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Season 5

30 Sep. 1996
In the Scottish Highlands in 1606, while pursuing a wolf, a young Duncan meets Cassandra, a wise immortal who foretells him that he will be the one to fulfill an important prophecy.
7 Oct. 1996
The End of Innocence
Richie is haunted by bitter dreams of Duncan trying to kill him, burying his fear by picking fights. Duncan is haunted by the need to eliminate his friendship with Watcher Joe. But when one of Richie's Immortal victims turns out to have been the protégé of Immortal Haresh Clay, Duncan and Joe between them may not be able to save Richie.
14 Oct. 1996
Immortal Carl Robinson has a great baseball career until he is seen killing another Immortal and forced to run for his life. He asks Duncan for help, but when another man is arrested for the murder, Duncan becomes Carl's conscience as Immortal police detective Matthew McCormick pursues Carl. In flashback to 1859 Louisiana, Carl is a runaway slave, again fleeing for his life. McCormick helps Carl but Carl eventually kills some slaver friends of McCormick's.
21 Oct. 1996
Glory Days
Duncan encounters Johnny K, who he last knew as a small-time hood during Prohibition. Since Johnny is now a professional assassin, he decides Duncan must die before he can identify Johnny. Meanwhile, Joe is flabbergasted when an old girlfriend appears in his bar and is apparently interested in rekindling the old flame.
28 Oct. 1996
Dramatic License
Carolyn Marsh is a romance author whose latest book features the exploits of a hero named Duncan MacLeod and a villain named Terence Coventry, the name of another Immortal who Duncan knows -- and who Carolyn knows well. As Carolyn puts the moves on Duncan and tries to convince him to help promote the book, she gets into a catfight with Amanda. Meanwhile, Terence is furious at Carolyn for portraying him as a villain.
4 Nov. 1996
Money No Object
When Amanda disappears into a van after a robbery, Richie thinks she has been kidnapped and goes after her. He finds her with Cory Raines, an old acquaintance of Duncan's and Amanda's who has always brought them trouble. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the money that Cory stole belongs to a mobster, and he wants his money back. In flashback to 1926, Amanda leaves Duncan and their circus act to join Cory on a bank-robbing spree.
11 Nov. 1996
In flashback to 1880s San Francisco, Duncan's Immortal friend Alec mourns the murder of his young wife Genevieve by Kragen, but is convinced her spirit is still around. In modern day, Alec has been killed by Kragen, but his mortal widow Jennifer is convinced that Alec's spirit can't leave until Duncan keeps his promise to kill Kragen.
18 Nov. 1996
Little Tin God
Immortal Larca is killing young people who will turn Immortal, then making them believe he is God and has raised them from the dead to defeat his enemy Satan, aka Duncan.
25 Nov. 1996
The Messenger
An Immortal "Messenger" of pacifism, who pretends to be Methos to give his message weight, preaches peace between Immortals. Richie becomes his latest convert and tries to convince Duncan to stop taking heads as well -- right when Duncan encounters William Everett Culbraith, the Immortal former commander of Andersonville prison, where Duncan suffered part of the Civil War and lost a good friend. The "Messenger" also tries to convert disillusioned Culbraith, whose bloodlust is unquenchable due to a personal tragic loss he himself suffered during the war. Has the "...
27 Jan. 1997
The Valkyrie
In flashback, Duncan and Immortal Ingrid tackle the Nazis in 1935 Germany. In modern day, Ingrid has assassinated a Russian politician and Duncan wants to stop her from killing her next target, an American white-power advocate.
3 Feb. 1997
Comes a Horseman
In flashback to 1867 Texas, Duncan is part of a posse after Immortal Koren and his gang of raiders. In modern day, Duncan's friend Immortal Cassandra is also after Koren, but she tells Duncan he is also Kronos, one of the Four Horsemen who brought terror and death to mankind through the ages. Meanwhile, Cassandra reveals Methos was also one of the Horsemen, which shocks Duncan into ending their friendship.
10 Feb. 1997
Revelation 6:8
Sequel to 'Comes a Horseman.' Methos leads Kronos to the remaining two horsemen, and the four of them plan to destroy humanity via a water-borne virus.
17 Feb. 1997
The Ransom of Richard Redstone
Richie, posing as an American millionaire, winds up kidnapped by a charming French girl who needs 2,000,000 francs to save the family chateau.
24 Feb. 1997
In 1971, Otavio Consone killed Anna's fiancé and the father of her unborn child. In modern day, Consone is pursuing Anna's grown daughter, and Duncan is suspicious of Consone's motives.
21 Apr. 1997
The Stone of Scone
In flashback, Hugh Fitzcairn tricks Duncan into helping steal the crown jewels; in modern day, Duncan tricks Amanda into helping to steal the Stone of Scone so he can return it to Scotland.
5 May 1997
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
The bloody Scottish attempt to put Bonnie Prince Charlie on the English throne in 1746 brings Immortal Steven Keane to seek revenge on Duncan in modern-day Paris.
12 May 1997
The Modern Prometheus
Duncan visits Lord Byron and the Shelleys, inspiring Mary Shelley to write 'Frankenstein.'
19 May 1997
An archaeologist whose research predicts the imminent release of a thousand-year evil also predicts the champion who can defeat it: Duncan MacLeod.

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