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7 Jan. 1996
The Bodyguard
Gina and Pam witness a bank robbery and go into hiding.
14 Jan. 1996
Green Card
Pam owes $5000 in taxes, desperate to acquire the money to pay for her debts, she accepts an offer from Louis "the maintenance guy" to marry him so he can avoid being deported in exchange for the money the money that Pam needs. they arraigned a service at martin's house with a few of Maurice's family members, Tommy was the minister for the ceremony and he showed a lot of of hostility because he still has feelings for Pam from their previous relationship. After the marriage a immigration officer comes to validate the marriage, they almost past the test but they failed ...
4 Feb. 1996
You're All I Need
When Martin flirts with a producer's wife, Gina becomes jealous and fights back.
8 Feb. 1996
Kicked to the Curb
Martin and Gina end up homeless when their old apartment is sublet and the deal on the new one falls through. Desperate to recover their old place, they try to scare away the new tenants.
15 Feb. 1996
The Best of Martin
Whazzup! Whether you're a true blue fan of the hilarious hit comedy series Martin -- starring comedy star Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys films, Big Momma's House films, Wild Hogs) -- or discovering the series for the first time, you'll laugh out loud with this special retrospective leading up to the landmark 100th episode. Hosted by series star Tisha Campbell, who plays Martin's feisty and forgiving girl, Pam, take a look back at some of Martin's funniest -- and finest -- moments in The Best of Martin. Featuring episodes from the start of the series and some of the ...
18 Feb. 1996
The Love Jones Connection
Sheneneh appears as a contestant on a dating game show and gets a lot more than a date. Chris Rock guest stars.
25 Feb. 1996
Where the Party At
Martin gets a big surprise on his birthday: No one wants to come to his party.
29 Feb. 1996
Homeo & Juliet
Martin's worried when Gina's role in a play requires that she kiss another man, but when the actor is injured, Martin stands in -- creating an outrageous version of "Romeo and Juliet" for a benefit performance.
7 Mar. 1996
The Cabin Show
Gina's got her heart set on a romantic weekend, but Martin is determined to watch his ball game. Then Martin and Pam get lost in the woods together and discover that their relationship is not what it seems.
28 Mar. 1996
The Tooth Will Set You Free
Pam is hypnotized for a painful dental procedure, but Martin's interference results in Pam's behaving like Martin on her date that night.
4 Apr. 1996
Martin, I Want to Sing
Martin tries to manage the fledgling music career of Pam's talented cousin.
25 Apr. 1996
D.M.V. Blues
Martin gets into trouble at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
2 May 1996
Why Can't We Be Friends: Part 1
Martin's friendship with Tommy is put to the test.
2 May 1996
Why Can't We Be Friends: Part 2
Martin learns Tommy has been injured in a car accident.
5 Sep. 1996
Is You Is or Is You Ain't
Martin can't resist telling everyone when Gina says she might be pregnant. When Martin messes up the pregnancy test, he must go on a midnight hunt for another one.
12 Sep. 1996
Back in Trouble Again
Martin throws out his back but is determined that Gina won't find out, since she'd asked him not to play basketball right before her awards dinner.
19 Sep. 1996
Sophomore Jinx
Martin thinks that Gina wants a divorce.
26 Sep. 1996
Working Girls
Gina and Pam clash while trying to get a hip underwear designer to hire their marketing firm.
31 Oct. 1996
Boo's in the House
On Halloween, Martin and the gang visit his prospective new house--and get a real scare.
7 Nov. 1996
Banging Hard in the School Yard
Martin thinks he and the guys can beat Gina's women's basketball team--until he finds out that her players are members of the U.S.A. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM (themselves).
14 Nov. 1996
The Life You Save Might Make You Rich
After saving a Nigerian prince's life, Martin finds out that the ruler wants Gina for his concubine.
21 Nov. 1996
Snow White
Tensions rise in the gang's ski trip when Pam brings an Afro-centric extremist along and Tommy seems to be moving toward marriage with his white girlfriend.
5 Dec. 1996
Come on Over to My Place
When his mom interupts his date, Cole finally gets his own apartment--but no one else wants to be in it.
19 Dec. 1996
Miserly Martin is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve. JACKIE CHAN makes a special appearance as himself.

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