claiming to be from Alison Parker. Also, Cooper and Lexi are warned by the Sterling lawyer to abide by their vows or face fraud charges, while a jealous Megan stands idly by. Peter fears he's gone overboard in his arrangement for Amanda when he discovers that...
31 Aug. 1998
Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell: Part 1
After Amanda is abducted by the men sent by Peter's mobster patient, he offers to lend a hand to help Kyle get Amanda back safely when a $1 million ransom is quoted for her return. Meanwhile, Lexi's baiting and constant taunting prompts Cooper to end their arrangement. But Lexi counters by telling Megan about her and Cooper's "passionate" nights together. Samantha's disruption of Billy and Jennifer's plans backfire when an attack of conscious prompts her to tell them about being the one who sent Billy the note from Alison. But Michael picks up the slack and uses it to...
7 Sep. 1998
Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell: Part 2
After dropping off the ransom money, Peter positions himself to be Amanda's hero after she makes a break from the cabin where she was held at, with one of the hit men in pursuit, while a helpless Kyle sits and waits for news on Amanda. After going into labor at the beach house, Taylor finally gives birth to a baby boy and makes Jane and a reluctant Michael agree to raise the child themselves. But Taylor soon has a change of heart and leaves town with her infant son back to Boston. Meanwhile, Cooper takes desperate measures to end his bogus marriage to Lexi by taking ...
14 Sep. 1998
The World According to Matt
Three months later. Megan suddenly has desires for Michael once again after Cooper leaves for Philadelphia. But Michael has other plans when he proposes marriage to Jane. Also, Lexi considers using her new company for an advertising agency. Meanwhile, Amanda receives Matt Fielding's belongings after learning of his untimely death in a car accident. One of the items is Matt's journal which contains secrets, including information about a rift between Kyle and his long-estranged brother, Ryan, as well as unflattering incidents regarding Michael about his days as a male ...
21 Sep. 1998
Where the Hookers Grow
Michael follows Megan to her home where she grew up at a horse ranch upstate California and meets her long-estranged mother and invalid father. In Los Angeles, Kyle and Ryan's reunion appears short-lived due to Ryan's meddling in Kyle and Amanda's pasts. Meanwhile, Amanda asks Jane to approach Alex, Jane's ex-flame, to become an ad client. While Peter is in the hospital recovering after Amanda accidentally shoots him while searching her apartment for the missing page from Matt's journal, Lexi takes an interest in his psychiatrist, Dr. Lou Visconti, hoping to find ...
28 Sep. 1998
Dr. Jealousy
After Michael has a fist-to-face meeting with Alex, he decides to test Jane's fidelity. Meanwhile, Megan goes to work for Lexi at her agency, who goes to work on Peter by revealing knowledge of the kidnapping of Amanda. Ryan becomes smitten with Megan and begins to try to win her affections. When Amanda sends Ryan in her place to a potential client in Arizona, he runs into Megan also going to the same place and uses the time to try to get closer to her. Also, with Lexi constantly baiting him, Peter returns the ransom money to Amanda and Kyle, who also agree that they ...
19 Oct. 1998
Not Quite All About Eve
Lexi accompanies Megan to a dinner with Ryan, while she rattles Amanda with her business moves and Ryan tries to find out what Lexi's plans are against Amanda while he continues to woo Megan who still wants nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, Amanda responds with compassion when a singer, named Eve Cleary, is injured outside the Jazz Club and she offers Eve a room at the Melrose complex. A increasingly jealous and paranoid Michael throws Jane and Alex together and resorts to spying on them hoping to find something to catch them on. Also, Peter and Kyle face off with ...
26 Oct. 1998
The Rumor Whisperer
After a heated confrontation, Michael admits his fidelity test to Jane who then gives him an ultimatum: stop spying on her or their coming wedding is off. Meanwhile, Peter goes out on a date with Eve who's aggressiveness and inexperience taints the evening. Also, Lexi turns Amanda's night out into trouble when she spreads a vicious rumor about Amanda sleeping with an visiting New York ad executive to receive an award. Also, Ryan continues pursing Megan despite her confession to him about her past call girl life.
2 Nov. 1998
The Night the Lights Went Out at Melrose
After Jane temporarily moves back into the Melrose complex, Michael continues to keep tabs on her, while she agrees to be Alex's model. Meanwhile, Eve tries to pace her passion for Peter after their first romantic night together. Megan continues to hesitantly rebuff Ryan's moves towards her, while she adopts a stray dog during an outing in a park. Everyone's plans come to a disastrous halt when a city-wide blackout traps Amanda and Peter together in an elevator, and Michael lands in trouble when he is falsely arrested for looting which turns even worse when the police...
9 Nov. 1998
Amanda sends Jane to Chicago to help Alex in order to keep his account at A.W.A., where Jane vows to remain all business. But Alex reveals that he still has strong feelings for Jane. In Los Angeles, Michael tries without success to get to Chicago while Peter tries to arrange a bachelor party for him. Meanwhile, Kyle becomes suspicious when Eve rejects a chance for a record deal and his suspicions grow stronger when he discovers that Eve has no past history anywhere. Lexi sets her sights on Ryan, who continues getting the cold shoulder from Megan. Peter continues his ...
16 Nov. 1998
Fiddling on the Roof
Michael and Jane's wedding day arrives where the devious Lexi tries to keep Ryan from the wedding in order to work her way closer to him. But Jane has an attack of conscious that temporarily calls off the wedding, but an intervention from Amanda and Peter saves the day. At the reception, Michael succumbs to a combination of his jealousy, too much champagne, and Alex's sudden and uninvited arrival which also angers Jane when she soon discovers the true nature from her business trip to Chicago. Megan, intoxicated after walking into Ryan and Lexi together, seeks ...
23 Nov. 1998
Lethal Wedding 4
Peter and Eve travel to Peter's home town in Texas to straighten out items after the sudden death of his father which prompts Peter to think about securing a life different from his lonely father's by proposing marriage to Eve who immediately accepts. Upon returning, Peter and Eve, with Amanda and Kyle in tow, set out to Eve's hometown in Oakville to elope. Meanwhile, Amanda arranges a night alone for Jane and Michael to get them back together, by locking them up in the Melrose laundry room. Lexi opens up her feelings to a hostile Megan in order to sooth their strife ...
30 Nov. 1998
When Cheerleaders Attack
Kyle finally learns the connection between Eve and Amanda (that was in Matt's journal) when they tell him their story of going to high school together and the night when they murdered Eve's abusive football player boyfriend after he attacked the girls which Eve took the fall and spent 15 years in prison. Eve and Amanda then plead to Kyle to keep their history a secret who reluctantly agrees. Later, Eve and Peter's honeymoon is temporarily interrupted by a nude-able Lexi making a play for him, who in return threatens her. Meanwhile, Michael goes easy on Jane at their ...
14 Dec. 1998
Suddenly Sperm
Michael decides to sell his beach house to settle his debits, and his attractive real-estate agent, Linda, quickly sells and seducing him in the process. At the same time, Jane reminisces about her and Michael's first meeting and accepts a date from an shy agency co-worker. Meanwhile, Ryan is assigned to escort supermodel Catherine McCord after his first date with Megan goes bad. Amanda's plans to start a family with Kyle may not ring true when he tells Peter about his suspected sterility. Later, as a result of a lab mix-up, Peter tells Kyle that his suspicious of ...
21 Dec. 1998
The Usual Santas
It's Christmas time in Melrose Place and Lexi Amanda and Eve get caught up in a bank hold-up and Michael Peter Kyle Ryan and the layer guy get arrested on there way to help the kids until Lexi Amanda and Eve clear the miss understanding up.

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