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10 Oct. 2014
While She Was Sleeping
Aspen, Colorado: a snow covered playground and safe haven for well-heeled owners and celebrities. That is until one cold February night when a frantic woman calls 9-1-1, barely comprehensible, about a discovery at a secluded chalet overlooking Buttermilk mountain. What happened?
24 Oct. 2014
Mystery in Orange County
In Santa Ana, California, Maribel Ramos, an ex- private in the army, calls 911 to warn officials that she would be defending herself if anything bad happened to her. Later she turns up dead.
21 Nov. 2014
Mystery on the Early Shift
A payroll director for a medical products company in Kentucky is murdered at her workplace. The list of suspects starts with her husband and ends with co-workers which were there when the murder was reported.
19 Mar. 2015
Robert Durst: Inside the Long, Strange Trip
A chronicle of the life of Robert Durst and the murders and disappearances he was implicated in.
24 Apr. 2015
The Promise
The disappearance of a 20-year-old honors student is solved decades later.
7 May 2015
Tom Brokaw: A Lucky Life Interrupted
Tom Brokaw discusses his battle with cancer and his 2015 memoir, "A Lucky Life Interrupted". An intimate look inside Brokaw's family life, including conversations about his diagnosis with his wife and children.
8 May 2015
Secrets on Hot Springs Drive
A woman is murdered in a Georgia home invasion. Then her friend and neighbor is shot the following night. Investigators unearth disturbing secrets that suggest the cases may not be a coincidence.
15 May 2015
The Secret
Investigators re-open a 20-year-old murder case after a dark secret comes back to haunt a psychology professor.
17 May 2015
Dateline Sunday Mystery
The husband becomes the primary suspect when his wife disappears. Then evidence emerges that supports his alibi.
17 May 2015
Hope & Heartbreak
Hidden camera investigations reveal the hope and heartbreak associated with parents desperate to adopt.
28 May 2015
The Evil to Come
In 2014, investigators follow the trail of a virtually untraceable prepaid cell phone call surrounding the death of businesswoman Peggy Nadell.
29 May 2015
The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom
2007, Grand Junction, Colorado: Divorced, single mom Paige Birgfeld goes missing and her car is found burned but with no one inside. Then her personal belongings are found. After clearing all her ex-husbands, her 'clients' are looked at.
31 May 2015
In 2006, 27-year-old Justine Abshire, a beloved teacher in a small Virginia town, dies as a result of an apparent hit-and-run by a mysterious stranger...until investigators start learning more about her and her husband Eric's relationship.
4 Jun. 2015
Dangerous Liaisons
The affair of a 15-year-old student and a 33-year-old teacher creates an emotional courtroom battle.
7 Jun. 2015
Growing Hope
Three Virginia families, who have children with intractable epilepsy, fight to legalize an oil from marijuana that has shown promise in helping reduce chronic seizures.
7 Jun. 2015
My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger
Hidden cameras capture children's reactions when they are approached by people they have met once and only briefly. Also, children's reactions to 'stranger danger'.
11 Jun. 2015
The Mystery at Empire Lake
A New York millionaire, charged with murder in connection with the disappearance of his wife on 9/11/2001, denies all involvement.
12 Jun. 2015
The Devil in Disguise
A woman suspects poisoning when she finds her husband of five months dead on the bedroom floor with no clue as to what happened.
14 Jun. 2015
Out of the Shadows
Profiles the lives of children with rare medical conditions that force them to avoid sunlight and the parents who protect their children from sun, isolation and ridicule.
14 Jun. 2015
My Kid Would Never Do That: Party Safety and Sex
Hidden cameras capture teenagers' reactions to drinking and nude photos of classmates being shared at a party; a survivor of sexual assault shares her story with teens.
18 Jun. 2015
Secrets on Shalimar Way
Two friends of a woman who appears to die in an accidental fall in the shower spend more than two years seeking justice for their friend.
19 Jun. 2015
Robert Durst: The Long, Strange Story
The 60-year road of Robert Durst's mental illness.
21 Jun. 2015
My Kid Would Never Do That: Kids and Gun Safety
Hidden cameras capture children's reactions to found guns to find the most effective way to educate children about gun safety.
26 Jun. 2015
While He Was Sleeping
When a luxury car dealer is found dead in 2012, detectives suspect one of his lovers. But lack of evidence stalls the case until a superstar detective finds a clue that breaks it wide open.
28 Jun. 2015
Climbers affected by an avalanche devastating Mt. Everest base camp due to the April 2015 earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed millions of homes.
10 Jul. 2015
Miami Heat
When Janepsy Mesa Carballo kills the man she suspects of being involved in an attack that left her husband dead and her young son wounded, she claims self-defense.
17 Jul. 2015
Shining Star
Louisiana, 2009: Chiquita Tate rose from poverty to become a successful criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge. She's found brutally stabbed one night in her office and investigators start scouring her roster of clients. But her killer may be closer to home.

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