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Season 3

23 Jan. 1995
Rite of Passage
An ancient realm, thought to be only a myth, is in peril from a dark warrior. Caine faces his greatest challenge as he must travel to Shambala to defend the monks from certain destruction.
30 Jan. 1995
Tens of thousands of people in the city are getting sick. Caine and the Ancient race to find a cure. Everyone believes a pesticide cloud is at fault but Peter believes there is a more sinister cause.
6 Feb. 1995
May I Walk with You
Peter wants to see what Kwai Chan does during the day. So he spends the day following his father and helping him as he tries to aide others.
13 Feb. 1995
The Return of Sing Ling
The heir to the throne must return to China to complete an important ritual. Caine is appointed as protector to Sing Ling which takes him on a journey to the Temple of his birth.
20 Feb. 1995
Peter is framed for murder. Not trusting the truth to come out on its own he flees from police custody. Peter and Caine try to find the real killer before the U.S. Marshals close in.
27 Feb. 1995
In the early 20th century Caine stands up to a man who is terrorizing a town. Also in the town is his wife and their son. Caine only has the drunken deputy and Cheyenne Bodie to help him. One night the man comes into Caine's home and grabs his wife and son and shoots Caine. While Caine is near death, he transports himself to the present and seeks out his grandson--the present day Kwai Chang Caine. When he finds him, he tells him that he has to help his grandmother and father. So Caine goes and along with Bodie and the deputy go to rescue them.
24 Apr. 1995
Chinatown Murder Mystery: The Case of the Poisoned Hand
Two doctors are dead and a third is missing. After the doctor's Chi becomes poisoned Caine draws the poison into his own Chi. Caine now must find the killer before he succumbs to the poison.
1 May 1995
Peter seems to be missing a day and has a troubled countenance. After being assigned to protect a visiting dignitary it seems that someone wants him dead, and they want Peter to kill him.
8 May 1995
Citizen Caine
Kwai Chang Caine runs for office to prevent a greedy real estate tycoon from throwing the residents of an apartment building out on the street.
15 May 1995
An earthquake occurs and the city is in chaos. The Ancient is trapped and Caine races to save him. Peter attempts to bring in a drug dealer, and Kermit and Captain Simms are trapped in an elevator.
22 May 1995
Goodbye Mr. Caine
The violence at an inner-city school is out of control. Peter goes undercover as the basketball coach while the principal asks Caine to come to the school as a motivational speaker.
3 Jul. 1995
The Sacred Chalice of I-Ching
Caine and Peter travel to France in order to find an ancient chalice containing mystical powers and prevent it from getting into the hands of a Neo-Nazi archaeologist.
24 Jul. 1995
Eye Witness
Peter is assigned to protect Graham Corrigan, a man in the witness protection program. The mobsters want him dead, and nowhere seems to be safe. Caine knows Corrigan and believes him responsible for the death of a friend.
2 Oct. 1995
Kermit asks Caine to help his sister who believes there are demons in her house. A family was murdered there in the past and history may repeat itself if Caine can't stop it.
9 Oct. 1995
Deadly Fashion
Caine surprises Peter, as he joins him in his undercover investigation in the fashion world, posing as Gaston, a famed French designer complete with flashy clothes & gaudy glasses, while his son acts as bodyguard for a supermodel.
16 Oct. 1995
Cruise Missiles
Donnie Double D is marrying Lulu aboard a cruise ship and they ask Caine to marry them. Their wedding is interrupted when the ship is hijacked by Sing Wah and their nuclear cargo.
23 Oct. 1995
The Promise
Caine senses that a long lost love is in trouble. He finds her being pushed out of a small town as her husband is being blamed for the death of a child. Caine convinces her to stay while Peter investigates the mysterious death.
30 Oct. 1995
Flying Fists of Fury II
To protect a celebrity from men who want to kill him, Peter goes undercover on a movie set as an obnoxious and arrogant movie star whose striking resemblance to Caine's son is uncanny.
6 Nov. 1995
Banker's Hours
Caine escorts his friend Alicia to the bank for moral support. A crew of bank robbers storm the bank and takes everyone hostage. The crew works to open the vault but their escape plan may result in everyone's death.
13 Nov. 1995
Kung Fu Blues
Caine runs across an old friend and blues player Sugar Williams from his years of wandering. Sugar is trying to reconnect with his successful blues singing daughter but is being rebuffed by her unscrupulous and overbearing record producer.
20 Nov. 1995
Brotherhood of the Bell
Caine leaves and all signs appear that he will not return. Peter tries to find out where he went. Later a man shows up claiming to be Caine's half-brother and thinks he knows where Caine is going. So they go to try and help him.
27 Nov. 1995
Peter is torn about his personal identity and he decides he would like to become a Shaolin priest. Caine and the Ancient take him to a temple to complete his training but find that a dark force is loose within.

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