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Season 1

7 Sep. 1992
Axed by Addition
P.J. is so worried about being grounded for bad school grades that he tries to enjoy himself like he will never be able to do it again.
8 Sep. 1992
Unreal Estate
Pete has his eyes on the Ultra Fin Laser Guided Telescopic Fish Finder but Peg has other plans for him. She tells him of her plans to sell the lake house and gives Pete the weekend to get the house cleaned up, painted and ready to sell. She gives him money for a handyman which he promptly uses to buy the fish Finder. With twenty bucks left he hires Goofy to work on the house. Naturally, disaster and chaos ensue.
10 Sep. 1992
Midnight Movie Madness
After seeing a scary movie, Max and PJ fear they are being followed by a killer, and Pete uses this situation to his advantage.
15 Sep. 1992
Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp
As a gimmick to lure more customers to his dealership, Pete sets up an impossible half-pipe skateboard ramp and offers an award to anyone willing to try. Goofy, who has never won any awards in his life, decides to give it a try.
17 Sep. 1992
Slightly Dinghy
Max wants to find a sunken treasure.
21 Sep. 1992
Where There's Smoke, There's Goof
Safety suffers when Goofy becomes the town's fireman.
23 Sep. 1992
Hot Air
25 Sep. 1992
Wrecks, Lies & Videotape
Goofy and Pete vie for a prize on "America's Most Painful Home Videos".
1 Oct. 1992
Inspector Goofy
After seeing a competitor car lot, Pete encourages Goofy to become an inspector.
2 Oct. 1992
Shake, Rattle & Goof
Max and PJ got a rock band going on, and Goofy joins in- with a Ukelele?!
19 Oct. 1992
The Ungoofables
Goofy recounts to Max the story of his great granduncle Elliot Goof, a secret agent on the trail of a pair of most wanted outlaws.
22 Oct. 1992
All the Goof That's Fit to Print
Pete starts a newspaper to get the publicity for his car dealer, but runs into trouble when he becomes mistaken for an alien.
Nov. 1992
A Goof of the People
When pollution becomes an issue in Spoonerville, Goofy and Pete both run for mayor, both planning to stop it.
Nov. 1992
Lethal Goofin'
Bullies beware! Max and PJ, new School Safety Patrolmen, are on the prowl.
Nov. 1992
And Baby Makes Three
P.J. and Pistol are so worried about the arrival of a new baby in their family that they (and Max) decide to give Pete a "baby" he will never forget.
Nov. 1992
Mrs. Spoonerville
Slobbish Pete plays Mr. Clean in order to win a house cleaning contest.
For Pete's Sake
While Goofy tries to replace a damaged object of Pete's which he is fooled into thinking he caused, Pete receives a mysterious letter and thinks that somebody's out to kill him.
Rally Round the Goof
Pete decides to enter a car race, and he has Goofy for his good luck charm.
Calling All Goofs
Pete's plot to sabotage Goofy and Max's trip to Tierra del Fuego to visit with relatives backfires when Peg decides to invite the Goofs' family to Pete's house instead.
Goof Fellas
Goofy and Pete are put in witness protection for witnessing an attempted murder. But the would-be killers are now after them. And for good reason; Goofy is unable to really lay low!
The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy
Pete worries that he has been jinxed by the "Goof Curse", which he gets from being in Goofy's company. Eventually, Pete runs afoul of some burglars, and only Goofy can save him.
Educating Goofy
Goofy decides to go back to school to finish what he started and set an example for Max.
Partners in Grime
Pete is conned into buying a catering food truck and tries to prove to his wife that he can profit from the business. He ropes Goofy into being his partner.
Gunfight at the Okie-Doke Corral
Goofy tells Max the history of ancestor Mopalong Goofy and his confrontation with Pecos Pete.

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