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Sailor Moon S Viz Dub
renegadeviking-271-5285681 December 2016
The S Season is arguably the best of the five seasons of Sailor Moon and probably the darkesr with its themes of the Apocalypse and Sacrifice. The Outer Guardians appear for the first time (except Pluto who briefly appeared in R) and they steal the spotlight every time they're in screen! It looks like ViZ media is going for a "rainbow" theme with these chipboard boxsets. Season 1 was pink, season 2 orange and now we have yellow for season 3. By the looks of it, SuperS will be green and Stars blue. I like it! For those of you who preordered this Bluray/DVD Combo pack on you'll also get an exclusive Cosmic Heart Compact coin! I think its cheaper there than Amazon. I preordered this back in July the day it was announced at the official Sailor Moon panel at Anime Expo and got a special screening of the English episodes "The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation, A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenno" and "Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus!" As far as what I've seen, the new voice actresses for Uranus, Neptune, Kaolinite (who did Usagi's mom and Temari from Naruto) sound great!! Special mentions go to Keith Silverstein who plays Professor Tomoe! He's one of my favorite voice actors and he's such a great guy too! The veteran's Stephanie Sheh, Michelle Ruff and Robbie Daymond all sound great and bring the characters to life too! I can't wait tk hear Christie-Marie Cabanos when she does Hotaru's voice in the next half of the series. Sob, that'll be such a long wait!! This uncut version will do this series justice unlike the previous Pioneer releases. I mean, I live that Pioneer used the original cover art and that they had English Subtitles for the Japanese voices, BUT they completed omitted the first and second opening songs and only used the third one throughout, spoiling Hotaru Tomoe's appearance much earlier in the series as well as hinting Super Sailor Moon is the messiah (she flies with butterflies and purges the dark clouds making way for light to come through). They also CUT the next episode previews. They were labeled "ORIGINAL UNCUT VERSION" but making edits like this doesn't say "uncut" in my book. But now with VIZ rereleasing the entire series, that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

I can't wait to own the first part if this set this November, as well as the usual special art booklet and coin! Back when I became a Sailor Moon fan in 2005, it sucked because there was nothing! Sailor Moon's license in America had expired, the Tokyopop manga and DVD's were pulled from shelves and no one shared the same interest. Now is definitely the perfect time to be a Sailor Moon fan, with Kodansha's new English manga, its 20th anniversary, all the new products and merchandise appearing in Japan and American stores like Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble, ViZ media's acquisition on the license, the fan clubs and the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime! Sailor Moon is back and here to stay! Finally the new English dub without the lies of trying to portray Uranus and Neptune as cousins when in reality they're a couple. This is one of my most re-watched seasons of the series beside the Dream series (season 4). I can't wait to see how the VizMedia cast brings this season to life.

"Crisis! Make Up!!"
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English dub...
rereabu16 November 2016
This season's English dub is very disappointing.

Most of the characters' names have been changed to western names. Makes no sense for the change mid-story & IN TOKYO. The voice of sailor moon is completely irritating & obnoxious. What's worse, the spoken dialogue is really really off from the subtitles. Not that they don't match up, but that they are different. Completely changes the context. More info is provided in the subtitled dialogue, & keeps the characters' personalities in tact. The English dub is so stupid. I feel like just watching it on mute. The spoken dialogue seriously dumbs down the story-line & characters. Disappointing. I highly recommend reading the subtitles to get the correct information.

This opinion is based on only having watched the first few episodes of season 3. Hoping it gets better, but not holding my breath.
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hellraiser71 September 2016
This show was really something for me, this is another one of the shows that got me deeply into the anime genre. It's not just one of my favorite anime shows but it's one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

I was a preteen in the 90's and I'm a guy, I'm not ashamed that I love this show and I see no reason why. The show is kinda a mix of both the super sentai genre and the fantasy genre and both are just a beautiful mix.

I really love the premise which I'll admit is kinda wild but cool. Basically about people from an ancient time when the ways of magic were real, Princesses from the lost civilizations of the universe are reincarnated to defend the present. Yeah, I know but wild but I like that the whole format of putting fantasy into our contemporary reality which is something I don't see done often except in video game "Earthbound" or the TV show "Once Upon a Time". I think it's really cool because it really gives this fantasy world a sense of accessibility where it's just one step in reality but also one step away which makes anything possible.

The action is solid, it's not exactly wall to wall but satisfying enough. It's sort of like with the "X-Men" where each of the senchi have power that are of course based on their home planet and they have strengths and weaknesses so they have to work as a team to truly succeed. I do like some of the yoma they have to fight whom are always these colorful monsters that are always something new and unique sometimes I still wonder where the hell they get the ideas for them.

Of course one of the highlights is no doubt the music, this show has one of the best scores of any TV show I've ever heard. These are the kind of songs I want to listen to on an Ipod. It's definitely got one of my favorite themes songs of all time, it's literally on my top ten list if you can believe that. It has a sort of both a heroic and romantic tone to it which I feel perfectly fits the show. Even like some of the end credit music which is also a fav of mine.

But the big highlights that make the show are in developing plot lines, characters and the romance element. The show did have one big revolving plot line that did develop as the show went on which I actually found intriguing. There were subplot lines as well but the good news with them is that their part of the bigger puzzle which to me is what a good subplot should be unlike some shows have this stupid reason to misuse them which detracts from the primary focus. This was unique for it's time and we see this now in shows like "Lost", "Game of Thrones", "Once Upon a Time", etc.

I really love the characters I really like how well rounded they are making them feel actually human. Which surprisingly made me care about them, even concerned at times for their lives. From what they were going though, thinking and feeling it really felt like what they did mattered. There are a lot of great characters these three always stood out the most.

Sailor Mercury/Ami Mitzuo: She is just great despite her power not the strongest which has to do with the elements of water. She is truly strong mainly from her intellect. I really like how she is the passive aggressive type which is something I can relate to because I'm that way myself.

Sailor Jupeter/Makoto Aino: Also great, she's hot with the persona to boot. I love that she is both strong both physically and persona wise. She is a martial artist, she doesn't take crap from anyone but also I love that despite all her toughness she really has deep warmth as she's capable of exercising compassion loves cooking, she's sort of a culinary artist which I think is great because it shows she's not some stereotypical tomboy but a three dimensional person as there is more to her.

Sailor Mars/Rei Hino: This is my favorite character in the entire show and one of my favorite fictional protagonists. I actually kinda had a crush on this character (I don't know if that's a good thing to say but then again who didn't on a fictional character) she is fraking hot both inside and out. I really love that she is just feisty and fiery. She exercises aggression toward her opponents not giving in. Even that power of her reflects her aggression, I always think her fire power is just awesome and I even like that she also uses some of her spiritual practice like the tailsmens which are useful as well as her psychic ability to tell them what the Senchi have to deal with and where. But despite her fiery aggression even anger at times it's really just a mask because deep down she really is a softy, she really does possesses great warmth and socializes well when she lets people in.

And of course the romance is great not just in both Usagi/Sailor Moon and Marmou/Tuxcedo Mask whom are one of my favorite fictional couples. But I feel the real romance is with the friendship with the Senchi which is beautiful, and I feel that corilates with the underlying theme of the show about love where it's not just love between a man and a women (though that's also part of the show) but really in the friendship between people and strong bonds created. Though friendship you can get though anything and are always there even when their gone.

Sailor Moon shines bright.

Rating: 4 stars
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Romantic Moon
hellraiser731 August 2016
As much as I liked the first season, I personally thought the second season was even better than the first and it's my second favorite season in the series.

This was indeed a rather unique season and I personally felt improved upon the first in certain ways, what made it really stand out for me was in the format it used where we had two different story arcs in a single season. I thought this was a great idea because that meant we had two different adventures which to me kept the season fresh and moving.

Both plot lines I thought were great and memorable, and what I loved about both stories where they contained a great sense of mystery, where we can see what's going on but we're not entirely sure. Which to me was part of why I kept watching as most of the episode were pieces of the puzzle I wanted to put together. I didn't want to miss one episode because it might have contained some crucial info. Both story lines are interesting from the first one "The Doom Tree Arc" which was sort of a dark version of the Adam and Eve tale. However the second one "The Black Crystal Arc" is my favorite which obviously takes it's cue from "The Terminator" but it's cool all the same because of it's execution from what we discover.

But I think what really made the season great was in the characters both protagonists and villains. We actually got to see some developing character drama/arcs which kept the season interesting, made the characters actually feel more human at times I easily forget I'm watching animated characters but most importantly actually made me care deeply it really felt like what happened to them mattered. All these things were unique for their time and predated the TV show "Once Upon a Time" which utilized the same things.

I really liked some of the villains and there story line, what made those villains stand out for me was that they were actually three dimensional. Some of them actually weren't evil, the problem was their heads were in the wrong place. They mistakenly thought what they were doing was right but were blinded by the corrupt nature of their own actions.

Like Ali and En whom are both pretty much the alien versions of Adam and Eve. Hence the first initials of their names and on a side note when put together they spell Alien. I really like how we see how throughout their plights both actually start to become more balanced in their behavior as they have spent some time on Earth they discover feelings long forgotten and is the thing that actually needs the most nourishment.

Or event the sisters whom I thought were worthy opponents and to me it really looked like the Senchi met their match with them. Each have unique abilities and I even liked the costumes.

Two of them I really like Berther whom has ice powers and uncannily looks like Elsa from the film "Frozen". She's cute as she's is the most introverted and mindful let alone looks hot in that tight costume. Ahem, moving on my favorite one though is Koran whom is just fraking hot, not just from the cat like costume but has the persona to boot. Both have fascinating if brief character arcs as we see their encounters with the senchi and Earth have also affected their thinking and feelings and both begin to realized their pursuing all the wrong things like vanity which have made their souls empty and should pursue things like love, sisterhood, and selflessness which has made them happy and their lives full.

I'll admit the only bad thing about the "Black Crystal arc" was Chibi USA really hit some wrong notes with me at first. Though it's not until the arc develops further she actually turns out to be a decent even tragic character when dialed down. I actually did like Chibi USA's character arc part of it in a way predates "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" and the "Dark Emma arc" on Season 5 of "Once Upon a Time" thought truth be told the arc on this show I thought was much better as it was more focused; we see how Chibi USA has great aspirations/ambitions but isn't' immune to dark influences much as Anakin Skywalker getting seduced by the dark side of the force. And from what she's transformed to and how far gone she is it really makes you worried for her life as your not sure if she can be saved or not.

But of course the arc above all the rest is the romance between both Usagi and Marmou. I really loved the fact that we actually got to see some chemistry between both of them, whenever they were together it just felt so right, not just because they were destined to be together but because of the feelings they shared. Even when both of them were apart for a certain time both couldn't escape their karma as both were just like pieces of magnetized metal, no matter how far apart they were they always came together and their love was even stronger.

Sailor Moon shines even brighter than before.

Rating: 4 stars
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good viz dub
renegadeviking-271-52856813 February 2016
so like all the others out there, the was an issue with the 2nd disc, mainly episode 80 where the video craps out, well fear not as they have since fixed that issue in this box set and if you buy the December release of this item you will get the corrected box set, just watched the episode on both DVD and bluray sub and dubbed and nothing is wrong with it, now for the series in itself this is sailor moon R part 2 of season 2, or as some would say the dark moon ark, this is NOT THE DIC DUB so serena is not her name it is her real name of usagi, its wonderful that vis media has obtained the rights to all 200 episodes and from what I hear the 3 movies and a few sub plot episodes as well, the season is much more accurately dubbed in English and the Japanese subs are much more accurate to what is actually being said, if your a fan of sailor moon or grew up with the really bad DIC dubs I highly recommend getting this as this is an awesome bluray set and a wonderful treat for fans young and old, cant wait for the season 3 arc where we get the fan favorite outer senshi, and the infinity arc from the manga, anyone would be a fool to not add this plus the last 3 sets to there collection, the DIC dubs have there charm but this redub is so much better as the plot is much more closer to the series as a whole and fits better with the last 3 seasons. Set is typical goodness for this series of releases, except for one thing. On Episode 80, about 2/3 of the way through the episode the video gets shuffled around and becomes de-sncyed with the audio. The shots of Mercury and the other Guardians jumping out the window is placed before Mercury snaps from all the pressure.
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Sailor Moon meets Chibiusa...
chribren28 September 2015
"Bishôjo Senshi Sêrâ Mûn R", or simply known as "Sailor Moon R", is the second of the five seasons of the "Sailor Moon" anime series. It was produced by Toei Animation, and originally aired on Japanese TV from 1993 to 1994.

Basic plot: During the first arc, Ail and Ann (two aliens disguised as humans) are seeking human energy in order to restore their life tree. Usagi and her friends, who had forgotten their lives as Sailor Senshi, have their memories restored...

In the second arc, a little girl named Chibiusa is sent from her future to search for the Silver Crystal. The new enemies, including the Black Moon Clan, the Ayakashi sisters, Prince Demando and Wiseman to name a few, are searching for the same crystal as well, in order to take over the future. Sailor Pluto also makes an debut in this season.

Several months earlier prior to this review, I made a review about the first season: It was a great classic within the world of magical-girl-anime. In common with the said season, "Sailor Moon R" is a pretty good season. It has cute animation, good soundtrack and an okay plot, as well as a good portion of humor, dramatic, romance and not at least action. The first arc in this season is basically a filler arc, but the Black Moon arc is pretty interesting.

As I have watched the Japanese version of this anime, the eye-catch which shows the Sailor Senshi as Chibis (short humans) is simply my favorite sequence, by the overall eye-catches shown throughout the entire "Sailor Moon" franchise. For those who don't know what an eye-catch is, it is simply a short sequence made for a commercial break.

Dali's epic song "Moonlight Densetsu", which was played in the first season, also serves as the theme song for the second season.

Conclusion: If you like watching anime made in the 90s, as well as anime dealing with magical girls, then this one may be a good choice for you. However, it is strong recommended that you watch the first "Sailor Moon" season before this. My overall rating: 9/10.
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The classic Sailor Moon
chribren19 April 2015
"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon", also called "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", is a Magical Girl-anime which debuted on TV Asahi, a Japanese TV-channel. It is based on the manga illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. It was produced by Toei Animation in 1992, and is the first of the five seasons Toei made during the 90s.

Basic plot: Usagi Tsukino is a 14-year-old school student who is clumsy and crybaby as always. Always failing at school and getting scolded by her family. One day, she meets Luna, a talking black cat which gives her the power to transform into Sailor Moon.

As Sailor Moon, she must defend the world from falling into the hands of the Dark Kingdom and it's ruler Queen Beryl. But she can't do all this alone; Her friends Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury), Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter), Minako Aino (Sailor Venus), and even Tuxedo Mask will all help her to defeat the evil power.

By all anime series I've seen so far, this one is a timeless classic within the world of Magical Girl-anime. When I first saw this and "Sailor Moon R" online during the first half of the Easter holiday 2014, those seasons did go straight into my heart. "Sailor Moon" is simply a cute show which has nice and colorful animation, as well as humor, action and romance.

Nice to see how the epic relationship between Usagi and Mamoru Chiba is building up over the course of this season. And it was great to see how the girls fight off one monster-of-the-week after another. Funny how Usagi and Rei always have to bicker with each other, just to have that said. XD.

The only thing is the fact, while the "Sailor Moon"-franchise has been released/aired in many countries over the world (including Sweden, USA, Germany and Italy just to name some), it has never been released in Norway. Which is a great shame, considering the fact it's a classic show anyway.

Just for the sake of some trivia, Toei Animation also made a second anime adaption of the manga, a web series called "Sailor Moon Crystal" which began to get uploaded during summer 2014. This anime follows the manga's storyline more closely than the original anime did in the 90s.

For the sake of an another trivia, I have a bunch of Sailor Moon-figurines which I've got in Christmas Eve 2014. The pretty expensive set I have was originally made as a part of the Japanese 20th anniversary celebration.

Do you like watching anime consisting of magical girls, but yet not having watched "Sailor Moon", then this one is definitely for you. My overall rating, both for this season and the rest of the anime series, is clearly a 9/10.
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A great classic anime with a very good English re-dub!
brandon-cooper-12-21768417 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love Sailor Moon! Thanks to Viz re-dubbing Sailor Moon, it got me into the series and especially the new anime reboot Sailor Crystal. I own both parts 1 and 2 of the first season. The new English dub by Viz was just excellent! It's way better than the DiC and Cloverway dubs since it is uncut and has better voice acting and script writing.

The first season, Sailor Moon Classic is easily my favorite season of the original anime! The story was very good since I think it has good character development and interesting villains. I also enjoyed the filler episodes. The main characters are very likable especially the minor characters. Out of the five Sailor Senshi/Guardians, my favorite is Sailor Jupiter with being Sailor Moon being my second favorite. The final battle against Queen Beryl is one of the best final battles I've seen in anime history and I love the ending! For my overall opinion on Sailor Moon Classic, the first part was good but the second part is better with the introduction of Sailor Jupiter/Mako and Sailor Venus/Minako, the 7 Rainbow Crystals, Usagi and Mamoru's past, and the final battle against Queen Beryl! I look forward to seeing Sailor Moon R (mostly for the Makaiju arc) and Sailor Moon S uncut and re-dubbed by Viz and I also look forward to seeing more episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal!
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Sailor Moon is amazing!
el-fusilador1 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I simply love this anime series! It is so fun and highly enjoyable to watch, managing to be immensely satisfying in almost every single aspect: It has action, comedy, romance, drama and friendship, having a wonderful cast of characters, with unconventional heroes and very interesting villains.

In some ways, "Sailor Moon" was my introduction to the world of anime. While it wasn't the first anime I've seen (I actually saw Dragon Ball Z first) this was the series that motivated me to watch other Japanese animations...And I am glad I did that because in that way I discovered a lot of marvelous shows, some of which became my favorite series.

While the English dub isn't bad (it is actually quite entertaining) I think that in order to fully appreciate this excellent anime, it is necessary to watch the original Japanese version, since it shows the story how it was originally conceived, without changes or censorship. And despite being constantly dismissed (in a very unfair manner, I have to say) as a "girly" show, the truth is that the original "Sailor Moon" could be very intense and dramatic, but also incredibly heartwarming and rewarding to watch. I also prefer the original soundtrack rather than the music used on the dub...

Okay, here is my quick opinion of the original five sailor Moon seasons:

The first season was the best one. It was incredibly fun to watch, introduced the characters in a very funny manner and had the best villains and the most epic conclusion. My vote: 10/10

The second season started with a fun filler arc which I enjoyed a lot. Then Chibi-USA (Rini) was introduced and while I disliked her at first, he eventually became a better character and the future arc was fun, but not as epic as it could have been. The Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask breakup was definitely the saddest part of this season. My vote: 8.5/10

The S season: The fans love this season, but I still prefer the first one. The introduction of Haruka and Michiru (and the introduction of a darker plot) was definitely interesting, but for some reason the villains and their evil plan didn't entirely convince me. Still, a funny season My vote:8/10

The Super S season: Many fans seems to dislike a lot this season, because they consider it to be way too "childish", but I enjoyed. It was very fun to watch, and had a lot of cute moments. The negative factor was it was way too focuses on Chibi USA instead of Usagi (On the other side, Chibi USA matured a lot this season) but the result was still pretty satisfying.

My vote:9/10

The Stars season: I know many will disagree with me, but I think this was the weakest season. The introduction of the Sailor Starlights and introducing Seiya as another romantic interest for Usagi was good, but the villains (except for Sailor Galaxia) were disappointingly generic and the resolution was kinda anti-climatic, instead of being the epic conclusion this series deserved, specially in comparison with the last arc of the original manga (which actually was pretty epic)

My vote:6.5/10

Still, Sailor Moon continues being one of my favorite anime shows to this day, and I honestly don't know why it gets so much undeserved hate on the Internet. In my opinion, this is one of the most entertaining shows ever made and I just can't wait to start seeing Sailor Moon Crystal! It seems very promising and judging by the reviews it is receiving so far, it seems it is going to be another amazing series!

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Best Season
KatherinePetersdorf30 June 2013
Sailor Moon R is my favorite season

In the first 13 episode of the season, during the Doom Tree part of the season, I enjoyed the story most of all. I found the relationship, the love square, going on between Serena, Darian, Alan, and Anne to be amazing. I had never seen anything like it before in my life, mostly because I was young when it started. It was probably what made me think Love Triangles and Love Squares where a great idea for writing in my own future.

The second half of the season was great but it had several episodes that I found unappealing because the story line of those episodes was lame. Still, over all, the whole season was amazing, the entire story lines, both of them, for start to end were great. The Crystal Tokyo part of the story was amazing to.

I would suggest that everyone watch this season.
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Worthy sequel season
filmfan199121 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Sailor Moon R"(R for Romance) is split into two halves, the first half being the Makaiju Arc and the second being the Future Arc.

In the Makaiju Arc after the events of the last season, the girls have lost their powers and their memories of being Sailor Senshi and start to live normal lives again. But alas that is not to be when two aliens named Eiru and An come to Earth to you guessed it suck energy out of humans but for their dying Makaiju Tree. This half is okay but is more or less filler all around and not much happens other than the fact that Usgai gets a new transformation broach and a new attack using a scepter.

In the Future arc, a mysterious pink haired girl also named Usagi (but later called Chibiusa) literally drops out of the sky to demand the Silver Crystal and another new enemy called the Black Moon Clan shows up from the future. This is where the real meat of the season improves from the first half. Many things happen like Mamoru breaking up with Usagi after having apocalyptic dreams, the Black Moon Clan tries many times to kill Chibiusa and to destroy the future by ruining the past, the rest of the Sailor Senshi get new transformations and attacks, a new Senshi is introduced called Sailor Pluto and much more. There isn't much in the animation department other than the fact that the stock footage for the transformations and attacks has slightly better animation. The music is good especially the catchy song La Solider in the final climatic battle at the end of the season. As for Chibiusa, she can be very grating at first especially with her crush on Mamoru and her obnoxiousness but her development gets better by the end of the season.

Its a good season but the first Arc is filler and doesn't get better until the second half which thankfully makes up for the first half of the season. Even with these flaws "Sailor Moon R" is a worthy sequel season to "Sailor Moon".
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Shojo anime classic
filmfan19919 April 2013
"Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn" otherwise known as "Sailor Moon" was one of the first anime that I ever watched as a kid that got me hooked on to anime. But of course like most other people of my generation I watched the localized English dub that removed all the references to Japanese culture, sexuality, violent content and scenes that I don't even think needed to be removed in the first place but if it wasn't for the English dub I would have never discovered the original uncut Japanese version years later which in my opinion is much better.

Anyone who is an anime fan should know the story of "Sailor Moon". A young ordinary yet ditsy Japanese schoolgirl named Usagi (Rabbit or Bunny when translated) one day discovers that she is the guardian of love and justice named Sailor Moon and that she must find the princess of the Silver Millennium Kingdom of the Moon and protect the Earth from evil forces that wish to take it over or destroy it. Along the way she forms new friendships and alliances with new Sailor Senshi (Sailor Soldier when translated) named after the inner and outer planets of our solar system and a mysterious figure called Tuxedo Kamen (Tuxedo Mask when translated.) Sounds very cliché and formulaic when you think about it but at the time this was very groundbreaking for anime because it was a merging of Magical Girl and Superhero genres.

The first season of "Sailor Moon" is still very great and entertaining to this very day because it introduces our main characters who are very likable and have unique personalities and villains who are very nasty. Basically this show has something for everyone and not just for the target demographic which is one of the reasons I love this show. Its got action, comedy, coming of age and romance. The music is very good especially the iconic "Moonlight Densetsu" from the opening credits. The animation is dated but I enjoy it anyways because I grew up with this kind of animation. This is a great show to just sit back, enjoy and I highly recommend the original Japanese version since it is uncut and has more natural voice acting.
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really good
thecrochetlover18 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
i think this was a really good season of Sailor Moon. It was much more violent then the last 4 seasons. Sailor Uranus and Neptune and Pluto and Saturn come back which i loved. Daren leaves to go study in America but never get's there. Sailor moon does not know that sadly. There are these other evil soldiers who are trying to steal other people's star seeds to keep sailor galaxies alive. And the whole Seiya thing was so cute. The only thing i did not like was they showed sailor moon at the last episode completely nude. That i thought was uncalled for. This series is only in Japanese they never made a English version. Just look online to find episodes.

other besides that i give this series a 9-10
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My favorite anime of all time!
TsukiUsagi15 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is the anime that started me on all anime. Granted, I grew up with the English dub, but I now watch and love only the original.

"Sailor Moon" has everything I love: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Action, Adventure and Super Powers! While I'll admit that the manga is better, the anime is pretty good too, especially for the first season finale. Episodes 45 and 46 make me cry so much! Especially when the ghosts of the four Senshi cheer Sailor Moon to keep going, and when Mamoru dies. Even when I watched the cut-up dub episode, I always knew about what happened to the "Scouts." Sailor Moon's tears were way too much for the other girls to have just been "taken by the Negaforce." That's right Dic, North American children aren't *that* stupid!

This season is full of quite a few fillers, but the voice acting is good and the characters are enjoyable. Can't really blame the producers about the stretched out plot, since the manga was only coming out once a month and the anime was once a week. Highlights of this season include:

-The Nephrite/Naru love storyline.

-The Moon Princess being revealed.

-When Tuxedo Mask is taken.

-Seeing Usagi's change from coward to heroine (though it's a slow process -_-')

-Sailor V's past, which is shown in an episode that was left out of the dub release...

...and of course the finale! I don't want to spoil anything else, so I'll just say this: Jupiter kicks serious butt in ep 45, and Mamoru is *cruel* in ep 46. Those two episodes are just so epic!

So to everyone who's only ever seen the English dub, please do yourselves a favor and try to watch the original, in Japanese audio w/ English subtitles. It'll probably make you love Sailor Moon even more!
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Ultimate Finale!
Timothy McKann26 January 2007
When I first heard about this chapter of Sailor Moon from a friend,she told me that this is one of the greatest chapters of Sailor Moon of all time. When I learned that this chapter was not coming to the United States to be dubbed in English. I was kinda disappointed,I had to see it,and that's when I got my chance. When my father bought me the Imported collection for Christmas,it was amazing. I really got to see all the episodes,and they were outstanding. I also liked when Sailor Moon went Eternal,and it was cool to see Uranus,Neptune,Pluto,and Saturn again. Another thing cool about this chapter of Sailor Moon is the debut of the Starlights,and Chibi Chibi Moon,and of course Galaxia and her evil scouts, but I felt sad that Mamoru and Usagi had to say goodbye to each other because Mamoru went to the United States to study aboard. Another thing that also interest me was the evil Sailor Scouts. My most favorite evil scout was Sailor Aluminum Siren because he costume was wicked. But however,this chapter will always be a favorite to me. So in closing,if you have seen the other chapters of Sailor Moon,then you have to see this one,and you will see what I mean.
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Like the best anime ever
kardykush21 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have recently got into this,I can't believe I've never seen it before,considering all of my friends remember it from childhood.Kinda confusing. Anyway.Sailor Moon focuses on the life of Tsukino Usagi,a crybaby of a 14 year old and extremely clumsy,from the Juuban area of Tokyo. In the first episode,she's introduce to her magical powers and her identity-"Sailor Moon" by our lovely talking cat from the Moon,Luna. Later as the show develops,she meets her fellow Senshi(meaning warriors),Sailor Mercury(Muzino Ami)the Hermione of the show,Sailor Mars(Hino Rei)a short tempered,smart and hilarious Miko(a Shinto priestess),Sailor Jupiter(Kino Makoto)a rather two dimensional tomboy-one side boy crazy and a great house-keeper,other side the physically most powerful Senshi and was expelled from her old school because of a fight(she's rather Buffy-ish),Sailor Venus(Aino Minako)a kind hearted girl who was aware of her identity long before she met Usagi,with the help of the other Moon Cat-Artemis. During the first arc of the series,Sailor Moon Classic,they fight against the Dark Kingdom,Queen Metalia,Queen Beryl and their minions,later discovering that they are the reincarnations of the four Sailor Senshi from the Moon Kingdom,in the pre-historic Silver Millennium(Usagi being the princess they are responsible for,Serenity) They are four more seasons of Sailor Moon,SM R,SM S,SM SuperS and Sailorstars.But I'm still in the middle of the SM R,so don't go hard on me for possible mistakes;) Sailor Moon is something to see in your lifetime.It's an exceptional masterpiece-which must be seen in Japanese with subtitles,I saw some English dubs,it was horrible.Horrible. I'm now at the beginning of the S series and I must say Uranus and Neptune are just spectacular and a great fun to watch,especially Usagi's reactions about them. But I have one ultimate question which is never answered-How do they change back?
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A great show(slight spoilers ahead)
DevilSM4 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, this is a very good show and though it is in Japanese, it does have English Subtitles. First of all, the edits are not here so be glad about that. The content that was taken away in the US version is all here and all this violence stuff you hear about, I just want to say that is isn't even that bad. Actually, I find it not bad at all. The spoiler part I was referring to involves deaths of the sailor scouts(or senshi, which is what they are called in the Japanese version) but we know that every time they die, they keep coming back to life. The swearing, it's not even close enough to PG13. The swear words are very minimal and the worst you would hear is the B word. The swearing level is just as much as a PG movie, not a PG13 movie, but a PG movie(yes, PG movies can even have the B word too). The gay and lesbian characters you hear about isn't anything wrong either. No sex scenes or them kissing each other with gays/lesbians either. I don't see whats wrong with that. The so-called "nudity" isn't even close to nudity. It's just body lines from transformations. They're are nudity scenes but a very few, and the look a lot like how a Barby doll would look, which is something children(mainly young girls) play with. There are no sex scenes in it either. I don't see why this is 18+ in Canada and the Japanese version was never shown on US TV, only edited version was(the one thats TVY7, it was never TV14 or TVPG in the US). The North American DVDs of S and SuperS(seasons 3 and 4) went uncut like the Japanese version with the exception of the English dialog, but other uncut stuff is there. Seasons 1 and 2 did not go uncut on DVD on the North American version, so you won't be able to watch seasons 1 and 2 with English dialog and uncut at the same time. As far as dark themes go, well let me tell you this. A lot of Disney movies that are rated G and PG have dark themes too, usually towards the end of them. The dark themes in Sailormoon are just like the dark themes in Disney movies and like Disney movies, they also don't come in until the end of a season.

Now I said the review will have slight spoilers and I intend to keep it that way. All I'm going to say is that the story involves a girl who is given magical powers and becomes Sailormoon herself. The rest, I won't spoil.

Like I said, I don't see why its rated 13+ on the uncut or 18+ in Canada. I think this is something kids should watch. Should a kid watch it? YES! This is highly appropriate for children. If a kid can watch a Disney movie, then they can watch this, uncut.
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The show must go on.
Timothy McKann19 January 2006
When I first watched this next chapter of Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network, I gotta say that this chapter of Sailor Moon is the best as well as the S chapter.I know that I didn't get to see all of the episodes. I only saw some, I really wanted to get this for my entire collection, and I did. But when my father bought me the entire collection for Christmas in a box set. I got to see all of the episodes in order. I do feel bad that Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto,and Saturn weren't in this chapter, and Sailor Moon didn't have the Purity Challace to become Super Sailor Moon. But it was cool to see the scouts with new powers and attacks. Another thing I liked about the show is the Amazon Quartete, and their costumes were so wicked and cool. Their monsters eat the dream mirror. The monsters do remind me of Mimete's monsters from the S series that eats the pure heart crystals. But what I really want to say about this chapter of Sailor Moon is it the best,and the Jack of all Trades, and the music is also the best. So in closing, after this chapter,see the Movie "Black Dream Hole", and then see Sailor Stars. You will see what I mean.
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greatest thing on DVD ever!!!
anime_sm5 January 2006
BEST SERIES OF ANYTHING EVER!!! That sums it up. But it doesn't. There is so much more, so much more interest! I love it so much! This is the best series of Sailor Moon as you just read, but it really is. It finishes off the whole Nehelenia thing and introduce Galaxia - makes clear the WHOLE plot of sailor moon ie why all the soldiers were awakened in the first place. The ending episode is also a great way to end the show. However it leaves you feeling upset that there are no more :(.

Anyway, in this season, I cried and laughed so much and got completely filled up with tension. But in the final episodes, the battles against Galaxia were amazing. Every time someone tried to destroy Galaxia and it looked like it was working I was like 'NOOOO - it can't end like that, that's not good enough!' but the real ending is absolutely AMAZING and Unforgettable!!! I really recommend this to every Sailor Moon fan out there. Oh and I forgot to say about the whole Starlight thing - the big Seiya thing is sooooo cute. I wish I was like Usagi! Nice guys falling in love with me and everyone is her friend! Ahhh! SO WATCH SAILORSTARS and be ready for the GREATEST THING ON DVD!!!
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The Queen of Hearts
Timothy McKann17 December 2005
When I first watched this chapter of Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network,I gotta say that this chapter is the best one I've ever seen. I wasn't get anywhere after getting the first volume on VHS, I really wanted to see more, and I did. But when I got the first 2 volumes on DVD it was a whole lot better. It had more episodes than VHS. My favorite scouts in this chapter are:Moon,Jupiter,and the new Scouts:Neptune,Uranus, and my greatest favorite Sailor Pluto. It was cool to see her use her powerful attack"The Deadly Scream. I know it was never used in the last chapter of Sailor Moon, and she never joined Sailor Moon and the other scouts. I think my favorite villain is Mimete,and boy her outfit is wicked. It's pretty strange she only target's boys and yes she is boy crazy. Another thing that I liked is the episode about Telulu and the mysterious plants. I think that episode looks like the Flower Shop from "Little Shop Of Horros",and her Venus heart trap is like the monstrous plant from the story. I am glad that this chapter got to be on Television. So in closing,after this Chapter. Watch the Movie "Hearts In Ice", and catch Super S. You will see what I mean.
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Yes it's not exactly intellectually stimulating, but...
vale_of_a_fae10 October 2005
Yes it's not exactly intellectually stimulating, but I doubt that it's made to be. It's not something to watch if you'd rather see the discover channel.

......... ............. ................. ............... ......... ............ ................... ............ ........... .......... However, if you just want to watch something cute and happy and entertaining then it would be a good choice. Everything you watch doesn't have to be stimulating. Not that that's not good most of the time, but occasionally it's nice to just watch something and enjoy it.

You don't always have to worry about analyzing everything. ....
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A favorite of mine
delenn721 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Possible Spoilers. This is my favorite Sailor Moon season along with the third season. I love the Starlights, Eternal Sailor Moon's transformation, her healing attacks, the one-sided love of Seiya, the gender-bending theme, and galaxy's minions. Plus it's good to see the Outer soldiers again. The Nehelenia-arc is a good start to the season, and I like it when the Outers power up. I really all the attacks, and transformations of the starlights drawn really well. I also like the music of the three lights. This is a really good season, enjoy it. My only complaint is that Chibusa is not in the last episode. Overall, I give this 9 out of 10.
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Don't bother with the dub
curli_wurli17 May 2005
The English dub of this has been a matter of debate on many Sailor Moon websites. The fact of the matter is - it's terrible. The new voice actresses don't sound like they've ever seen the script before recording, 'Amara' and 'Michelle's' voice actresses are terrible compared to the standard set by Haruka and Michiru's Ogata Megumi and Katsuki Masako. Frankly, 'Amara' sounds like she's about to yawn the whole time. The plot has been changed to suit the American children's audience, when the show was not originally intended for young children. If you want to see this, and it is the best series, I strongly suggest you buy the 3-disc 'perfect collection' box-set in Japanese and put the English subtitles on.
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amazing pioneer of the magical girl genre *contains full review of series and many spoilers!*
bunny_tsukino14 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
the original sailor moon series from Japan is made up of five seasons (sailor moon, sailor moon R, sailor moon S, sailor moon super S and sailor moon stars), 3 movies, and a few specials. the main characters are the sailor soldiers (sailor soldiers, not scouts) starting with sailor moon and what are known as the inner soldiers, sailor mercury, mars, Jupiter and Venus. for the first 2 seasons they fight bad guys in a pretty formulaic way. master villain's henchman sends out a minor bad guy. the soldiers fight it, sailor moon gives it her final powerful blow and its defeated. henchman is yelled at by the master villain and then the same thing happens again. in those episodes fighting the villain is not generally the most important part, what you really watch is how the girls are doing at school, in love, and general life, which is pretty entertaining on its on. usually for the last 5 or so episodes it gets a little different and focuses on defeating the now super powerful villain. in the first season we learn sailor moon is actually a reincarnated princess from the moon and defeats the villain. in sailor moon R she learns in the future she rules the world in a time of peace and her and tuxedo mask have a daughter (little Serena) and they defeat the bad guys once again. in sailor moon S, the third season, things change dramatically. we learn of 4 new soldiers. sailor Uranus and Neptune (who are also lovers), sailor Pluto (we met briefly in sailor moon R) and sailor Saturn, who's power is that she can destroy the world. the first three, Uranus Neptune and Pluto fight to keep sailor Saturn from appearing, while trying to keep the inner soldiers from getting in the way. mid season sailor moon develops the power to become super sailor moon. fortunately at the end the new soldiers learn that sailor moon is indeed the most powerful and pure soldiers, and that she is reliable, and is the true messiah. the girl houses the spirit of sailor Saturn is reborn as a baby, and sailor Pluto has disappeared due to using her taboo power, the time stop. it then moves on the sailor moon Super S, which is widely regarded as the worst of all the seasons. its a little more childish than the other seasons, and focuses on *little Serena* (bah on English names). sailors Uranus and Neptune don't appear, save a special that aired. the season has some of the better animation, although the story line is sub par in general. the final episode saves the season though, with a beautiful scene of self sacrifice on sailor moon's part season five, sailor moon stars, begins with the reappearance of super S's bad guy, but she is returned to goodness and for a short while things are good. this season is widely regarded as the best of them all, and it contains some of the funniest episodes, as well as the most gut wrenchingly sad ones. sailor moon and her friends are now high school students, studying at a school where the members of the idol group, the three lights, have just transferred. the leader of the three lights develops a slight crush on sailor moon, but she does not return his affection, because she has tuxedo mask. Tuxedo mask has left to study at Harvard though, so sailor moon does feel quite alone a lot of the time, and you feel alone with her. she finds companionship in a new little girl, who is quite mysterious despite being barley 2 years old or so. three new soldiers have appeared, the sailor star lights. they, like the outer soldiers in sailor moon S, find that earth's soldiers are just getting in the way. the big kicker is that the bad guys in this season are sailor soldiers themselves, lead by the uber evil sailor galaxia. at the end of the day everyone but the sailor star lights and sailor moon are killed by galaxia (who as also taken over most of the galaxy). the final episode, episode 200, is the most beautiful of all the episodes, by far. sailor moon and galaxia, now sailor chaos, are flying in the air, both with huge swords. Chaos is ordering sailor moon to fight, but she refuses, believing that there is another way and that she doesn't want anyone else to die. sailor moon is able to sense that chaos still has a little bit of the good galaxia inside of her and reaches out to her to free her. in the end, sailor moon saves everyone, and everyone comes back to life, to live on and fight another day. Pretty soldier sailor moon is a pioneer of the magical girl genre, which is followed by works by Clamp, like card-captors and magic knights, and others like Tokyo mew mew. unfortunately the north American English dub has ruined the show for many, as it is truly awful. the Japanese is highly recommended to all anime fans. it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will leave you feeling with an amazing feeling about the world you live in
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Starlights and Galaxia saved this season
adriana-3028 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I became a fan of Sailormoon by watching the unforgettable first season.However,I left my moonie condition when season 2 was aired.Horrible script,annoying characters (Chibi-Usa is a pain in the ass),and the start of that very boring conversation about eternal love and candy.The other senshi were too much overshadowed by Usagi (who turned a very nuisance character,I used to like her,but she is too weak,too dumb,too cry-baby and too gaga over Mamoru--who is also an idiot). Even worse than Usagi is Makoto,a completely fool.I dislike her very much now. The Stars season was awesome,but just because of Sailor Galaxia and the starlights.Even the outer senshi turned unsupportable to me.Usagi's weakness and sadness attacks are the most irritating things.I never felt sorry for her loosing Mamoru,or being alone in the final battle.It's ridiculous how overrated she is by fans. To me,Sailor Galaxia rules,and is way better. I think Sailormoon really took the wrong way.I would find more interesting to admire a strong and complex heroine than Usagi.
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