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DVDs, anyone?
panic4213 December 2005
A terrific cartoon show with an all-star cast that fell victim to unfortunate scheduling (including being paired with a sitcom about a dragon-puppet-weatherman) and the 1992 NCAA Tournament. This animated noir was well ahead of its time, and might fit in well with the present-day "Adult Swim" lineup on Cartoon Network. CBS made a huge mistake in not giving it a second chance.

One longs for the handful of episodes that ran even more when reflecting on the passing of John Ritter, who starred as the voice of Inspector Gil, avenging ace of Fish City. One can hope against hope that there will one day be a DVD release.
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Why was this jewel ever cancelled, why oh why oh why?
TheLittleSongbird28 May 2009
I saw all 6 episodes on YouTube today, and I am wondering why this show was cancelled. The obvious answer is that it fell victim to network ratings. To me it is a highly underrated show, while not the best show on earth, I would definitely see the episodes again. The ideas for the show were imaginative, and the stories were simple but well-told. The dialogue is witty and inventive , and is the main reason why the show was as good as it was. The animation was excellent, with lovely colours and imaginative backgrounds. Though it may be dated by today's standards. The characters, while not as memorable as other animation characters are appealing, and are nimbly voiced by the likes of Megan Mullally, Hector Elizando, Tim Curry and the late John Ritter. Another honourable mention should go to Phil Hartman as Inspector CBass in the episode "Fish out of water". The music by James Horner is wonderful and dynamic. If you come across this show, watch it if you like shows that are really good but were unfairly cancelled, like Darkwing Duck, Talespin and Peter Pan and the Pirates. 10/10 Bethany Cox.
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Wish it would have lasted longer
kathsthe129 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this was a good series, unfortunately not lasting long. The cast was great. Some Spoilers Ahead The 1st episode = The Shell Game - it's Fish City & Inspector Gil (John Ritter) is investigating the murder of Clams Casino. Clams' girlfriend Angel (JoBeth) comes to i.d. body. She used to work for Gil and now sings in the casino. Gil likes a waitress Pearl (Megan). Angel's prints are all over the murder weapon(s) but Gil thinks she's innocent. Gil figures out it's Mrs. Casino & overhears her talking with Calamari (Hector) who previously told her that Clams was seeing Angel in hopes she would kill him. There are many sexual innuendos that would go over the heads of (most) children. Still & all it was very good & worth 23 minutes of my time.
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the greatest unknown show ever
mulletohair24 March 2003
people need to appreciate the hidden gems of the film world. fish police was a great show. i remember when it first came out. i believe it was when the show "dinosaurs" had just come out. i have all three episodes that were aired, and i have an actual animation cel from the show itself. fish police was a comic book before it was a cartoon. you can find it wherever good comics are sold. i urge all who have ever heard of this show to go and find the comics. overall i wish i could find more people who know about this show. have a nice day and goodnight.

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What with "Shark Tales" in theaters maybe it will make a comeback?
cayer2328 September 2004
I remember seeing this short lived series and liking it.

It was animation shown in prime time and was as much for adults as kids.

Maybe we just weren't in the mood for a "Fritz the Cat" under water at the time. The array of stars doing voice over work on this piece seems to have been "ahead of it's time".

Who knows? They may dust off the six episodes produced and re-release them to try and cash in on the popularity of the recent underwater animated stuff like Nemo and Shark Tales. Of course they can't be compared. Animation technology has come so far in those 10 years.
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Great film for children & adults alike.
to_carol11 August 2001
Wonderfully done movie that the kids have enjoyed tremendously. Witty, entertaining screenplay and dialog done by a talented group. I wish this is available in any medium/format to purchase.
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One of T.V.'s worst moments.
dootuss2 February 2002
I can't believe it's been 10 years since this drivel aired on T.V. All I remember is that it was a cartoon about fish as law enforcers, and it was so bad that it got canned after 3 weeks! God this show was utter crap. It was lame, and the show's point was dumb to begin with. Without a doubt, the worst new show of the 1991-1992 T.V. season!
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A Bizarre Endeavour
stcanard516 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A friend once told me about seeing part of a cartoon called "Fish Police" when she was a kid, and it sounded way too bizarre for me to imagine on my own. I luckily found the entire series on Youtube. Having watched the entire thing, I can say it's not very good. Not the worst thing I've ever seen, but it could really use improvement. It comes off as a children's cartoon that was suddenly "spiced up" right before production to become more adult.

A few things bothered me, like the times when the animation is more expressive than the actors, and then the other way around. And how Calamari's sole character trait is "Don Vito Corleone knockoff". As well, why does Connie Koi always have her eyes it seriously how they want us to identify that she's Asian? And as well, the extent of the show's humour is fish puns and sex jokes. That's pretty much it, aside from a reoccurring theme with a crab that keeps crashing a taxi into things. I think the prize-winning worst line in the entire series was this:

Gil: "Angel's completely innocent!" Pearl: "Not since she was fourteen."

Like, it's probably obvious why that left a horrible taste in my mouth. (And if this were Fish Police, someone would follow up to that sentence with a sex reference.) The only character I found myself really liking was Tad, and he did cause a few funny moments in how he would keep appearing at Gil's convenience.

Maybe this could have worked for CBS if they made the humour a little more sophisticated. As well, if they made the characters human, but I only say that because the art style of the show isn't bad at all, and the characters probably would've looked very appealing as people. The show DID hold my attention...if it didn't, I wouldn't have watched all six episodes. But there's so much lost potential in it that I really can't give it a pass.
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Never should have been axed in such fashion...shame.
J Ritty8 March 2017
This show was actually pretty good. What can be said that hasn't already? Great cast and it's not ALL just one note fish jokes. There's a LOT but they're all throwaways and not considered big laughs that fall flat - that's a totally different thing. Even Don Knotts was up in this b*tch! Ritter was SUCH a talent - the guy SEEMS so simple on the surface people never really gave him his credit. He's done brilliant work and like John Candy he was never replaced.

This show show have been toned down by 5% (that's not much) just the hell's or damn's...maybe an innuendo here and there and place on sat afternoons or mornings even. Watching it NOW (like some many things looking back when you're older) well sure you could say it could be more complex in the mystery part but for a cartoon it works just fine.

It's not a classic as the 6 episodes stand, but it is something I would have watched - had I given it the chance. Anything that was done in prime time to combat the simpsons failed until King of the Hill so this never had a chance but after only 3 episodes how could anyone think anything else but that it sucked. Family Dog bombed and I think there was a cat show? LOL This was aimed to high and should have been marketed differently...could have sold some toys even.

I wished there were more episodes having just watched all 6. Such talent and such little faith? Fox is fickle..oh Capitol Critters! That was the other one lol
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