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4 Jan. 1993
Trivial Pursuit
Billy Bob brings around a game of Trivial Pursuit and they play a competitive game. Billy Bob and John are very upset when the Senator's team win, so much so, they go out on an extremely wet night to prove that the last answer was wrong.
11 Jan. 1993
Never Play Touch Football with the Kennedys
Georgie and John are having a disagreement over a press release about the senator's views on a health care bill. There is considerable rivalry as they both write a speech with the senator to choose which one he is happiest to go with.
18 Jan. 1993
Miss Starr Dates Georgie Anne's Pop
Georgie fixes up her father on a date with John's baby-sitter but it doesn't go well. He ends going to the presidential inauguration with Dee Dee, which upsets Georgie. Also going is Billy Bob, who needs some dancing lessons.
1 Feb. 1993
While the Thomasons Slept in the Lincoln Bedroom
John has lunch with the attractive manager of a new senator. The woman comes from his home town and Georgie becomes jealous of her and, without thinking, tells John to sow his wild oats. John becomes confused about the situation.
8 Feb. 1993
Her Year with Fidel
There is a lot of discussion in the office about the comments being made about Hilary Clinton's wardrobe and coiffure. Then the commentators start talking about Georgie's past, which ends up causing problems with John at home.
22 Feb. 1993
Cold Feet: Part 1
The Davis' decide to renewing their wedding vows when Adam suggest John and Georgie get married. The senator accidentally burns down his house and they all go away for the weekend. John proposes to Georgie and she accepts.
22 Feb. 1993
Cold Feet: Part 2
Reporters follow Dee Dee up to where the office is staying for the weekend. John and Georgie, initially, are having doubts about the wedding. However, they decide to go through with it in front of all their family and friends.
1 Mar. 1993
Take My Senate Seat, Please
It's the senator's 75th birthday and he is still living in a Winnebago, which is now parked in the Harman's driveway. A scantily clad Dee Dee jumps out of the senator's birthday cake, which gives him plenty of unwanted publicity.
15 Mar. 1993
Flamingo Summer
Georgie is having trouble adjusting to married life. She also confesses that she needs to finish the book she's writing so that she has $20 000 to payback a loan. As she is feeling sick, Dee Dee, Billy Bob and John finish the book for her.
22 Mar. 1993
Class Reunion
It's John and Billy Bob's 25th school reunion coming up but Mavis doesn't want to go. A mix up means that Billy Bob goes with an elderly woman. Georgie wears makeup and makes herself very plain to teach them a lesson about superficiality.
27 Oct. 1993
Lovely Always: Part 1
John and Georgie are moving to John's home town to restart the town's newspaper. John has an idealistic view of his home town but things have changed since he was last at home and he is having a lot of trouble adjusting.
27 Oct. 1993
Lovely Always: Part 2
Elliot's show and tell goes well until Georgie starts doing a native dance. John, Georgie and Billy Bob bare their soul to Madeline. John is worried that Georgie isn't going to fit in but he finally comes to terms with his new home.
3 Nov. 1993
John and Georgie are having trouble getting work until they offered a job in the cafeteria of the local high school serving lunch. Reed offers to fund the newspaper with the money needed but they feel the price might be too high.
10 Nov. 1993
The Great Depression
The principal sacks John, Georgie and Billy Bob for their work in the school cafeteria being substandard. They are are all depressed and little things cause them to be upset. With reservations, they decide to accept Reed's offer of money.
17 Nov. 1993
First Edition
The newspaper has started and there are other startup issues. Billy Bob is not happy being the social reporter and the employment of a big breasted receptionist has Georgie upset. She insists on employing the printer.
24 Nov. 1993
String of Pearls
It's John and Markie's first anniversary and they are looking for ways to celebrate. Madeline and Billy Bob are making them a special dinner and John is going to give Georgie a string of pearls that is a family heirloom.
8 Dec. 1993
The Stud Club
Georgie is feeling down a bit because there are no big stories she can cover. It's Lonnie's birthday and he asks a girl out but she cancels. He decides to ask Vicki instead. They all go out for a night on the town that doesn't go well.
15 Dec. 1993
Blue Christmas
John and Billy Bob are waiting for the kids to return from their mothers for Christmas. Georgie is upset that she won't have any family as her father is stuck in Canada by the weather, but then finds out that she is pregnant.
29 Dec. 1993
True Confessions
Billy Bob and Madeline have a bet to lose 10 pounds with a diet. John is refused company health insurance because of a severe health problem. John and Billy Bob have a fight over an old girlfriend, and then Georgie and John have a fight.

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