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Season 25

23 Sep. 2016
After the Storm
Texas, 2001: Diane Holik is strangled in her home. Family and friends are slowly eliminated until it is likely a stranger murder. Then multiple women report a man behaving strangely while looking at properties for sale or rent.
30 Sep. 2016
The Accused
New York, 2011: Garrett Phillips, 12, is found strangled. His white mom names black ex-boyfriend Nick Hillary as most likely to kill Garret. Nick is targeted. Despite having only circumstantial evidence, the D.A. proceeds with the case.
7 Oct. 2016
On a Lonely Road
A 30-year-old cold case heats up, when a daughter investigates the mysteries of her mother's death.
21 Oct. 2016
Secrets in the Smoky Mountains
Tennessee, 2006: Bob McClancy, a Vietnam vet, is found dead of a drug overdose. Bob had PTSD from being a soldier and a cop. His wife Martha Ann soon starts dating Bob's best friend. Suspicions abound and a complex con gradually unravels.
28 Oct. 2016
In Cold Blood
Florida, 2012: Kim Dorsey is found stabbed and bludgeoned to death in her home in a gated community in an especially brutal assault. Starting with her husband, a litany of suspects are investigated including a sound system repair person. The question is: how close-to-home is the murderer?
4 Nov. 2016
The Good Husband
New York, 2011: Tom Kolman, a supervisor, is found dead in his car. Tom's a relatively healthy 40-year-old, so investigators rule out a health condition as the cause of death. But there's no obvious cause of death. Until the toxicology reports come back: Tom had Midazolam in his system, a sedative only available to medical professionals. This opens the door for the investigation.
11 Nov. 2016
The Man Who Knew Too Much
California, 2000: Michelle O'Keefe is found dead in her car in a parking lot. Raymond Lee Jennings, a security guard patrolling the parking lot, says he saw her after she was shot. He seems to know things only the killer would know. But, due to lack of any forensic evidence (and even blood evidence that seems to rule him out), he isn't arrested until nearly six years later. A cautionary tale on the recent trend of too-heavy reliance on circumstantial evidence follows.
18 Nov. 2016
Stranger Than Fiction
Missouri, 2011: Betsy Faria is found stabbed. Her husband Russ is convicted of the murder. He gets a re-trial four years later in 2015 and the case is featured in Dateline's 'Return to Game Night.' This time, the trial is decided only by a judge and Russ is found innocent. But a person who contributed so much to the state's case, Pam Hupp, would have surprises of her own.
2 Dec. 2016
The Last Day
California, 2014: Erin Corwin, a marine wife, lives safely on a marine base. Or so she thinks. She goes missing after visiting Joshua Tree, a vast national park in the Mojave desert. Her husband Jon is suspected first, of course, but he seems to be genuine in his grief for his lost spouse. During the investigation, a web of infidelity, lies and intrigue reveals itself.
9 Dec. 2016
Someone Was Waiting
When a captivating woman is found dead in her garage, detectives in Frisco, Texas uncover a series of suspects - all of them connected in different ways to her complicated and secretive life. Josh Mankiewicz reports.
16 Dec. 2016
The House on the Lake/The Sting
New York, 2001: Michele Harris, wife of millionaire car dealer Cal Harris, goes missing on 9/11/2001 but police can't find a body or a murder weapon. The case is featured on Dateline's 'The Mystery at Empire Lake.' Cal is charged with murder after four years. A mistrial is declared twice due to shocking circumstances. What verdict will the third trial bring? Florida, 2009: Dalia Dippolito plots to kill her husband Michael Dippolito. The police record the exchange with an informant after setting up a sting. She claims she and the informant, her former lover Mohammed ...
30 Dec. 2016
California, 2011: Michelle Le, a nursing student, goes missing. Police believe that someone close to her did it. After four months, a body is found in a remote canyon area. It's Michelle. But, even before this, police have already made an arrest.
13 Jan. 2017
Barack Obama: Reality of Hope
Outgoing President Barack Obama sits down with Lester Holt for an intimate interview in Chicago aboard Air Force One, right before Obama's farewell address to the nation.
20 Jan. 2017
45th President (elect) Donald J. Trump's inauguration ceremony and simultaneous anti-Trump protests; The Phillipines, 2011: Mother Gerfa and son Kevin Lunsmann and a cousin are kidnapped by terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf. Gerfa and the cousin are eventually released but not Kevin. This is the story of their abduction and escape from terror.
27 Jan. 2017
Georgia, 2014: 22-month-old Cooper Harris is found dead after being in a hot car for about 7 hours. His dad, who was the only one in the car with Cooper, and his mother exhibit suspicious behavior in reaction to their son's death. His dad, Justin Ross Harris, says he forgot to drop Cooper off at daycare and totally forgot about him being in the car. He forgets about Cooper on multiple occasions even though there are numerous things that could have (and perhaps should have) jogged his memory. Leanna Taylor, Cooper's mother, is worried and starts searching for Cooper ...
29 Jan. 2017
Tom Brokaw: The First 50 Years
A 2-hour celebration of 50 years of reporting (1966-2016) by anchor and correspondent Tom Brokaw, featuring his most memorable stories. Also, Brokaw interviews celebrities such as Oprah and Tom Hanks on the future of America and they interview him back.
3 Feb. 2017
A Texas Twist
Texas, 2012: Mollie Olgin, a high school graduate, is found dead by a beach. Alongside her is Kristene Chapa, shot but miraculously alive. She regains consciousness a few days later and is able to give a description of her unknown attacker to create a police sketch. Suspects are investigated, but the case grows cold. Then, two years later, a letter arrives that points to a new suspect and re-ignites the case.
10 Feb. 2017
Kansas, 1989: Sarah De Leon, in her first year of community college, is found stabbed and bludgeoned by some railroad tracks. Five years later, another murder of a female nearby seems similar and possibly linked but police don't make a connection. The case goes cold for more than 20 years due to lack of a crime scene, a murder weapon and forensic evidence. After persistence and pressure by the original investigator and the family, the case is re-opened and suspects are finally identified. Then, in 2016, an arrest is made.
17 Feb. 2017
Return to Manitowoc County: The State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. Avery
Wisconsin, 2017: Teresa Halbach, murdered in 2005, was the victim in the Netflix 10-part documentary Making a Murderer (MaM), which became a Netflix binge-watching phenomenon in 2015. Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were convicted in 2007 to life in prison for the murder. This updates the case with surprising information not included in MaM. Lead investigator Tom Fassbender, who interrogated Dassey and some believe produced a false confession, is on camera for the first time defending his actions and the prosecution's evidence. He says Avery's blood found in Halbach's...
24 Feb. 2017
California, 2016: Angela Diaz is harassed via email threats by a person who creates fake 'rape fantasy' ads on Craigslist and gives Diaz's address so men show up in person to her house expecting sex. Diaz claims one of the men rapes her. Diaz files a restraining order against Michelle Hadley, her husband's ex-girlfriend, claiming Hadley sent the emails and caused her to get raped. When men keep coming due to the Craigslist ad, Hadley is arrested but let out on bail and then arrested again. But as the police dig deeper into the case, they uncover what may be the exact ...
26 Feb. 2017
Florida, 2009: Quinn Gray, a homemaker, calls her husband Reid and tells her she's kidnapped, she doesn't know where she is and three men want $50,000 to release her. The Grays are wealthy, so Reid has no problem getting the money together quickly. She calls him repeatedly with money drop locations but the directions are so rushed and chaotic that no money is exchanged. Quinn's mom takes over and drops the money in a parking lot. Three random guys pick it up and call 911 so they don't get into trouble. The money drop is a bust. But, as investigators dig and dig, a ...
3 Mar. 2017
When a rising star attorney in South Florida is murdered, police investigate whether her death is connected to a web of fraud, betrayal and more than $1 billion in missing money. Dennis Murphy reports.
17 Mar. 2017
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24 Mar. 2017
The House in the Woods/Frantic
The House in the Woods: A former hockey player discovers his wife murdered in their home. His young daughter says she saw a robber, but the killer's true identity turns out to be far more complicated. Andrea Canning reports. Frantic: A twenty-three year old woman goes missing from a high-end shopping mall in Plano, TX. Her family members search for her, while police try to find out who might have been responsible for her disappearance. Josh Mankiewicz reports.
31 Mar. 2017
Double Lives
The investigation into the disappearance of a mother of three in Colorado reveals she was living a double life.
7 Apr. 2017
Down the Back Staircase
Michael Peterson, who was granted a new trial after the 2003 conviction in the murder of his wife was overturned, discusses the case and his decision to enter an Alford plea.
14 Apr. 2017
Nightfall/Good & Evil
After a young mom is found dead on the side of a country road, 40 miles away from her Knoxville home, investigators scrambled to figure out how she ended up there.
12 May 2017
A Shot in the Dark
When Cara Ryan shoots her ex-husband and accuses him of threatening to kill her, police question her motive. This Friday, Ryan speaks out exclusively to Keith Morrison about the outcome of the stunning trial.
19 May 2017
Secrets of the Desert
Deep in the Sonoran desert, the mystery surrounding the deaths of three women takes 17 years to untangle, and is only solved when a fourth woman comes forward with the truth.
21 May 2017
Under the Prairie Sky
When a mother of three mysteriously disappears, the only clue is her abandoned vehicle on a lonely Montana highway.
2 Jun. 2017
The Intruder
When shots ring out at a home in Saco, Maine, Rachel Owens is found shot in the head.
16 Jun. 2017
The Silhouette
In the early morning dark in San Antonio, Texas, a husband shot his wife, saying he mistook her for an intruder. Was this a terrible accident or a case of deliberate murder?
23 Jun. 2017
As Night Fell
Police investigate whether the shooting of a young woman in Utah was an accident or something more sinister.
7 Jul. 2017
The Knock at the Door
After a young woman is found murdered, her case eventually goes cold. Will her mother's search for answers bring justice?
14 Jul. 2017
The Fire Inside
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21 Jul. 2017
The battle between a wife and a mistress for the heart of one man leads to a deadly car chase.
28 Jul. 2017
After the Early Shift
Josh Mankiewicz reports on the latest stunning developments in the investigation of a young woman found dead in a Kentucky warehouse where she worked. After a man is convicted, could an unexpected revelation change his fate?
4 Aug. 2017
The Summer of Manson
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