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Absolutely brilliant
rebeljenn3 July 2004
I loved this cartoon with the silly fat, fat, purple, and clueless cat and his friends (Mittens, Elmo, Sharkey, Annabelle, and the boring squirrel neighbors). There were a lot of movie parodies and inside jokes: A Hard Day's Night, Rain Man, Elvis, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Graduate, Terminator, etc. It's too bad that there were not more in the series and that the cartoon was not as popular as it could have been. (Maybe if they'd marketed it better?)

I watched it when I was in my mid teens and then again when I was in university, and I loved it both times. I wish they'd bring it back or put it onto DVD. I'd certainly buy it if they did because this show has provided me with a lot of laughter and I occasionally bring it up with my friends, many who haven't heard of it.
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Baroque9 December 2002
Wild, manic, and very, very clever. Perhaps a bit TOO hip for the kids. Eek is a hopelessly optimistic cat who is head over heels over the neighbor's cat, Wendy Elizabeth, a massively obese feline, who shares a backyard with Sharkey, a (literally) fire-breathing fusion of dog and shark. It's not this combination that made the series so memorable, it was the themes of many of the episodes that were parodies of films.

What other animated series could get away with parodies of "A Clockwork Orange", "Apocalypse Now", "Easy Rider" and "Pulp Fiction"? I was half expecting a parody of "Eraserhead" to show up.

If it ever gets back onto TV, watch it. Especially for the hyperkinetic opening segment from the show's first season.
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Chucky_Jr26 October 2006
This is one of my favorite shows from my childhood. The crazy, sometimes even Monty Python-like humor is incredible. The main character is the lovable purple cat. He tries to be helpful and kind to others, but because he's a bit clumsy and dumb, he sometimes makes things even worse. The other characters like his overweight girlfriend, his owners (A mother and her bratty kids) and the shark-like dog who is always out to get him are a lot fun to. Some of the episodes had some satirical humor in them, as well as good, old crazy cartoon violence. Why this hilarious show hasn't been released on DVD yet I don't understand.
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Simply genius
goose74923 January 2004
Eek is amongst one of my favorite cartoons of all time. It is the epitome of physical violence. Eek, a fat purple cat, lives for one thing - helping others. The show is based upon disproving Eek's mantra, "It never hurts to help." Of course, all Eek's pains go entirely unnoticed by his bratty family.

This show is a work of genius simply because it takes a character that we're taught to be like, a cat with an altruistic nature straight from the bible (KUMBAYA!), and pits him against modern problems, obviously greatly exaggerated for effect. The genius is in the simplicity of this. Of course, this simplicity can only make so many episodes, and so Eek soon joined with The Terrible Thunderlizards (think Garfield and US Acres), and the Eek segments were shorter. Once this happened, Eek was no longer quite as good. Still, it was a brand of humor that has never been very well replicated, which is unfortunate. We need more cartoons like this.
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Get it off! Get if OFF!
bigsleepj18 June 2001
Certainly one of the most original spoof shows in the history of television is Eek! the Cat. It's surreal, it's nonsensical, it's satirical---the things the best shows are made of.

You can't help but love this series with such wonderful characters: Eek! the purple cat, his obese girlfriend Annabelle and her pet shark-dog Sharky, Mittens the depressed cat and Elmo the Incredible Elk, whose little brother Timmy always have some kind of bizarre ailment. This show spoofs pretty much every famous movie. Some of the best spoofs are Jaws (a mutated fish in the kiddie pool), Apocalypse Now! (a search for a surprisingly obese Sharky), the Exorcist (pea soup, Barney the Dinosaur and big-eyed dolls), Pulp Fiction (a briefcase, a Geek in a box and a dentist) and The Terminator (dog catchers and the Hubble Space telescope).

Each episode consists of the following. Eek! is dating Annabelle, Sharky doesn't like Eek! and wants to hurt him. Elmo the Elk goes about raising money for his Little Brother Timmy's operation while Mittens just try to get through the day. These aren't different shorts like Animaniacs; these are usually all the same episode.

Brought to you by the man who brought us the movie Better off Dead (Savage Steve Holland) this series is pure genius. It does have it's faults but if you love weird TV this is the series for you.
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Garfield, eat your heart out!
I liked Garfield but I loved Eek! When I look back on Eek, I realize his girlfriend Annabelle was a horrific reflection of the "then" beautiful Anna Nicole Smith. I mean really.EEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!! This cartoon featured the likes of dinosaurs being fooled by an idealistic neanderthal and a frustrated one! If a miracle occurs and this is back on the air, collect em!!!! I especially loved Mr T REX!!! (you photosynthesized foo!!!!)
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I love this show
Liz-5923 August 1999
As a huge fan of ridiculous television, this show fits my style perfectly. It's pretty much about a cat named Eek who has a strange paranoia about pretty much everything (Monsters, Bananas, Mr. Roger) and all of his friends who take him on wild adventures. It's kind of like Scooby Doo, but the dog is a cat, the humans are animals and it's not so involved.
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Tom van der Esch22 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Kumbaya! This cartoon show was (and still is) one of my favorite series on TV ever! I'm very glad I was able to download it all recently. It's hard to find it nowadays.

With it's insane humor, wacky situations, GREAT movie spoofs, wonderful characters and amazing voice acting, this show is a true wonder to behold.

They don't make shows like these anymore.

I could go on forever about how good this is, but it's best that you find it and watch it yourself.

I give this cartoon a fat 9 out of 10 stars. It's THAT good!
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A Classic Fox Kids show.
jimy2319 January 2012
Like Animaniacs Tiny Toons Batman This is A Classic show from Fox kids which is sadly no longer around. EEK was a cartoon that spoofed movies that many kids would not know about not just episodes but the titles would be make reference to movies. Eek was an unlucky cat who had high hopes and a positive attitude despite what happened he would usually be chased by the shark dog that terrorized most everyone his girlfriend was a 200 pound pink cat named Annabelle. There was another cartoon that aired on season 2 the terrible thunder lizards it was about the prehistoric age where dinosaur lived in an advanced city and raged war with primitive humans who where just starting to learn three Dino soldiers where sent to attack two human cavemen one was an inventor Scooter the other was the chew toy who had worst luck then Eek Bill. The third cartoon with aired near the end of the series Klutter was about a bunch of cloths that came to life when shocked with static electricity. This is one of the shows that made fox kids what it was it's a true 90's classic I still watch EP's on youtube.
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One of the Funniest Cartoons
akcelt3 February 2001
EEK the cat was one of the few cartoons that was actually entertaining for me and my kids. It was funny on a lot of different levels that all worked. It's definately worth a check out if you like pop culture references, spoofs and twisted humor.
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The Terrible Thunderlizards was a better show.
Mr_Garak1 March 2003
EEK The Cat was a pretty funny show, from what I remember EEK is a purple coloured cat who in almost every episode either gets attacked by his Girlfriend Annabelles pet shark dog "Sharky" or is suckered into doing some insanely dangerous stunt for Elmo the elk to raise money for an operation for his little brother Timmy's newest bizzare ailment whatever that might be he seems to suffer from a different one in every episode.

the other cartoon (which is alot better than EEK) "The Terrible Thunder Lizards" was an excellent show about these three commando Dinosaurs who where the most incompetent soldiers imaginable, think of The A Team but far far worse, there was one that was always shouting, one that was a surfer type guy (with the voice and all), and one who was the sort of scientist of the group who sounded alot like Arnold Schwarzenegger I think his name was Doc, I remember their commander was voiced by Kurtwood Smith, and they where fighting a war against what appeared to be Dinosaur skeletons, and at the end of every episode they manage to save the Dinosaur species from total annihilation from the Skeleton guys but normally end up destroying something of great importance to their commander (Kurtwood Smith's character)

I loved The Thunderlizards intro music some great Kick ass guitar rock music with someone singing lyrics "The Terrible Thunder Lizards" along with the music.

They should release the episodes on DVD, EEK The Cat I could do without but The Terrible Thunderlizards was excellent and must be released sometime on DVD.
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It never hurts to help
Op_Prime23 August 2000
This was a hilarious cartoon. Filled with wild adventures and non stop cartoon violence. Eek always says, 'It never hurts to help.' But it usually does. The Thunderlizards were also very funny. This was one of the best shows on Fox Kids to date.
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