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9 Sep. 1995
Valley of the Dogs/Klutter
Valley of the Dogs: Sharky goes to Broadway to try become a star. Klutter: The first episode about Klutter, a pile of clothes and garbage being brought to life with static electricity.
16 Sep. 1995
Pup Fiction/The Klutter and I (Infection)
Pup Fiction: This whole episode is a spoof on the movie Pulp Fiction. Sharky takes the lead role. The Klutter and I (Infection): Klutter and friends want to stay up late to watch a horror movie.
23 Sep. 1995
Natural Bored Kittens/The Lizard of Aaaahs
Natural Bored Kittens: Three kittens are chased by Sharky and hide with Eek. To pass time, Eek tells them stories of his youth. The Lizard of Aaaahs: The Thunderlizards have to stop the latest invention of the Thuggasaurs: Thuggasaur robots.
Going to Eekstremes
Eek's cousin, Cat, persuades Eek to enter a few dangerous sports. Our purple little friend is going to endure some painful situations.
Sharktarian fleas are running amok everywhere! Eek, Elmo, Sharky and Mittens are put in a quarantine.
Octopussy Cat
It never hurts to help get an octopus back to the ocean, right Eek?
Dazed and Eekstremely Confused/FrankenKlutter
Dazed and Eekstremely confused: John Landis makes a new film and Eek is cast as the lead. A movie about watermelons and elephants. FrankenKlutter: Klutter is abducted by a mad scientist who's determined to discover Klutter's secret of life.
PolitEekly Correct
Eek and Sharky travel to various cities where certain music types have originated.
Eek Space 9
Another episode with Eek as the captain of the starship Shoesuntied. This time they have to stop crazed Star Commander Berzerk from destroying the universe. The X-Files' FBI agents Scully and Mulder have a small cameo at the end.
The GraduEek
Shark falls in love with a young mail carrier trainee.
Lizard of Aaaahs
The thunder lizards have to fight against the latest creation of the Thuggasaurs: Thuggasaur robots.
The Yawn of Man
Babs has a new home and is boasting about it to Scooter and Bill. At the same time the Thuggasaurs plan to use a new weapon on Jurrasic city. This weapon makes adults turn into babies.
The Magnificent 5
The Thunderlizards get help from an unusual bunch of dinosaurs and Mr. T-Rex. Together they are send out to stop the Thuggasaurs.
While the Thunderlizards enthusiastically take up their new hobby gardening, General Galapagos has an annoying tabloid reporter to keep at bay.
Arctic Blast
Somehow Bill and Scooter found their way to the arctic. The Thunderlizards try to destroy them there using an Aurora Borealis missile.

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