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Season 2

19 Jun. 1993
The Tale of the Final Wish
An adolescent girl who loves fairy tales learns that they are not what they are cracked up to be.
26 Jun. 1993
The Tale of the Midnight Madness
Dr. Vink, helps an old movie theater in danger of closing by showing a special version of the vampire classic Nosferatu (1922).
3 Jul. 1993
The Tale of Locker 22
A young French immigrant having trouble at her new school, uncovers a mystery about a girl, the former occupant of her school locker, who died in 1968.
10 Jul. 1993
The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor
Karin and her brother Billy spend most of their time on the unused 13th floor of their apartment building, but one day, they visit the floor and find out it isn't the same.
17 Jul. 1993
The Tale of the Dream Machine
An aspiring writer finds a typewriter that makes whatever is written about somebody come true.
24 Jul. 1993
The Tale of the Dark Dragon
A teenager who was injured in a car crash buys a potion from a magic shop to become more popular.
14 Aug. 1993
The Tale of the Frozen Ghost
A spoiled rich kid and his babysitter head off to his aunt's house in the country where there's a ghost haunting the place during the cold weather.
31 Jul. 1993
The Tale of the Whispering Walls
After a day in the park, babysitter Louise and two pre-teenagers get lost in the highway and stop at a mansion where things aren't what they seem.
21 Aug. 1993
The Tale of the Full Moon
An aspiring pet detective investigates his mother's new boyfriend, who he suspects is a werewolf.
28 Aug. 1993
The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle
Mike Buckley is haunted by the ghost of Ricky Hagerty, his friend who drowned, and his old bike.
11 Sep. 1993
The Tale of the Magician's Assistant
A boy becomes the new assistant to an elderly stage magician, but soon gets into great trouble after he steals the magician's magic wand.
25 Sep. 1993
The Tale of the Hatching
A brother and sister enroll at a boarding school, but soon find out their headmasters are aliens plotting to take over Earth.
2 Oct. 1993
The Tale of Old Man Corcoran
Two boys from a tough city move into the neighborhood where a group of friends invite them to play a game of hide and seek along with seeking a ghost known as Old Man Corcoran.

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