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Season 1

16 Sep. 1992
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23 Sep. 1992
The Widow Marker
When Matty is interested in a girl, her brother tells him of some guy hassling her. So Matty speaks to him but the guy beats him up. When the others learn of this, they try to find out who he is. They eventually learn he's an ex-cop, whom Rags knew and remembers as a sadist who liked hurting people. They eventually learn that he is now a professional killer. When they find out who is target is, Buddy and a female cop take their place and wait for him but he gets the drop on them and they have to play for time.
30 Sep. 1992
92 Seconds to Midnight
When a known criminal robs an armored car, the case is given to Rags. He tells the boys that he didn't take anything and he killed the people who worked with him. They try to find out what he is doing. They locate him but choose not to arrest him because of lack of evidence. So they follow him and learn he recruited a computer expert and a guy he worked with before who's specialty is using an acetylene torch. They learn that the man has been clean for 6 years and has a daughter. They approach him and try to get him to say what the criminal is planning. He only knows ...
28 Oct. 1992
Family Business
When a new kid at Darnell's school is picking on him, he tells Buddy. Buddy goes to see his family and when he mentions what their son is doing, the father tells his son to beat Buddy up. Buddy holds his own. He does a background check and learns that the family are criminals who specialize in strong arm activities like protection. They arrest them but the youngest who was picking on Darnell, they take in. Later the family escapes and they go after them.
4 Nov. 1992
Phoenix Rising
A bomber whom Rags arrested escapes. Now the department knows he is going after him so they tell the boys to get Rags out of town till they catch him. So they make him and Kitty take Darnell somewhere. And they try to get him but problem is that he thinks he's indestructible.
11 Nov. 1992
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9 Dec. 1992
Rest in Peace
Buddy sets out to get the man whom he believes is responsible for his father's death. And Buddy catches him doing something incriminating. When the man sees Buddy he tells him to ask Rags what happened to his father and leave him alone. When he looks for the file on his father, he discovers Rags has it and won't give it to him. And tells him who really killed his father.
9 Jan. 1993
A Dog's Life
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16 Jan. 1993
Dead Man Walking
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23 Jan. 1993
The Liquidator
When a mobster is told by one of his lieutenants that his son has been telling a girl he's been seeing things about the organization. And the lieutenant is worried that if she tells anyone what she knows it could cascade and affect the organization. So he asks permission from his boss to take her out. When they miss she turns to the guys fro protection. When the mobster hears of this he sends for THE LIQUIDATOR a professional hit man to deal with her.
Frankie Stein
When a dangerous criminal Matty helped send to prison is released, he becomes obsessed with catching him committing a crime. Eventually his future as a cop is in jeopardy. And he also reconsiders his plans to be a lawyer.
The 12th Victim
A serial killer threatens a blind psychiatrist and the team is assigned to protect her.

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