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25 Jan. 1993
A Legend Reborn
Father and son are reunited after 15 years. A old rival from the Shaolin Temple has taken over Chinatown and intends to assassinate the mayor. Peter and Caine must work together to stop him.
3 Feb. 1993
Shadow Assassin
An author of a book on shadow assassins is in danger of being killed by a shadow assassin. Cain must first learn to fight one in his effort to save the author.
8 Feb. 1993
Sunday at the Hotel with George
While attending the wedding of Blaisdell's daughter in a hotel. Peter inadvertently discovers some men with guns. They are there to rob the security boxes. So to make sure Peter doesn't do anything, the leader sends some of his men to the reception to make sure Peter doesn't and that no one goes down. Peter and Caine try to find a way to get to the lower floor.
15 Feb. 1993
Sacred Trust
When The Ancient sets out to commit suicide for the murder of a relative that he was sworn to protect, it is up to Caine to uncover the deception & prove to his friend that he did not break any sacred trust.
22 Feb. 1993
Force of Habit
Peter and his latest partner, Marty Stramm, are tracking a gun dealer trading dangerously advanced weapons. Stramm is a good cop, but the stress of the job is making him abusive towards his wife, Emily. Kwai-Chang offers Emily support, and her self-esteem is boosted as he starts to teach her kung fu, but Stramm reacts explosively and beats her during an argument. Peter and Stramm succeed in apprehending the gun dealer, but Stramm is horrified when his son, Billy, appears outside the police station with a gun, determined to protect his mother. Kwai-Chang and Peter ...
1 Mar. 1993
Pai Gow
There are ritualistic killings happening in Chinatown. The evidence leads them to a gaming parlor where Caine's skill at Pai Gow may mean life or death.
15 Mar. 1993
Tan, the renegade Shaolin Monk who destroyed the temple where Caine lived with Peter which led to them being separated for 15 years, who would become a crime boss whom Caine encountered and defeated some months ago returns. He then sends Caine a message which Caine interprets as a challenge. He then has his man, Chan grab the Ancient. Caine and Peter then go to where Tan is and the challenge begins.
8 Mar. 1993
Kwai Chan takes on a new disciple. His new student is already very adept at martial arts, but Kaine hopes to teach him martial arts is more than just fighting. Peter tries to track down illegal street fighting /gambling.
29 Mar. 1993
Rain's Only Friend
Peter stops a robbery in progress and accidentally shoots an innocent bystander. Peter has a crisis of confidence and quits the force. Peter's partner and Caine work to get Peter back on the job.
5 Apr. 1993
Secret Place
A man with multiple personality disorder kidnaps a school bus and threatens to blow it up. Having dealt with the man before Peter gets on the bus and attempts to diffuse the situation without violence.
12 Apr. 1993
Dragon's Eye
A man takes his daughter, who is sick, to Caine to see if he can help her. Caine makes something for her, and for awhile it seems to work but she soon becomes sick. Caine needs more of the main ingredient, a flower which at this time of the year grows in area taken over by a mad vet. Caine manages to find the flower and when confronted by the man, convinces him to let him go but Peter arrives and they have to go, leaving the flowers behind. They return for the flowers but the man has already laid a trap.
3 May 1993
Blind Eye
Annie Blaisdell asks Caine to accompany her when she goes to meet someone. After meeting him, she's attacked. Blaisdell's upset with Caine. Caine goes to see Annie and gets her to give him a description of the one who attacked her. Along with Peter, they find him and find out why they attacked her.
10 May 1993
The Lacquered Box
Peter is shot and Caine has a flashback about the events that happen after Caine decides to stay in Chinatown. Peter and Caine attempt to establish a relationship while fighting off gangsters and crooked cops.
17 May 1993
Caine goes undercover to help the DEA find a heroin dealer Chang Lu Ma. After finding him, Chang Lu Ma discovers that Caine is a Shaolin priest. Lu Ma asks Caine to accompany him on his drug deal as a good luck charm.
24 May 1993
Karen Kaden is a young woman who is being harassed by a group of men who want her to appear insane. These men constantly threaten her and recently wrecked her apartment. Karen asked the police for help, but she had no evidence. Even her apartment was restored to normal by the time she returned from the police station. No one will believe her except Kung Fu teacher Kwai Chang Caine.
25 Oct. 1993
A women trying to escape the life of organized crime becomes a target when she witnesses a murder. The police want to put her into protective custody but she won't testify unless her old teacher Caine is her protector.
1 Nov. 1993
A group of armed separatists have been robbing a town dry for years. A old friend of Peter's asks for his help after they kidnap a young girl. Peter and Caine put together a ragtag team to take them down.
8 Nov. 1993
Caine receives a physic call for help from an old student who's taking a stand against a majority white owned casino being built on his reservation. Caine makes sure that his voice is heard.
15 Nov. 1993
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Alicia Wright, a student in Kwai Chang Caine's kung fu class, has a problem. Her grandmother, with whom she has lived since the death of her parents, has stopped tending her rose garden, a garden, which was very precious and important to her. Alicia senses that as the garden dies, so does her grandmother. Caine tries to help by taking care of the garden.
22 Nov. 1993
Redemption: Part 1
The heir to the throne of China is nearing the day of his ascension. Caine asks to have Peter and himself be his protector to restore their family name. Peter befriends the young emperor while running from assassins.
29 Nov. 1993
Redemption: Part 2
Caine has closed his studio and Peter cannot find him anywhere. The emperor's aide looks to enrich himself by peddling his influence. The ascension nears and one assassin still waits in the shadows.

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