Bandora's son was killed by dinosaurs and she vowed revenge against the Earth. Five tribes from ancient human civilizations chose one of their best warriors to form the Dinosaur Battle Team... See full summary »




1993   1992  
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Complete series cast summary:
Yuuta Mochizuki ...
 Geki / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Aohisa Takayasu ...
 Goushi / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Hideki Fujiwara ...
 Dan / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Takumi Hashimoto ...
 Boi / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Reiko Chiba ...
 Mei / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Jun Tatara ...
 Barza (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Machiko Soga ...
 Bandora (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Minoru Watanabe ...
 Bookback (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Takeshi Watabe ...
 Bookback (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Yutaka Ôyama ...
 Pleprechuan / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Takako Iiboshi ...
 Pleprechuan (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Eiji Maruyama ...
 Daizyujin / ... (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Tôru Ohira ...
 Narrator (50 episodes, 1992-1993)
Kan Tokumaru ...
 Grifforzer (48 episodes, 1992-1993)
Kaoru Shinoda ...
 Tottpatt (47 episodes, 1992-1993)
Ami Kawai ...
 Lamie (32 episodes, 1992-1993)
Shirô Izumi ...
 Burai / ... (26 episodes, 1992)
Mayumi Sakai ...
 Clotho (22 episodes, 1992)


Bandora's son was killed by dinosaurs and she vowed revenge against the Earth. Five tribes from ancient human civilizations chose one of their best warriors to form the Dinosaur Battle Team Beast Rangers (Kyouruu Sentai Juurenjaa) and protect the planet. The complete form of their Guardian Beasts (Shojuus), Ultimate Great God of Creatures (Kyuukyoku Daijuujin) imprisoned Bandora and her gang on the planet Nemesis. In 1992, Barza, posing as an apartment manager, was forced to revive the Juurangers to protect Earth again when astronauts accidentally released Bandora. Written by Dairenn Lombard <>

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21 February 1992 (Japan)  »

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Super Sentai Zyuranger  »

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The first Super Sentai series to be adapted for Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. See more »


Follows Super Beast Squadron Liveman (1988) See more »


Kyôryû Sentai Jûrenjâ
(Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger)
Opening theme
Performed by Kenta Satô
Lyrics by Gôji Tsuno and Kazunori Sonobe (Reo Rinodzuka)
Music by Gôji Tsuno
Arrangement by Kenji Yamamoto
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User Reviews

Zyurangers: The original versions of the MMPRS1 Power Rangers
30 May 2008 | by (United States) – See all my reviews

"Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger" is one of the Super Sentai shows that is known to us Americans as the original version of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" Season 1 with no Angel Grove, no Angel Grove Youth Center, no Bulk and Skull, no Command Center, and no Zordon and Alpha 5. You see, "Zyuranger" takes place in the city of Tokyo, Japan, which is getting under attack by the witch Bandora (aka MMPR's Rita Repulsa), who recently sold her soul to Dai Satan (aka MMPR's Lokar) to avenge her son Kai, right after she and her henchmen, Grifforzer (aka MMPR's Goldar), Tottpatt (aka MMPR's Baboo), Bookback (aka MMPR's Squatt), and Pleprechuan (aka MMPR's Finster) from imprisonment by two astronauts.

Bandora's nemesis, the Mysterious Wizard Barza, who wields a scepter that is similar to Bandora's, can disguise himself as an apartment manager working at the Sakura Mansion above his resting place (much like Superman/Clark Kent), and he also serves as an ally to the Zyurangers consisting of Geki/TyrannoRanger (aka MMPR's Red Ranger), Goushi/MammothRanger (aka MMPR's Black Ranger), Dan/TriceraRanger (aka MMPR's Blue Ranger), Boi/TigerRanger (aka MMPR's Yellow Ranger), and Mei/PteraRanger (aka MMPR's Pink Ranger). Grifforzer's wife Lamie/Lamie-Scorpion (aka MMPR's Scorpina) appears later in the show, and so is Geki's brother, Burai/DragonRanger (aka MMPR's Green Ranger).

In each episode, the Zyurangers battle Grifforzer, Lamie, and an army of clay foot soldiers known as the Golems (aka MMPR's Putty Patrollers), and later the Dokiita Golems (aka MMPR's Super Putty Patrollers), as well as the Dora Monsters, and the Zyurangers also battle them with the Guardian Beasts Tyrannosaurus (aka MMPR's Tyrannosaurus Dinozord), ZyuMammoth (aka MMPR's Mastodon Dinozord), Triceratops (aka MMPR's Triceratops Dinozord), SaberTiger (aka MMPR's Saber Toothed Tiger Dinozord), Pteranodon (aka MMPR's Pterodactyl Dinozord), Dragon Caesar (aka MMPR's Dragonzord), and King Brachion (aka MMPR's Titanus) when Grifforzer, Lamie, and each Dora Monster grows to giant size.

These Dora Monsters are not only based on World History, World Folklore (Greek Mythology and such, Fairy Tales we know, etc.), Plant and Animal Life, and such, but they are also classified into three groups: the Regular Dora Monsters, the Dokiita Dora Monsters, and the Zyu2 Dora Monsters. Here's what I remember from them.

REGULAR DORA MONSTERS=Dora Titan (aka MMPR's Giant), Dora Skeleton (aka MMPR's Bones), Dora Minotauros (aka MMPR's Minotaur), Dora Sphinx (aka MMPR's King Sphinx), Dora Goblin (aka MMPR's Gnarly Gnome), Dora Circe (aka MMPR's Pudgy Pig), Dora Cockatrice (aka MMPR's Chunky Chicken), Dora Cockatrice II (aka MMPR's Chunky Chicken), Jin/Dora Jin (aka MMPR's Genie), Dora Argus (aka MMPR's Eye Guy), Dora Ladon (aka MMPR's Snizard), Fairy DonDon (aka MMPR's Mr. Ticklesneezer), Dora Knight (aka MMPR's Knasty Knight), Dora Endos (aka MMPR's Pineoctopus), Dora Pixie (aka MMPR's Babe Ruthless), Dora Tortoise (aka MMPR's Shellshock), Dora Tarantula (aka MMPR's Spidertron), Dora Boogaranan (aka MMPR's Terror Toad), Dora Guzzler (aka MMPR's Spit Flower)

DOKIITA DORA MONSTERS=Dora Franke (aka MMPR's Frankenstein), Zombie Franke (aka MMPR's Mutitus), Satan Franke (aka MMPR's Mutitus), Dora Narcissus (aka MMPR's Octoplant), Dora Reiger (aka MMPR's Madame Woe), Magic Spinning Wheel (aka MMPR's Wheel of Misfortune), Dora Ninja (aka MMPR's Dark Warrior), Dora Ganrock (aka MMPR's Rockstar), Dora Goldhorn (aka MMPR's Samurai Fanman), Dora Silkis (aka MMPR's Weaveworm), Monster Goda (aka MMPR's Fang), Dora Fake (aka MMPR's Cyclops), Dora Antaeus (aka MMPR's Hatchasaurus/Cardiatron), Dora Chimaera (aka MMPR's Goatan), Dora Unicorn (aka MMPR's Polluticorn), Dora Mirage (aka MMPR's Twinman), Dora Talos (aka MMPR's Cyclopsis)

ZYU2 DORA MONSTERS=Goofish (aka MMPR's Goofish), Fleamonster (aka MMPR's Fighting Flea), Jellyfishmonster (aka MMPR's Jellyfish), Mantismonster (aka MMPR's Mantis), Dramole (aka MMPR's Dramole), Bee Monster (aka MMPR's Grumble Bee), Parrot Monster (aka MMPR's Two-Headed Parrot), Peckster (aka MMPR's Peckster), Lysinator (aka MMPR's Lizzinator), Pumpkin Rapper (aka MMPR's Pumpkin Rapper), Speed Shark (aka MMPR's Slippery Shark), Soccadillo (aka MMPR's Soccadillo), Rhinoblaster (aka MMPR's Rhinoblaster), Crayfishmonster (aka MMPR's Commander Crayfish), Oystermonster (aka MMPR's Oysterizer), Piranha Head (aka MMPR's Pirantishead), Pre-Gorilla (aka MMPR's Primator), Galamander (aka MMPR's Salaguana), Flowerbaster (aka MMPR's Bloom of Doom), Octophantom (aka MMPR's Octophantom), HoeSoilBeetle (aka MMPR's Stag Beetle), Venueleon (aka MMPR's Invenusable Flytrap), Robogoat (aka MMPR's Robogoat), MinGuitar (aka MMPR's Guitardo), Turban Shell (aka MMPR's Turban Shell), Pythor (aka MMPR's Pythor)

Overall, "Zyuranger" is the best of the best among other Super Sentai shows being adapted into such Power Rangers shows such as "Zeo", "Turbo", "Wild Force", "Ninja Storm", "Dino Thunder", and such.

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