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Great show...
saltd13 January 2006
In the late 1990's, when I was in my late 30's, I was a news junk. If the news was bad for the day, I would surf the channels. This Are You Afraid of the Dark show was awesome. Soon I was watching it everyday at around 5pm. What I liked most about the show was that each episode was unique and it kept you interested through the whole show. There was no real sex or violence, instead there was a really good story line and good acting-something that seems rare today. It was the type of show that you could watch with your kids and not feel ashamed. I really liked the way the story always seemed to wrap up on time at the end of the show and you felt good. Lots of famous and not so famous actors as well made it interesting time after time.
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Part of my Childhood
Shari8 March 2003
This show was a must see for Snick on Saturday nights when I was growing up. Some episodes actually scared me. I loved it and still would like to see it. Better than some of the crap they have on tv for kids now. Everybody remembers this show and loves it. Silly and campy as it was, it was good.
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Before "Goosebumps"...
dee.reid24 October 2008
...There was "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" - a kid-friendly horror show revolving around a group of teenagers, called the Midnight Society, who sit around a campfire in the woods and tell ghost stories, and then we segued directly into each bone-chilling kid-friendly horror tale.

What prompted this sudden review and stroll down memory lane is that one of Nickelodeon's adjunct cable networks is airing reruns of this great kid-friendly horror show that was most popular during the original Nickelodeon's hey-day back in the early 1990s. I was about 9 or 10 in '93 and '94, respectively, when "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" was at its peak. I remember that on Saturday nights, it was the fourth and final show (the other three were "Doug," "Rugrats," and "The Ren & Stimpy Show" - in that order) on Nick's "Snick" two-hour block. Boy, those were the good ol' days.

Like those other great shows, Nickelodeon quickly descended into idiocy (and continues doing so as I write this, although some credibility has been restored with "Avatar: The Last Airbender") when it began taking many of its greatest shows off the air for reasons unknown and replacing them with the likes of "Spongebob Squarepants" and other idiotic, mindless crap.

"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" was one of Nickelodeon's earliest and best shows. It was actually scary, but fun, and horror made just for kids. The ghost stories themselves were mostly typical good-vs.-evil-type stuff. Some episodes pushed the limits of its "kid-friendly horror" label (which, ironically enough, may have led to the show's early demise). A lot of famous teen actors (and film veterans) from the time made guest appearances in a number of different episodes, including Tatyana Ali (from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"), Danny Cooksey (from another great Nick show canceled way before its time, "Salute Your Shorts"), Melissa Joan Hart (from "Clarissa Explains it All"), Tia and Tamera Mowry (from "Sister, Sister"), Danny Tamborelli ("The Adventures of Pete & Pete"), and veteran film actor Charles S. Dutton.

Of course, problems began to arise with "Are You Afraid of the Dark" due to several unfriendly cast shake-ups both early on and later in the series, and Nickelodeon tried unsuccessfully to revive the show in 1999. Also, the episodes' content seemed to get watered-down later on in the series, thus loosing that teenage horror "edge" that made it great during its early run. Another factor was that author R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" titles may have also had a hand in "Are You Afraid of the Dark's?" demise in the mid-'90s. But thankfully, nostalgia, and possibly incessant fan demand, or the upcoming Halloween season, have allowed this great kid-friendly horror show to see the light of cable network television just one more time.

So, now you know one of Nickelodeon's best shows from its hey-day, and one of my personal favorite shows from its hey-day. Halloween is just around the corner, and so now it's great to go back to a time when this once-great cable network had an ounce of decency and honor and common sense left in its tank.

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The Coolest Show for Kids
PopRox913927 March 2003
When I was a kid, I loved this show. It scared me all the time, and I probably lost a lot of sleep because of it, but it was worth it to see all of these stories told by regular kids. It sparked my love for horror. The absolute scariest episode for me was "The Night Shift" where vampires invade a hospital. I can still remember parts, and they still scare me. One of these days I'm going to start my own Midnight broad daylight...with soap operas...and cheese fondue. Pretty scary, huh?
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* * * out of 4.
brandonsites198119 August 2002
Clever, fast paced and scary show should appeal to both kids and grown ups. It is about a group of school kids called The Midnight Society that gather around a camp fire on Saturday nights to tell each other some scary stories. Some of my favorites are an intense eposide about a paper clown who has his nose stolen. He haunts the kid who took the nose. A thoughtful one about a young girl who gets everything she every wanted, but the clerk takes something away from her that the girl takes for granted. And my third favorite would have to be an updating of the headless horseman legend. Rated Y7 when it was on TV there are some intense moments and off screen or hinted at killings, but no on screen deaths. Neve Campbell once starred as an employee at an upscale restuarant where your darkest fears come true. Melissa Joan Hart was in one about a cold ghost. Another one found the twins from the show Sister Sister dueling it out. Many many more guest stars.
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One helleva show to remember
departed0721 June 2003
the best and last horror show of early 90's

during the 90's a lot of things were either horrible or stupid. I'm talking about TV shows. Are you afraid of the dark? is the only show where every saturday night kids get scared. The show was fun until the people of nickelodeon decided to take it off the air and now nickelodeon is one of the stupidest networks ever. The best thing about the show whenever Dr. Vink or Mr. Sardo came along. The best episodes were the tale of laughing in the dark; the tale of dark music; the tale of the prom queen; the tale of the quiet libriain; the tale of the midnight madness; the tale of cutter's treasure; the tale of the pinball machine; the tale of the nightly neighbors and the tale of the whispering walls.

"Vink's the name. Dr. Vink" "Dr. Fink?" "Vink! With a V-V-V!"
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"Are You Afraid of the Dark" TV Series- 9/10. Pretty scary... maybe sometimes too scary for younger kids.
movies2u16 January 2004
Are You Afraid of the Dark (1992) TV Series

I will say, this show is pretty scary. Some episodes are stupid, but most of them are pretty creepy, and this show is sure to scare younger kids. I remember watching this show, and some of the episodes really freaked me out. "The Frozen Ghost" episode, with special guest star Melissa Joan Hart was pretty scary, and had some disturbing moments when it shows the child's ghost. This is a good show, but I'd recommend it for kids about 10 or older, unless your kid is pretty brave. 10/10.
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Good, but not great
CrowServoNelson16 March 2003
This was nice that they revived the show, but these episodes were not the same compared to the older ones that aired from 1992 to 1996. The stories are good if you can get used to the new cast, but I still think the older stories were more original and a lot more creepier.
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Scary fun!
OWUbear26 November 2001
I remember watching the early episodes. My favorites involved Dr. Vink ("with a V-V-V"). Last year, I watched the final episode, when Gary comes back and the Midnight Society is an actual part of the episode, rather than just telling a story about it. My favorite was "The Tale of the Dangerous Soup". I know I'd instantly crack if I were in that room! Each episode always surprised me, but I loved the music most of all.
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Spooky fun for all
Op_Prime11 January 2000
For a show directed at little kids, this is surely entertaining. This clever little anthology series (and to the best of my knowledge one of the first SNICK shows) came up with some very spooky and highly entertaining stories. Sure, they aren't scary, but they are interesting. Anyone will find this show fun to watch.
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