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Tangled Web

Florida, 2012: Sam Dreher, a fire department medic, is shot four times and is found on the stairs of an apartment complex. In a love triangle (actually a love square) involving Ashley Madison, the flames of jealousy ...

Season 25

25 Sep. 2015
Footprint in the Dust
Montana, 1998: Multiple men are at or near the crime scene of Susan Casey, who was murdered in early morning hours. But a lone footprint in some sand leads to the suspected killer.
2 Oct. 2015
The Agent's Wife
Virginia, 2013: Authorities work two years and it takes three trials to solve the shooting death of the wife of an FBI agent in the kitchen of her family's Virginia home.
9 Oct. 2015
Twisted Tale
California, 2009: Denise Huskin's abduction is suspected to be a hoax until a similar case occurs later.
9 Oct. 2015
The Cosby Accusers Speak
Dateline NBC looks at the rape accusations against comedian Bill Cosby. It gathers twenty seven of his accusers for an group interview in which the woman discuss their assaults. She also interviews separately several Cosby accusers who came forward in 2005 but remained anonymous when they testified under oath.
16 Oct. 2015
In the Shadow of Justice: The Confession
Texas, 1993: 16-year-old Daniel Villegas confesses to a murder but later claims he's innocent. Ten years later a relative-in-law, John Mimbella, promises to free him after seeing the effects on his family.
23 Oct. 2015
Tipping Point
New York, 1990: Johnny Hincapie is one of seven people convicted for the murder of Utah tourist Brian Watkins in the NYC subway. Twenty-five years later, he gets a second chance for justice.
23 Oct. 2015
Without a Trace: Carrie Olson
Iowa, 2013: Carrie Elaine Olson goes missing and the current boyfriend and ex-boyfriend are suspects. Circumstantial evidence starts mounting and pointing to one suspect.
30 Oct. 2015
One Spring Night
New Hampshire, 2014: Owen LaBrie's 'senior salute' to a 15-year-old college freshman at St. Paul's School leads to charges of sexual assault.
6 Nov. 2015
Under a Full Moon
2012, Nevada: Shauna Tiaffay, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress and mother, is attacked in her home. When detectives start pursuing multiple leads, it becomes clear that the investigation has just begun.
13 Nov. 2015
Terror in Paris
Survivors and analysts of the 11/13/15 attacks in Paris are interviewed, with news updates still coming in.
20 Nov. 2015
Troubled Waters
California, 1997: Pegye Bechler, a physical therapist in Orange County, goes missing after an alleged boating accident while with her husband Eric. Tina New is Eric's next love interest. Gradually she learns the truth.
4 Dec. 2015
Obsession in the Lone Star State
Texas, 2012: Joseph Sonnier, a successful doctor, is murdered in his home. A web of women he was peripherally involved with were initially suspected, but the killer was someone closer to home.
11 Dec. 2015
Something Sweet
Ohio, 2009: Ray Kotomski, a retired and divorced corrections officer, goes through marriage and children again. After separating from his wife, he is found in his home unconscious and his wife decides to let him go after being in a coma for three days. Suicide? Or murder?
18 Dec. 2015
Internal Affairs
North Carolina, 2007: Denita Monique Smith, a graduate student and budding photographer, is found dead on the stairs of her apartment complex. A 911 caller leads detectives to believe the victim's fiancé is the key to solving the case.
8 Jan. 2016
Mystery in Big Sky Country
Montana, 1996: Bryan Rein, a veterinarian in the small town of Geraldine, was murdered in his home with his own gun. Initially ruled as a suicide because a 911 caller described it that way, it eventually was ruled a homicide. A 20-year odyssey for justice would ensue.
15 Jan. 2016
Plot Twist
California, 2010: Two actors, Rachel Buffett and Daniel Wozniak, are at the center of the investigation of two murders. In a major plot twist, as they were about to be married, one had something to confess and the other dealt with the fallout.
17 Jan. 2016
Where the Heart Is
Oregon, 2006: Stacy and Jason Bingham are told that all FIVE of their children are susceptible to heart issues, even with no history of heart disease in their families, as one child undergoes a heart transplant and another child's heart begins to fail.
17 Jan. 2016
Do No Harm
Michigan, 2014: Oncologist Farid Fata has a word-of-mouth reputation for being one of the best cancer doctors in the Detroit area. But, after years of other health care professionals questioning his aggressive treatment techniques, federal authorities step in. The 550+ victims of the 'death doctor' emerge.
22 Jan. 2016
Return to Game Night
Missouri, 2015: Russ Faria was convicted of murdering his wife in 2011. He got a re-trial four years later. This time, the trial was decided only by a judge. But the prosecution had 'explosive' new evidence to present.
24 Jan. 2016
In the Shadow of Justice: A Bronx Tale
Dateline updates the case of Eric Glisson who was convicted of a 1995 murder in the Bronx, along with five other people. He served nearly two decades in jail before being released because the sole witness against him was found to be unreliable. Since his release Glisson has tried to reconnect with his family, has welcomed the birth of a new baby daughter, and has filed a lawsuit against both the state and city of New York for his wrongful conviction.
29 Jan. 2016
The State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. Avery
USA, 2016: The Netflix 10-part documentary Making a Murderer catches fire as a binge-watching phenomenon. Dateline investigated the case in 2005, but this updates the case with surprising information not included in the documentary. Includes interviews with a victim, a prosecutor and a defense attorney.
31 Jan. 2016
The House on Badger Lane
California, 2012: California boy Jason Harper is murdered in his home. His wife Julie and children go missing, until her attorney arranges for her to turn herself in almost two days after the murder. But she wasn't talking. Then she was called as a witness during the trial. She started talking.
5 Feb. 2016
Tangled Web
Florida, 2012: Sam Dreher, a fire department medic, is shot four times and is found on the stairs of an apartment complex. In a love triangle (actually a love square) involving Ashley Madison, the flames of jealousy destroy everything around them.

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