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5 May 1992
Dark Knight
While searching for a serial killer, Nick Knight discovers a chance to end his vampire curse. While Schanke tracks down leads in the human world, Nick learns that the murder may be the work of the man who made him a vampire 700 years ago.
6 May 1992
Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
Nick comes face to face with the vampire LaCroix and kills him. But the serial murders continue and get personal when it is discovered that one of the victims was a friend of Nick's.
12 May 1992
For I Have Sinned
To apprehend a murderer who is supposedly killing in the name of God, Nick must overcome his vampire fear of the cross.
19 May 1992
Last Act
A young doctor dies, and all evidence points to suicide, and one of Nick's "old friends" (another vampire) commits suicide. Nick suspects the doctors death to be a murder, while contemplating the nature of suicide.
26 May 1992
Dance by the Light of the Moon
A gorgeous but deadly dancer, who manipulates men easily and kills for kicks, succeeds in drawing Nick into her dangerous web.
9 Jun. 1992
Dying to Know You
While investigating the kidnapping of two Toronto socialites, Nick finds himself working with a psychic who he fears will discover his dark secret.
4 Aug. 1992
False Witness
A known pornographer being investigated by Nick kills Nick's snitch when he finds a wire on him. Will Nick have to commit perjury to convict him?
11 Aug. 1992
Cherry Blossoms
A woman targetted in a mob hit in Chinatown escapes, but in critical condition. Now Nick must find her before the mobsters do,
15 Sep. 1992
I Will Repay
After Natalie's brother is fatally wounded by a gunman, she prevails upon Nick to turn him into a vampire, giving him eternal life.
22 Sep. 1992
Dead Air
A pop radio psychiatrist is horrified because one of her call-in listeners commits murder while she is on the air and Nick helps her get her confidence back.
29 Sep. 1992
When Schanke becomes the target of an avenging assassin, Nick races the clock to save his partner.
6 Oct. 1992
Dead Issue
Nick suspects a cover-up in the attempted rape of a police captain's wife and her subsequent shooting of the attacker.
13 Oct. 1992
Father Figure
Lisa is a troubled 10-year-old who is put in Nick's custody after she witnesses a mob hit.
27 Oct. 1992
Spin Doctor
Nick investigates the murder of a sleazy journalist who was in the process of blackmailing a mayoral candidate.
10 Nov. 1992
Dying for Fame
Nick and Schanke have to protect a rock n' roll star whose life is threatened.
17 Nov. 1992
Only the Lonely
A murderer who meets his victims through a dating service stalks Natalie, and she learns of Nick's secret past.
24 Nov. 1992
Unreality TV
Nick and Schanke are followed by a crew from a reality television show. When Nick is caught vamping, vampire enforcers try to kill all who saw.
1 Dec. 1992
Feeding the Beast
Nick tries to stop drinking blood but falls off the wagon and must fight his urges to go on a murderous spree.

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