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5 Feb. 1994
One Clump or Two
Bobby tries to prove his friends innocence so that he can sleep over.
19 Feb. 1994
Bobby's Big Dream
Bobby goes out for an audition at the mall for a commercial.
26 Feb. 1994
Bobby, the Musical
The bad weather keeps the family inside the house where they all learn to that spending time together is fun.
12 Sep. 1994
Rebel Without a Clue
Bobby doesn't want to be a little kid anymore so he starts acting like a big kid.
13 Sep. 1994
Geriatric Park
Bobby goes to visit his Great Grandpa Generic.
14 Sep. 1994
Harry Takes a Powder
Bobby loses Jackie's Hamster, Harry.
15 Sep. 1994
Bobby's Big Boo-Boo
Bobby needs to get his tonsils removed.
16 Sep. 1994
Mom on Wheels
Bobby spends the day with his mom at her job at Big Roy's while his dad goes on a job interview.
7 Nov. 1994
Weekend at Teddie's
Bobby spends the weekend at Uncle Ted's, to take a break from his family. But it isn't what he expected.
8 Nov. 1994
Generics Under Construction
Bobby must figure out how to tidy up his family's remodeled house for a photographer.
14 Nov. 1994
Mrs. Noogiefire
When Howie and Martha need to go on an unexpected trip, they decide that they can't trust Uncle Ted to babysit, so they advertise for a nanny. Little do they know that the "perfect nanny" they end up hiring is none other than Ted in disguise.
21 Nov. 1994
Bobby Slicker
Martha wins a sweepstakes and the family gets to go to a Dude Ranch.
28 Nov. 1994
No Sale
Bobby tries to sell the most candy in the school candy sale so he can win pair of skates.

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