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14 Jan. 1993
Do the Fight Thing
Martin and Gina's on-air fight is such a hit, Stan wants to make her a regular but Martin's unenthusiastic.
21 Jan. 1993
Blackboard Jungle Fever
Martin hosts Career Day at his old elementary school and is hit on by his former third-grade teacher. When Gina walks in, she misunderstands the scene and dumps him.
11 Feb. 1993
The Break-Up: Part 1
Martin becomes dramatically depressed when a minor quarrel with Gina escalates into a breakup. Richard Pryor guest stars.
11 Feb. 1993
The Break Up: Part 2
Gina goes on a date with Pam's cousin while Martin meets an interested woman when Cole and Tommy take him to a club. Second of a three-part episode.
18 Feb. 1993
The Break Up: Part 3
Radio guest Billy Dee Williams convinces Martin to win Gina back, so he bursts in on her date with another man. Third of a three-part episode.
25 Feb. 1993
I'm Not Your Superwoman
Gina loses patience when a flu-stricken Martin expects constant attention and mothering.
18 Mar. 1993
Credit Card Blues
Martin's friends try to prove he's innocent when he's arrested for credit card fraud.
1 Apr. 1993
Jerome's in the House
Pam accepts a date with Jerome.
22 Apr. 1993
Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with Martin
Martin is faced with an angry gang of midgets, and learns a new lesson in bigotry.
29 Apr. 1993
Variety Show
Martin gets to produce the station's charity variety show, but the authority goes to his head.
6 May 1993
Baby You Can Drive My Car
When the gang wins a new car, attempts to share it equally lead to chaos.
13 May 1993
Checks, Lie, and Videotape
Martin and Gina expose the con artist preacher who bilked Martin's mother out of thousands of dollars.
22 Aug. 1993
Do You Remember the Time?
Martin tries to come up with a new topic for his radio talk show. Desperate, he gets some ideas from the crew. Gina's idea is that he tell the story of how they met and fell in love. During the discussion, Gina, Martin, Pam and Tommy each have different versions of what happened the night Martin and Gina met.
29 Aug. 1993
Really, Gina Is Not My Lover
Martin tries to impress his old schoolmates at his high school reunion, but things go wrong when Gina arrives looking terrible after a day at the dentist.
5 Sep. 1993
Got to Be There
When Martin's girlfriend, Gina , goes on a business trip, Martin suspects she is being unfaithful and drives 500 miles to stop her.
12 Sep. 1993
Beat It
When Martin invites his friends over to watch a championship boxing match, a fight starts between Cole and Tommy over a woman.
19 Sep. 1993
Baby, It's You
Martin's girlfriend, Gina, invites her friends over for a baby shower for a pregnant friend. However, Gina is late for the party, and the pregnant woman goes into labor after the other guests depart, leaving Martin to deliver the baby.
26 Sep. 1993
Workin' Day & Night
When Gina objects to Martin working day and night with little sleep, Martin's boss convinces him that Gina is dominating Martin.
3 Oct. 1993
When Gina accidentally throws Martin's basketball tickets in the garbage, she agrees to work for Sheneneh in exchange for Sheneneh's good tickets.
10 Oct. 1993
You've Got a Friend
Martin is jealous when Gina (TISHA CAMPBELL) goes shopping with a male friend.
17 Oct. 1993
To Kill a Talking Bird
When Martin's Momma leaves Martin her pet bird to care for, Gina accidentally kills it.
24 Oct. 1993
Fat Like That
After Gina makes fun of Martin's weight, he attends her exercise classes and becomes obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.
7 Nov. 1993
Hollywood Swinging: Part 1
Martin quits his job to go to Hollywood to make his television debut on a popular talk show.
14 Nov. 1993
Hollywood Swinging: Part 2
Martin goes to Hollywood to appear on a TV talk show. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Burt Reynolds, Mel Gibson look-alikes are featured. R&B music group JODECI special guest stars.
21 Nov. 1993
Thanks for Nothing
When Martin's unruly relatives unexpectedly come to Thanksgiving dinner, they get into a fight with Gina's refined parents.
12 Dec. 1993
Whoomp! There It Ain't
Martin and Gina (TISHA CAMPBELL) bet that they can live without sex for two weeks to prove that their relationship is based on love.
19 Dec. 1993
Holiday Blues
Martin gets bus tickets to Philadelphia so Gina and he can be with her parents for Christmas, but a blizzard leaves them stranded in a bus terminal.

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