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Season 6

6 Feb. 1999
The Tale of the Forever Game
A teen boy finds himself trapped leaving him, his friend and his sister as pawns in a life or death board game.
27 Feb. 1999
The Tale of the Zombie Dice
A man working in an arcade has been shrinking kids and selling them as tiny pets, and now a teen is gambling for his life.
20 Mar. 1999
The Tale of Jake the Snake
Wiley doesn't have as much luck trying out for the school hockey team as Zach does. Then he runs into a mysterious figure in the locker-room basement, who says that Wiley reminds him of a player who didn't start off well either, but soon improved amazingly when he got a certain hockey-stick: Jake "the Snake" Desmond. He tells Wiley where to find the stick, which still has the title "Snake" on it. Wiley does do excellently with it - he makes it into the last opening on the team instead of Zach, but doesn't act like he cares about his friend. Zach soon notices that ...
Feb. 1999
The Tale of the Virtual Pets
When all the kids at school get virtual pets, it changes them in a very scary way. Luckily, Kate doesn't like these hi-tech toys. In an electronic showdown, she'll have to battle all her best friends in a struggle to her life and theirs.
13 Feb. 1999
The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie
Tired of his boring life and slaving away at his parents' failing Chinese restaurant, David is given his grandfather's box of magic fortune cookies that send the boy into an alternate reality where he's a rich and famous comic book artist but is also a stranger to his parents whose restaurant is now a town hit and his sister who is now an abusive punk girl living with her petty thug boyfriend and on the run from a Chinese warrior dressed in black.
13 Mar. 1999
The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets
In this story told by Midnight Society member Megan (Elisha Cuthbert), Tommy and his little brother David think the new upstairs neighbors have a lot of strange cooking and eating habits that veer towards the "cannibal" end of the spectrum.
27 Mar. 1999
The Tale of the Hunted
A girl living in rural Canada is pressured by her dad and friends to go wolf hunting with them, but a mysterious wolf called The Blaze is about to show her the cruelty of hunting through an animal's eyes.
24 Apr. 1999
The Tale of Vampire Town
Adder is obsessed with "hunting vampires" and does by thinking and acting as a vampire would. On vacation he drags his family to Wisteria, a town rumored to be an area of vampires, about a week after a funeral-home owner claimed to be attacked by one. That night, he goes looking in the famous coffins the legendary Dreyfus was said to be in, but learns the story isn't legend. And he not only has to face Dreyfus, but also some locals who know vampires are real and take Adder's actions to heart enough to think he himself is a vampire.
3 Apr. 1999
The Tale of the Wisdom Glass
Friends Allan and Jimmy are in for a cyber shock after they steal a computer game called "The Wisdom Glass" and find themselves transported to a strange game-world where they end up on trial for the theft of the game.
10 Apr. 1999
The Tale of the Walking Shadow
When the local high school decides to stage Macbeth, it unleashes some terrifying ghosts lurking backstage. Ross (Jay Baruchel) and Vanessa find out why the play is haunted and must get rid of the gremlins without getting blood on their hands.
17 Apr. 1999
The Tale of Oblivion
A boy tired of being pushed into lame recreational activities and lessons learn how to erase his problems, literally.
8 May 1999
The Tale of the Secret Admirer
Shy high school girl Maggie gets notes from a secret admirer and with the help of a jock student learns of a horrible accident in the wood shop that may be the cause.
15 May 1999
The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge
While skiing in Canada and searching for their missing friend, two teenagers get lost in a cabin with a spooky life-sucking demon lurking around.

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