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Author: LeMarchand from UK
6 September 2004

It's been a while since I saw this, but I felt that I had to provide some balance to the other comment so far recorded for this title.

I've actually seen most of the show twice. I caught the tail end channel-hopping through late night TV, and managed to catch the whole season a year or so later.

The show reminds me a bit of "Nowhere Man" and has the same dreamy sense of wonder. I think what made the show for me was that (despite it's early cancellation) the final episode actually offers some sort of resolution.

Worth a look - I'd certainly watch it again if it was repeated.

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comments on the 5th corner

Author: kasvstar from United States
31 December 2004

i absolutely loved this show when it came out. i was so angry with the network for not continuing the season. i had seen the movie and had watched all of the weekly shows. the night of the Rodney king news story was the night that the episode was about a flash back of the main characters' from Viet Nam. i understood that the Rodney King news story took precedent, but was very unhappy that the network just never showed the rest of the episodes that were made for the season. if anyone knows how i can get a copy of the movie and the episodes that were made, i sure would appreciate the information. i have never understood why the network didn't try to let this show have a 2nd chance. even today, this show would be a hit. shame on them!

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The Fifth Corner Was Superb!!

Author: MCETXCEM from Morgans Point Resort, TX
19 September 2004

I just transfered the pilot movie and 1st episode to DVD last night for my own future enjoyment, this series had so much going for it, great stars, great music and a great story, unfortunately it just wasn't what the viewing public wanted, I think if the show friends can go 11 seasons then they could have given this show more time, James Coburn was perfect as DR Grandwell, but I can't imagine his committing to a series, Alex McArthur was perfect as Richard Braun?,If anyone has the whole series on videotape I would either pay or trade for those episodes, and to Sandcrab; I doubt you gave the show a chance!!, If this show was on TV today it would be a winner!!, it had the perfect mood and atmosphere, check it out if it ever airs again,

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Very Short-Lived ? Not For Me !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
19 February 2009

10 years ago I was setting in front of my TV. The time was nearly 2 AM, yet our second channel (of the national Egyptian TV) used to surprise us with unannounced foreign drama at this time in specific. Through this very chance I discovered before one of the 1980s gems (Spenser for Hire), a unique sitcom (Herman's Head), or strange sci-fi (VR_5). This time I found myself in front of something different that despite its shortness had blown my mind.

It's a show, but not like any other show. Initially the elements capture your attention so smartly : cool spy with amnesia, a hero who chases his own fact and be chased in the same time, a sidekick, a gorgeous girl, a powerful enemies, and a thrilling truths yet to be revealed.

The atmosphere was so sharp and stylistic. It got what you can call rarely a new elements, for little instance : the not common but magical zither music that made the ambiguity so appealing, the character of sarcastic "blind" computer expert (!), or the novelty of the title itself; the fifth corner which could refer to a certain way this spy always finds to escape from a four-corners room. Wow.

(Alex McArthur) was unforgettable as the witty lively lead. (Kim Delaney) was outrageously sexy and one damn reason for me to not be able to leave my seat for anything. (James Coburn) is the funniest evil man; one of the major disappointments is not seeing him long in such a charming role, bringing back the "Flint" glamour but as bad guy. And who can forget (J. E. Freeman) as the taxi driver (Boone) who lives in the cab, reading comics, helping out the good guys, giving the show the cartonnish jest it needs.

It surely reminds me of an old show I read about it once named (Coronet Blue - 1967), starring (Frank Converse). Both of them got a character of one mysterious hunted man who got, guess what, amnesia. Searching for himself, suspecting that he's a spy, and ironically the 2 shows had the same deplorable luck because they were cancelled too early, and the secrets were kept secret !!

Actually, that gives it a feel of deep frustration more than an attractive side. I sense the rage already when I read that there were remaining filmed episodes from (The Fifth Corner) but just never shown ! Though it came to my knowledge lately that there is a DVD somewhere that has, and get ready to this folks, the pilot (Trio), with 4, and I repeat 4 episodes : (Eva), (Home), (Woman At Her Toilette), and (The Sword of Damocles). To the IMDb's page of the episode's list : Eat This !

This time I really hope for a remake; though it would mess its original cast's flavor, but it's the only way to watch it, and experience its own good formula right. Anyhow I'll always remember this show, it's maybe the most unfortunate potential one ever.

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Don't waste the time

Author: sandcrab from not London, England
30 May 2003

This film would have been better left unshown. I make it a rule not to criticize the deceased so Coburn gets the only kudos out of this although I don't have the slightest idea why he would have agreed to appear in the first place. The rest of the cast must have needed a payday real bad to even approach this stinker. Do yourself a favor and skip it.

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